Insects at home? Hurry to the pharmacy for boric acid from ants

Insects at home? Hurry to the pharmacy for boric acid from ants

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Boric acid has established itself not only as an antiseptic. Due to the toxic effect on the nervous system of insects, long before the advent of insecticidal agents, she helped the housewives get rid of the ants in the house.

Today, in the fight against unwanted insects, both the acid itself and its sodium salt, borax, are used.

Boric acid from ants in the apartment

Consider the most common methods of fighting ants using boric acid powder and its salt.

Poisonous Powder

Powder can be used without diluting with liquid.

1 way. To prepare boric acid poison for ants, you will need a few spoons of jam and a couple of bags of boric acid:

  1. Prepare the mixture using 3 grams of the contents of the packet for each tablespoon of jam.
  2. Divide the mass into portions of half a tablespoon and spread in a thin layer over the lids from glass jars or canned food.
  3. Place the baits in insect habitats: in crates of cereals, near the baseboards, next to the bread bin.

Method 2. Similar to the previous one. The only difference is that raw minced meat is used instead of jam. For 2 tablespoons of minced meat, take 5 grams of acid. Mix the resulting mixture thoroughly.

Important! If you have pets, close the doors to the room during the pickling period so that the pet does not eat up the poisoned mince.

Housewives who are worried about their pets can be advised a "vegetarian" recipe using pieces of fruit or berries in sugar instead of minced meat.

Cooking consistency

Pour into a glass of water 5 grams of powder and stir. In order to attract sweet-tooth insects, add to the solution 2 teaspoons of sugar or honey.

Feel free to use lemonade, compote or diluted syrup instead of sweetened water.

Important! High concentrations of boric acid are toxic to humans.

Do not forget to thoroughly clean your hands and utensils with detergents after preparing solutions and mixtures. Use disposable tableware whenever possible.

Chemical application

Pour the sweet mixture for shallow containers (lids from cans and bottles, plastic saucers) and place where you most often meet insects.

Interesting! Ants do not die only after they taste the delicacy.

Eating their relatives who died from the poison, they can also die from the toxic effect of a boric acid solution preserved in the tissues of a dead insect.

It is advisable to apply the described method at least a week.

If during this time it proved to be ineffective, try a more toxic substance for controlling insects - sodium tetraborate, or sodium boric acid (borax).

Preparation of borax solution from ants

To obtain a toxic solution of optimal concentration, dissolve 1 teaspoon of a 20% borax solution in a glass of water. Sweeten the mixture with honey, sugar, or jam to attract the ants.

How to apply the solution?

You can apply the sweet solution to the skirting boards with a brush. If you know the place where the ants have settled, you can outline this place in a circle or semicircle with a thick layer of a mixture of borax and sweetener. In the most popular places among ants, put filled brown lids from cans.

You can use boric acid and borax for insect control at the same time, using various types of feedings and baits.

Notice! If ants die near the feeder, then the solution you have prepared is too high concentration.

remember, that fighting ants will be more effective, if the poisoned ant dies in the dwelling. There he will become food for his relatives-orderlies, who will soon also die from the infected delicacy.

The presence of unwanted "roommates" in an apartment is always uncomfortable. The sooner you begin to reclaim your personal space from the ants, the more likely it is that you will win without expensive drugs and insect control services.

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