We remove bed bugs: how to get rid of at home, what drugs to use, how to prepare an apartment for processing

We remove bed bugs: how to get rid of at home, what drugs to use, how to prepare an apartment for processing

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Fighting bed bugs that have settled in your home requires a competent and systematic approach.

Only in this case can you achieve the desired effect and get rid of the bloodsuckers completely.

Today we will discuss the topic - bed bugs: how to get rid of at home? Let us touch on the issues of concern to many: how to remove bugs in the couch at home, what to do if parasites have settled in bed, what to choose chemicals or folk remedies?

Difficulties of the struggle

Destroying bed bugs is not an easy task. This is due to the characteristics of these pests:

  • Habitat. Furniture bugs prefer to live in hard-to-reach places: inside mattresses, in upholstered furniture, in folds of clothes, in a sofa (the so-called sofa bugs). Since these objects are used by people as sleeping places, they can only be processed with means that are safe for health. This means that the choice of chemicals is strictly limited.
  • Adaptability to adverse conditions... Bloodsuckers quickly adapt to the poisons used in the fight. If some of them are destroyed, then this chemical may no longer act on the surviving insects.
  • Poison resistance... Most insecticides that successfully kill other insects cannot kill bed bugs.
  • High reproduction rate. Females are very fertile, one mating is enough for them to lay from 300 to 500 eggs throughout their life.

Now let's talk about how to remove bed bugs?

How to get rid of bed bugs?

It is necessary to start the fight against annoying bloodsuckers as soon as the first signs of their appearance are noticed. There are several types of destruction:

Mechanical... The device used in this case is a vacuum cleaner... Of course, it will not be possible to destroy all insects with its help. But this could be the beginning of the phased destruction of bloodsuckers. Thoroughly vacuum the upholstery. Mattresses, and at the same time about all the cracks in your apartment. You will get rid of the bulk of the population.

Thermal... The insect does not tolerate both high (from + 50) and low (from -20 degrees) temperatures. You can use a steam generator for processing. You need to process the entire surface of the furniture, especially carefully steam the joints, seams.

At the same time, it is worth passing the ferry on outerwear, curtains, carpets, rugs, blankets, pillows. Fabrics that can withstand high temperatures must be washed.

Mattresses can be taken out in the cold in winter and leave there for at least two days.

IMPORTANT! The eggs and larvae of bedbugs die only at a temperature of plus 100 degrees, so if they remain in the tissues, new specimens may hatch from them.

Chemical... Surface treatment with special poisons is one of the most effective methods for killing bloodsuckers. All insect repellents are divided into two types:

  • Synthetic pyrethroids.
  • Organic phosphorus compounds.

They are produced in the form of powders for dilution with water and aerosols. The preparations allow you to get rid of insects on your own. It is advisable to use them simultaneously with mechanical or temperature methods.

Folk remedies. Humanity has been fighting bedbugs for many centuries and has accumulated sufficient experience in this difficult matter. All folk methods are based on a way to scare off bedbugs with pungent odors.

Plants (wormwood, tansy, wild rosemary, chamomile) and some substances (vinegar, turpentine, kerosene, ammonia and ethyl alcohol, naphthalene) are taken as sources of odor. These products are used both in pure form and in the form of mixtures.

For example, you can mix kerosene, turpentine, naphthalene (100mlX100mlX20gr) or ethyl and camphor alcohol with turpentine in equal proportions. These mixtures are used to treat furniture with a spray bottle.

IMPORTANT! The products can leave stubborn stains on clothes and furniture, so they should be used with caution.

Grasses are laid out in the most likely locations for bedbugs. but folk remedies do not destroy insects, but only scare them away for a while. This is their significant disadvantage.

Features of the chemical control method

Destruction of bedbugs using chemicals - the most efficient way fight against them.

If your apartment has been actively attacked by insects, and they have penetrated into all possible cracks, it is better to resort to the help of specialists.

Professional exterminators will carry out a total treatment of the premises using special equipment and will save you from uninvited guests in the shortest possible time.

How to get rid of bed bugs in an apartment on your own? Can carry out processing living space using popular insecticides. The most effective today are the drugs "Executioner", "Forsyth", "Combat", "Mikrofos", "Pretrum", "Raptor", "Fufanon", "Tsifoks", "Get", etc. Treatment of the apartment with these drugs helps get rid of bedbugs yourself.

ATTENTION! If bedbugs are in your apartment, contact the residents of neighboring apartments and agree on ways to destroy them. It is better to carry out processing at the same time, since there is a risk of re-infection from neighboring rooms.

How to carry out processing?

How to remove bed bugs? If you decide to get rid of bloodsuckers on your own, follow the following procedure:

  • Choose the right chemical... Pay special attention to whether it is possible to use it at home.
  • Stop your choice on safer products that do not have strong odors and are as hypoallergenic as possible.
  • Attentively read the instructions to the selected product.
  • Clean the apartment, remove carpets, remove mattresses from beds, lay out upholstered furniture, remove linen from bed. If possible, move furniture away from the walls and toward the center of the room. Vacuum all items. Read more about preparing the premises before disinfestation.
  • Take clothes out of closets and shake them out... Wash everything you can at a temperature above 50 degrees. Steam your outer garments with a steamer.
  • Treat all surfaces purchased chemical. It is advisable to carefully process, in addition to the external inner surfaces of cabinets, baseboards, cracks in the floor. To precisely eradicate all parasites.
  • Ventilate the room after processing for several hours and be sure to do a wet cleaning.

IMPORTANT! During processing, animals should not be in the house. Wear a respirator and rubber gloves.

Be sure to wear safety glasses, as the poison can irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes. After the procedure, take a shower and wash the clothes in which you worked.

Fighting bed bugs requires a serious approach and adherence to all rules and precautions. Only in this case can you get rid of them forever.

Now you know how to deal with bed bugs at home, how to prepare for the treatment of the room, what should not be done after disinfection, and most importantly, how to get the bugs out of the sofa yourself?

Clear instructions for self-control of bedbugs:

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