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Cold ficus elastica

Cold ficus elastica

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Question: cold ficus elastica

I have wonderful ficus elastica that I put out in the spring - in a sheltered spot close to a wall and under a small roof - and put it back in the fall: over the years they have become huge and branched. This year I was taken by surprise by an early night frost ... I put them back at home the next day (for three weeks now) and they look as good as ever, but unfortunately I know from experience that the ficus has a very long "inertia", I have found it a few times with attempts transplantation: what should I expect? Thanks

Answer: cold ficus elastica

Dear Susanna,
frost has an instant effect on the leaves of plants, as the freezing of the water contained in the cells that make up the foliage is irreversible, a bit like what happens to frozen spinach after you have thawed them. For this reason, if the plants show no signs of experimentation, it means that they were probably fairly sheltered, or that the frost was mild.


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