How to make a greenhouse from plastic bottles with your own hands

How to make a greenhouse from plastic bottles with your own hands

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In our climatic zone, no dacha is unthinkable without greenhouses... But the glass greenhouse is very heavy and can break, the film coating or non-woven covering material breaks by the end of the season, sometimes even earlier.

Modern polycarbonate greenhouses are free of these disadvantages, but they are very expensive. An excellent alternative to traditional greenhouse coverings is simple plastic bottles.

Garbage for greenhouses

Organized waste processing in our country is just beginning to gain momentum, so large cities are surrounded by huge landfills. The lion's share of the garbage produced is plastic bottles... What we are used to sending to the trash can still do a good job. Plain plastic soda bottles can be the mainstay country greenhouse.

This greenhouse has many advantages. The most important thing is its cost... This is one of the most cheap options. At the same time, it is much stronger than plastic film. Lightweight, shatterproof. It is always easy to repair it by replacing the damaged element. Fine keeps warm.

There is also a serious disadvantage. It will take some time to collect the required amount bottles... And it takes a lot of patience to assemble the structure. True, all this will pay off a hundredfold when you will proudly contemplate your brainchild and catch the intrigued glances of your neighbors.

You can collect bottles in a short time in places of mass recreation... On the beach or on a city party. You can connect your friends and neighbors to the collection, who will be interested in participating in an unusual experiment.

What can be used for the frame

For frame almost any material is suitable. You can choose from metal, wood or plastic.

Metallic profile will stand for many years. The metal will provide strength and durability to the greenhouse. All that is required is only to paint it from time to time, and to wash it from infection at the end of the season. But to build such frame some skills in working with metal, special tools are required. The most convenient metal carcass cook.

Wood how the material impresses with its availability and cheapness. It is quite lightweight and comfortable to work with. With proper design, the frame will also turn out to be strong enough to withstand wind and snow loads.

Each year the wooden base will have to be processed special antiseptics.

The service life of such a frame will be comparable to that of a bottle cover. Most likely, you will have to change the coating and frame at the same time.

An alternative to the traditional material is the frame made of PVC pipes... They are very light and allow you to make a greenhouse of any shape: not only one- or two-slope, but also an arched one. Perhaps such a frame will require more careful strengthening in order to withstand any bad weather.

If you have old windows lying around in your country house, then window frames can be used as material for greenhouses.

Preparatory work

Before starting the construction of a greenhouse from plastic bottles it is necessary to develop a project for the future structure. All dimensions are applied on the drawing, and it is calculated how much material is needed. Necessarily taken into account stiffening ribwhich will make the greenhouse more durable.

At the preparatory stage, it is necessary to collect a sufficient number of bottles. One greenhouse needs at least 400-600 pieces... They try to take bottles of the same size, preferably 1.5 and 2 liters. The label is carefully removed.

To make it easier to remove the paper label from the bottle, soak the empty container in warm soapy water for several hours, and then rub it with a metal brush.

When everything is ready, they choose a place for future greenhouse... The place of construction should be well lit. Better positioning the greenhouse from the southwest side from other buildings and tall trees. For uniform heating, the building is oriented from east to west.

The greenhouse is placed on prepared foundation... The easiest option is to make a base from a wooden bar that is placed directly on the ground. This is suitable for lightweight structures made of wood or plastic.

For the construction of a metal frame, it is better to make a capital foundation. A trench is dug around the perimeter of the greenhouse 25 cm in width to the depth of freezing, up to 50-80 cm.

A sand and gravel cushion of 10 cm is laid at the bottom. Formwork is made and cement is poured. The foundation is made flush with the ground, and about 5 rows of brickwork are laid out on top.

By the same principle, you can make a columnar foundation. The distance between the posts is set at 1 meter.

A photo

You can get acquainted with greenhouses made of plastic bottles in the photo below:

Master class on creating greenhouses from plastic bottles

Resourceful gardeners have come up with several ways to build a greenhouse from plastic containers. The main ones are: greenhouses made of whole bottles or plates... Let's look at both options.

A greenhouse made of whole plastic bottles

For such a greenhouse, the bottles are placed one by one in the form plastic log... Air is retained inside, so such a greenhouse provides good thermal insulation.

To make the walls and roof of the greenhouse in this way, it is necessary to cut off the bottom of each bottle in the place where the bottle begins to expand. Thus, the hole will be slightly smaller than the maximum diameter of the bottle. Then they are pushed one by one as tightly as possible. A thin strip is inserted into the middle for strength or twine is pulled.

The finished block is installed vertically or horizontally into the wall, secured with self-tapping screws. The roof is made in the same way.

Greenhouse made of plastic plates

For this design, it is necessary to cut each bottle. If you look closely, the bottle has two transverse lines separating its flat part, and one longitudinal seam. Carved along these lines even rectangle (see Fig. 1 and 2).

It is convenient to use a clerical knife or simple scissors for cutting. The rectangular plates are sorted in sizes from 1, 1.5 and 2 liter bottles.

To align the workpiece, you can place under the press... But this is not necessary, they will be aligned in the finished product anyway. It is undesirable to iron them with a hot iron, because the plastic is strongly deformed by the temperature.

Rectangles are sewn together with overlapping canvases no more than 150 cm (otherwise it is inconvenient to work). A little more retreat from the edge of the plate 1 cm (fig. 3). It is important to do this step as carefully as possible so that the shelter is tight. There are several ways to stitch together:

  • on a sewing machine, if not a pity;
  • using a furniture stapler;
  • with an awl.

Let's take a closer look at the last method.

  1. Fold two identical plates with their short sides overlapping by 1.5 cm.
  2. Pierce them in 3 places with a hot awl. At the puncture sites, the sheets will melt and stick together.
  3. As a thread for sewing, you can use a thin wire, cord thread. And it is better to cut thin long strips 2-3 cm wide from the remains of bottles. They and sew.
  4. Tie a knot and thread through the holes. Tie knots at the other end.
  5. Repeat the same procedures with other blanks. Make canvases of the required size, based on the dimensions of the greenhouse. It is necessary to provide a margin of 20 cm.
  6. For convenience, a grill from the refrigerator is placed on two stools. It is much more convenient to sew this way.

You can cut long thin ribbons from bottles not only with scissors, but also with homemade bottle cutter... A simple bottle cutter by lawyer Yegorov is made from a piece of an ordinary aluminum channel. And plastic tape will always come in handy on the farm as a strong shrink rope.

The finished canvases are fixed to the frame using a rail and self-tapping screws or nails with wide heads.

The canvas is needed pull wellso that it does not sag. The roof and door are also fitted. Since the greenhouse turns out to be very warm, it is necessary to provide air vents.

By using bottles of different colors, it is possible to regulate the illumination inside the greenhouse. And decorate it with some kind of ornament. But dark bottles are best not overused or used to cover the north wall. This is especially true of the northern regions of the country, where the sun is not enough.

But in the south, where the sun is in abundance, colored bottles will help keep plants from burns.

A greenhouse made from plastic bottles is enough solidto support the weight of the snow in winter. The main thing is to have a strong frame. With a high-quality assembly, such a shelter will serve at least 10-15 years... At the same time, the cost of consumables minimal, since the main part is made literally out of garbage. You just need to show a little hard work.

You can find out how to make a greenhouse out of plastic bottles in the video below:

Watch the video: Watering containers in greenhouses and nurseries (August 2022).