Diploma on your table - tomato "Raspberry Paradise": a description of the variety and cultivation features

Diploma on your table - tomato

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Raspberry Paradise is a unique Russian variety included in the Raspberry Miracle line. The family of tomatoes combines a bright raspberry-pink fruit color and a delicious sweet taste.

The series has received many diplomas and awards; it is loved by professional vegetable growers and owners of private subsidiary farms.

You can find out more about what the variety is, with its description, cultivation features and characteristics in our article.

Tomato Raspberry Paradise: variety description

Variety nameRaspberry paradise
general descriptionEarly maturing high-yielding hybrid of the first generation
Ripening period90-95 days
The formRound, with noticeable ribbing at the peduncle
ColorRaspberry pink
Average weight of tomatoes500-600 grams
ApplicationDining room
Variety yieldhigh
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceResistant to major diseases

"Raspberry Paradise Tomato" is an early ripe high-yielding hybrid of the first generation. The bush is indeterminate, in a greenhouse it can grow up to 2 m, in the open field the plant turns out to be more compact. The amount of green mass is moderate, the leaves are dark green, simple. Fruits ripen in small clusters of 3-5 pieces.

Tomatoes are large, weighing 500-600g... The shape is rounded, with a noticeable ribbing at the stalk. The color is rich raspberry-pink, thin matte skin protects the fruit well from cracking. The pulp is juicy, sugary, melting in the mouth. There are few seeds in the fruits.

The high content of sugars and solids gives the tomatoes a bright honey-sweet taste with light fruity notes. Children like tomatoes very much.

You can compare the weight of the fruits of this variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Raspberry paradise500-600 grams
Explosion120-260 grams
Crystal30-140 grams
Valentine80-90 grams
Baron150-200 grams
Apples in the snow50-70 grams
Tanya150-170 grams
Favorite F1115-140 grams
Lyalafa130-160 grams
Nikola80-200 grams
Honey-sugar400 gram

Origin and application

Tomato Raspberry Paradise F1 is part of the Raspberry Miracle series developed by Siberian breeders. The hybrid is intended for planting on open beds and under a film.

In regions with colder climates, greenhouse cultivation is recommended.

The harvested fruits are well stored, green tomatoes ripen quickly at room temperature. Fleshy and juicy tomatoes are salad varieties. They are delicious fresh, suitable for making soups, sauces, mashed potatoes and other dishes. From ripe tomatoes, a sweet juice of a deep pink color is obtained.

Large tomatoes are not suitable for whole-fruit canning, but a variety of tomato products can be made from them: lecho, pasta, soup dressing.

A photo

Look at the photo: tomatoes Raspberry Paradise

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the variety include:

  • high palatability of fruits;
  • good yield;
  • keeping quality of harvested tomatoes;
  • resistance to the main diseases of tomatoes in greenhouses.

Among the disadvantages of the variety, it is worth noting:

  • sensitivity to frost;
  • high demands on soil nutrition.

Growing features

Tomatoes of the "Raspberry Paradise" variety are recommended to be grown in seedlings. The seeds are treated with a growth stimulator before sowing. For seedlings, soil is prepared from a mixture of garden soil with humus or peat.

For planting in the beds, seeds are sown in the second half of March. It is preferable to plant them in peat pots, which allows you to do without picking and not injure the roots when moving to a permanent place of residence. For the rapid emergence of shoots, moderate humidity and a temperature of 23-25 ​​degrees are required. Read about how to process seeds at home before sowing in this article.

Seedlings are exposed to bright light, watered with warm water from a spray bottle or watering can. When young tomatoes are 50 days old, they begin to harden, taking them out into the fresh air for several hours every day.

Tomatoes are planted on open beds in early June, they can be moved to the greenhouse 1-2 weeks earlier. The soil should be completely warmed up. The beds are fertilized with humus, the seedlings are moved into the holes along with the peat pots, sprinkled with earth and watered with warm water.

Bushes are placed at a distance of 60-70 cm from each other. Immediately after planting, the plants are tied to supports. It is recommended to form in 1 stem with the removal of lateral processes above 3 brushes. During the planting season, they are fed 4 times with full complex fertilizer.

  • Phosphorous, organic, mineral.
  • Foliar, when picking, for seedlings.
  • Yeast, iodine, boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, ash.

Diseases and pests

Like other new hybrids, Raspberry Rai tomatoes are resistant to major diseases: fusarium, verticillosis, tobacco mosaic. For prevention, plants are sprayed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or phytosporin.

Before planting, the soil can be shed with an aqueous solution of copper sulfate. During an epidemic of late blight, tomatoes are abundantly processed with medicinal preparations..

Industrial insecticides or folk remedies help from insect pests: celandine broth, soapy water, ammonia.

Raspberry Paradise is an interesting option for amateur gardeners. Plants require careful maintenance, responding with a bountiful harvest. The fruits are tender, very sweet, suitable for healthy eating and culinary experiments.

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