Perennial mini-greenhouse "Snail"

Perennial mini-greenhouse

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With a fairly cold winter and a short summer, it is difficult for gardeners to do without greenhouses... Only with the help of the latter is it possible to grow a good harvest.

A full-fledged greenhouse is expensive, takes up a lot of space, and also lacks mobility, which is why it is now being actively replaced greenhouses of various sizes and configurations... It attracts both amateurs and professionals, in simplified versions, not only an acceptable price, but also high-quality crop protection from cold weather, rain and pests.

Portable greenhouse "Snail" interesting in that it can be to set practically anywhere in the garden... It is possible to install without a pre-arranged foundation, but with it the structure will last longer. If desired, the mini-greenhouse can be move... This function is useful when the "Snail" is used to grow seedlings alternately in different beds.

Dimensions and installation

The length of the mini-greenhouse is 2 m, the width is 1 m, and the height varies from 75 to 85 cm. These characteristics allow the most efficient use of the design for growing all types of seedlings, as well as low berries and vegetables.

Greenhouse installation takes from 30 minutes to an hour, which makes life much easier for gardeners who still remember how much effort it took to build and install large greenhouses and homemade greenhouses.

Frame mini-greenhouse "Snail" consists of shaped pipescovered with powder paint. As covering material for mini greenhouse used polycarbonate... The design of the product is arranged in such a way that it can be opened from both sides. As foundation for the "Snail" greenhouse, ordinary logs, you can use bricks.

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Advantages of the "Snail" mini-greenhouse

  • mobility;
  • reliability;
  • easy installation;
  • ease of use;
  • moderate cost.

In order to rearrange the greenhouse from one part of the garden to another, it does not take much time.

Thus, one can grow several crops in one season in this mini greenhouse. At the same time, the greenhouse is designed so that it can be used for many years, achieving an excellent harvest from year to year.

Advantages over other greenhouses

  • low price for many years of operation;
  • the ability to move the structure to different beds;
  • high-strength materials that allow you to use the mini-greenhouse in winter.

Installation "Snails" does not take much time and does not require special knowledge from the owner. Assembly carried out in a few steps with a screwdriver.

It is easy to use the greenhouse:
the covering material reliably protects the seedlings from adverse weather conditions. If necessary, you can open both sides of the greenhouse during the day. An interesting feature of the mini greenhouse is an opportunity to use her and in the autumn-winter period... Moreover, it is necessary avoid getting a lot of snow on the roof of the structure, otherwise the latter may be damaged.

IMPORTANT! In order for polycarbonate to be able to keep warm during the night, you need to make sure that it warms up well with the sun's rays during the day.

Disadvantages of "Snail"

  • low height;
  • assembled weight is 20 kg;
  • with year-round use, construction materials can be severely affected by weather conditions.

What crops can be grown?

In addition to seedlings, they grow well in a greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes, zucchini, squash, garden strawberries, any greens. The only rule that should not be neglected is culture height, which should not exceed 80-85 cm.

Mini-greenhouse "Snail" is a good model, which can be effectively used in the garden for growing seedlings, as well as low vegetable and berry crops. A good option for year-round use "Snail" allows in the cold season avoid complete freezing of the soil where you need it. It is suitable for many years of use due to its mobility and durability. If you dream of a small perennial greenhouse that costs should not exceed 5000 rubles, then "Snail" is what you need!

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