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False pepper

False pepper

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Question: false pepper

can pink pepper, also known as "false pepper", be kept in jars and used in the kitchen to make sauces? In Germany we use green pepper for certain sauces, and since there is a fake pepper tree near my house I picked up a pink pepper meal while it was still green and kept it in the special jars I sterilized it for use in the kitchen.question: is it not toxic? they told me not to tip you. Thanks in advance for your answer

Answer: false pepper

Dear Lina,
the false pepper (schinus molle) is a close relative of the plant from which the pink pepper (schinus terebinthifolius) is obtained, therefore the dried fruits should have similar taste; I remind you that the fruits of false pepper are slightly toxic, so it is not appropriate to use it in excessive quantities; it is also used in herbal medicine.
If by false pepper you mean the skillia japonica, the small evergreen shrub, I don't understand that these berries are edible, but not even toxic; in any case, avoid consuming large quantities.