How to defeat domestic insects - yellow ants?

How to defeat domestic insects - yellow ants?

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In our homes, different insects very often appear. One of these "guests" are ants. These are not those forest and garden insects that enter the dwelling at random, but house ants.

They differ from "street" ones in color, size and in that they deliberately settle in apartments, because they find food for themselves in them.


These domestic pests were brought to Russia from Europe and India with food in the 19th century.

At first, the residents of the house find only a few individuals in their dwelling and usually do not pay attention to it. Then ants become more and more and gradually they occupy a large space. There are especially many of them in the kitchen, where they have their favorite food. They hide in furniture, under skirting boards, in floor crevices. They can live anywhere in the apartment, they are found in bathrooms and even in beds. This is becoming a big problem for residents.

House ants are very small in size. The male of the insect is half the size of the female, the length of which is usually no more than 6 mm. The color of such ants can be yellow or brown.

Ant colonies reproduce very quickly. This is because in each colony of insects, up to several dozen queens live, which reproduce daily.

Uterus live long enough, more than six months. During this time, they reproduce a huge number of offspring. Workers die after a maximum of 2 months. They are responsible for providing food for the queens.

How do they appear?

Warm countries are considered the homeland of insects, therefore, with the onset of cold weather on the street, they begin to look for a warmer habitat. For this they climb into houses through ventilation, sewerage, pipelines, through cracks and cracks in the walls and floor. They can be brought from the street on shoes by one of the residents.

IMPORTANT! For their habitat, ants choose places with the greatest amount of food and liquid. They can eat any food suitable for human nutrition. They are especially attracted to something sweet. They also love meat products.

Pests look for places where food lies on the surface. This means that the appearance of ants may be due to the fact that there is always easy prey in the kitchen in the apartment. For example, on the table there are always crumbs, jam and sugar in an easily accessible place, there are a lot of unwashed dishes in the sink, and water is spilled on the floor.

It is possible that red-haired guests have come to you because your neighbors survived from their former place of residence. Now they will explore new territories.


Ants, like other domestic insects - pests, bring a lot of trouble to residents. The worst of them is that they carry various infections on their paws. First, they run around in garbage bags and sewers, and then they climb onto groceries, into grocery cabinets, bread bins, sugar bowls, and crawl on dishes.

Insects spoil food, gnaw bread, live in containers with cereals and granulated sugar, from where it is impossible to extract them, because they are very small in size.

In addition, small yellow parasites crawling all over the place are just an unpleasant sight.

How to prevent?

Ants, of course, can appear for a variety of reasons. But still, in order to avoid this, you need to follow some rules.

The kitchen should always be clean and dry. Do not leave food open on the table. It is better to close them in bags, special resealable jars, so that insects do not have access to food. Without it, the pest will not be able to live longer than three days, which means it will look for food elsewhere.

It is necessary to promptly wash the dishes and empty the trash can. The sink and near it should be thoroughly wiped dry so that the ants do not have the opportunity to get to the liquid.

How to get rid of yellow ants in an apartment?

Ants cannot be destroyed mechanically, killing only those that are visible in the apartment. The founder of their colony is the uterus.

IMPORTANT! In order to get rid of the family of red pests completely, you need to deprive them of the individual that endlessly produces offspring. Left without their leader, the rest of the individuals will leave the dwelling on their own.

Boric acid

If it fails find a nest with a functioning uterus, you need to make sure that workers can bring toxic substances there. Boric acid is one of the most effective and well-known domestic insect control agents. With its help, a poisoned bait is made.

It is necessary to mix one boiled egg yolk with honey and unrefined vegetable oil. The smell of butter and sweetness will attract pests well. Boric acid should be added to the resulting mass, approximately half a packet. Mix well and form into small balls. They will need to be decomposed in places where ants congregate or along their paths, which usually do not change and are easy to identify. Working individuals will eat tasty bait, carry it to nests with queens and offspring. Boric acid will do its job and the ants will gradually disappear from the apartment. This will take less than a month.

You can mix the acid with any other product or lay it out in its pure form around the room.

Folk remedies

You can try to get rid of unwanted insects using different plants that have strong and unpleasant odors. These include wormwood, mint, onions, garlic, bay leaves. It is necessary to spread them out in places of the greatest accumulation of ants. This will scare them away.

Sometimes kerosene is used for pest control. It is poured into cracks, holes, cracks where ants live.

Another method of controlling insects is common table salt. She also falls asleep in their habitats.


If failed get rid of ants by a natural method, you have to use chemicals. To combat insects, insecticides are produced in various forms. It can be powder, crayon, aerosol, or gel.

When buying such a product, you need to pay attention to the fact that it is aimed at fighting against ants. Such preparations should contain substances: diazinon, deltamethrin, cypermethrin. You can use the usual "Dichlorvos".

IMPORTANT! Before using chemicals, you need to carefully read the instructions and act strictly with all the prescriptions.

If you could not overcome pests and in this way, it is recommended to contact the appropriate authorities with a request to carry out special processing of the premises.

Fighting domestic insects is a necessary and time-consuming exercise. It is better to make sure that brown ants do not appear in the apartment. If, nevertheless, this happened, then they must be destroyed at an early stage of spread. As their colony grows, the fight against them becomes more difficult. Do not postpone such events, and there will be no place for ants in your homes.

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