Preparing for germination or is it necessary to soak sweet pepper seeds before planting on seedlings

Preparing for germination or is it necessary to soak sweet pepper seeds before planting on seedlings

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Bell pepper seeds must be processed before sowing.

Regardless of whether they were purchased or assembled with their own hands.

To obtain healthy plants and the desired yield, you need to carry out a phased pre-sowing preparation.

Seed calibration

The first step in preparing for sowing sweet peppers is selection of suitable seed... It is important to select the filled ones from the entire available quantity, rejecting hollow, small and too large seeds. Medium-sized seed is most suitable..

Seed calibration can be done with a saline solution, which consists of 40 grams of table salt and a liter of warm water... In the resulting solution, put the seed for a few minutes, select the remaining on the surface of the water and dispose of them. Quality seeds will be at the bottom, they must be rinsed well and dried on a paper towel.

ATTENTION: Many gardeners refused to select table salt in a solution due to the fact that not only hollow, but also overdried pepper seeds can float up.

The separation of filled seeds from empty ones is carried out before direct planting..


The procedures for preparing bell pepper seeds for sowing include them etchingnecessary for disinfection and prevention of possible infection.

For dressing, the seed is placed in 1% solution of potassium permanganate for half an hourand then washed and dried on a paper towel.

For etching phytosporin solution is often used (4 drops of a biological product in a glass of water). Means effective against a number of bacteria and fungal infections, while harmless to humans and pets.

ATTENTION: It is impossible to store disinfected seeds for more than a day, because they lose sowing qualities.

Disinfection is carried out before planting seeds bell pepper, while ensuring the rapid growth of healthy crops and proper development.

Processing with microelements

Preparatory procedures before planting bell peppers may include micronutrient treatments that increases germination... Plants, the seeds of which have undergone such treatment, resistant to diseases and adverse conditions in the first phases, which allows the peppers to grow stronger faster and produce higher yields.

For enrichment with microelements wood ash solution is used, which contains more than 30 elements necessary for plants.

To prepare it:

  1. in a liter of water, it is necessary to stir a few grams of ash and let it brew for about a day;
  2. then put gauze or cloth with pepper seeds into the mixture for 3 hours;
  3. washed and dried.

The seed treatment can be carried out using special ready-made compounds of microelements. In this case, it is produced in strict accordance with the instructions for the purchased biological product.

ATTENTION: The micronutrient treatment stage is carried out a few days before sowing.

Use of growth stimulants

Thanks to the treatment of sweet pepper seeds with a growth stimulant, the chance of their germination and development increases. Proven stimulants include nettle infusion, which is prepared at the rate of a spoonful of a plant in a glass of boiling water.

You can soak the seed in preparations such as "Zircon", "Epin-Extra" and other stimulants following the instructions.


In order to speed up the emergence of sprouts, seed the peppers soak before planting... This procedure before sowing softens the seed coat and accelerates the growth processes.

The disinfected pepper seeds are wrapped in a cloth or cotton wool soaked in water and left in a warm place. It is necessary to periodically monitor the moisture content of the gauze and moisten it as it dries.

After the seeds have swollen, either immediately planted in the soil, or germinate first. Germination is done in the same way as soaking, only until the seeds germinate.


Sparging replaces preparatory steps such as steeping and germination. It represents treating the seed with oxygenated water, as a result of which the destructive microflora is washed off from the skin. This stage goes well with the processing of microelements.

For bubbling:

  1. tall transparent dishes are 2/3 full of water;
  2. it holds seeds and a compressor tip for an aquarium;
  3. oxygen saturation should occur for about a day;
  4. after which the seeds are taken out and dried.

ATTENTION: If at the stage of bubbling the seeds began to grow, they must be taken out and planted in the ground.


After the bell pepper seeds have sprouted, they must be refrigerated for a few dayswhere they will go through the hardening procedure. This stage will help the seeds to transfer planting in the open field and temperature changes without difficulties. This is the last point where the preparatory activities end.

Pepper preparation programs for planting may differ, they are determined by potential and personal preferences. Nonetheless, step-by-step instructions have a single frame - this is the selection of seeds suitable for sowing, their dressing, saturation with microelements and their germination.

Each of these methods of presowing seed treatment of pepper seed proven, easy to implement and effective... You need to choose 1-2 most suitable ones, without interfering with everything in one procedure. Seeds prepared correctly for sowing will become one of the most important guarantors of a decent result.

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