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Lemon in winter

Lemon in winter

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Question: the lemon in winter

I moved the lemon to a garage near a window. The temperature is above 13 ° but not very bright. The lemon has lost almost all the leaves keeping the fruit. What should I do to keep it alive?
Thank you and greetings

Answer: the lemon in winter

Dear Marilla,
the lemon is a fairly rustic plant, it does not bear intense and prolonged frost, but in winter it can be outdoors, in a sheltered place if in your part the winter cold is very intense. In the house it suffers, for the scarce brightness but also for the excessively dry air; if you are at home for a long time you should move it outside now, as it would suffer excessively due to the temperature change. So you just have to place it in a very sunny area, water it when the soil is dry and vaporize it daily, to keep the humidity high.