And again bedbug bites: how to treat, how to get rid of the terrible itching, how you can smear so as not to be bitten

And again bedbug bites: how to treat, how to get rid of the terrible itching, how you can smear so as not to be bitten

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Bed bugs are very unpleasant parasites that can appear almost out of nowhere in a private house or apartment.

They go hunting at night, biting sleeping people for open areas of the body. Very often in the morning you can find a whole "track" of bites on the skin, which the insect leaves until it is full.

Blisters by themselves are not dangerous and can be healed on their own, however, they cause severe itching, and in some cases can cause allergies, especially in children.

The topic of today's article is bedbug bites: how to treat a person, symptoms, prevention. How to treat bed bug bites in a child? What kind of ointment for insect bites can be used, the names are in the article.

Domestic bed bug bites

Initially, you need to determine that it was the house bug that bit you. The main feature is the presence of a large number of red itchy scars on the human body, and they are either lined up or located as closely as possible.

You also need to remember that you cannot comb the blisters - this can cause an infection to enter the wound.

After that, you can start treating bed bug bites at home.

For accurate identification, here are a few photos of the bites:

Bedbug bites photo, how to get rid of them is described below:

How and with what to treat?

In order to get rid of itching and damage to the skin, you can use both folk remedies and specialized medical creams or ointments.

How to treat bed bug bites? First you need rinse the affected area cool water with soap or soda solution. This will relieve the itching a little. Then you can attach an ice cube, rub the skin with parsley or potato juice.

Next, we will tell you what medicines can be used for bedbug bites?

ATTENTION! Ammonia, ointment for bug bites "Fenistil" or cream "Rescuer" helps well. The last two remedies for bedbug bites will also act as anti-allergens.

How to get rid of itching? It is best to anoint the damaged areas with Afloderm ointment or Zvezdochka balm.

In case of a severe allergic reaction, you can use antihistamines - "Diazolin", "Diphenhydramine", "Suprastin", "Tavegil". However, it is best to consult a specialist doctor before using them.

Bedbug bites on humans - treatment with folk remedies:

  • Processmint leaves;
  • Applying softened dandelion stalk;
  • Lubrication of damaged areasgarlic juicewhich relieves irritation and swelling;
  • Using plantain or bird cherry leaves;
  • Attaching cut bulbs;
  • Lubrication aloe juice.

What to do to avoid being bitten?

While there is a fight against bloodsuckers, measures can be taken in order to, if not completely avoid bites, then reduce their number to a minimum.

The main way to protect yourself from an attack is to use means that will scare off parasites, such as electromagnetic repellents.

ATTENTION! Insects do not tolerate odors that contain alcohol shades.

How to smear the body so that the bugs do not bite? Can buy cologne or perfume, and use them before bed. However, one must remember that in order to achieve the best effect, it is necessary to lubricate all possible open parts of the body. At the same time, it will be necessary to repeat this procedure before going to bed every evening.

Besides cologne, you can use essential oils or fish oil... You can prepare a decoction according to a folk recipe - you need to mix food cloves and cologne in equal quantities. Then, with this infusion, it is necessary to smear open parts of the body.

Treating your own body every day is not a very pleasant experience, so you can use chemicals designed to treat the room. They need to be sprayed:

  • On the back and inside of the furniture;
  • The lower part of the mattress, carpets, paintings;
  • In the gap between the skirting board and the floor.

In order to block the movement of parasites on the floor, can be spread throughout the room bunches of wormwood or pozhma - under the table, chairs, bed, bedside table. However, this method usually only helps for 2-3 days. During this time, they may switch to a more accessible victim, or, due to severe hunger, they will begin to ignore this smell.

The "Mashenka" crayon, which is familiar to housewives in the fight against ants and cockroaches, has proven itself well.

You can also build bed bug traps.

They only bite at night, leaving behind a trail of severely itchy blisters. They can be unpleasant and can even cause allergies. In order to alleviate the sensation, the bites are washed with cold water, and then apply ointments for itching such as "Fenistil" and "Rescuer", or use a large number of folk methods.

We hope now you will not have a situation: bugs bitten what to do? Now you know exactly what to do if you are bitten by a bug and you can help yourself and your loved ones in such a case.

In turn, these parasites can be scared away by smearing the exposed parts of the body with cologne or alcohol tincture, spreading out bundles of wormwood and tansy.

However, such funds will not work constantly - bloodsuckers will either find a new source of food, or because of hunger they will not pay attention to the irritant.

So, today we examined the following issues - bedbug bites: treatment and prevention in adults and children. How to treat bed bug bites, their symptoms? Have you told how to smear bug bites to relieve itching? What to smear with so that the bugs do not bite?

The comment of the doctor of the clinic "Visus - 1" Smirnova Irina about what to do if an allergy from bites begins:

Watch the video: What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like? Rashes and Symptoms (July 2022).


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