Info on the Abelia grandiflora

Info on the Abelia grandiflora

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Question: info on the Abelia grandiflora

Good evening, I bought 2 seedlings about 20-25 cm high of abelia grandiflora, and since I am a novice with gardening I don't know much, I wanted to know if I can, given the cold, already pintare on the ground or if it is better to keep them in vase until next spring? Besides, if it were already possible to put them on the ground, should they be watered a lot? or is it not necessary this season? I hope you can help me. I thank cmq and I offer my most cordial greetings.

Info on the Abelia grandiflora: Answer: info on the Abelia grandiflora

Dear Sara,
if the frosts in your area are not serious and persistent, it is appropriate to place the plants in the ground, where they will certainly be better than in pots. When planting them, avoid touching the earthen bread around the roots, and if you think the cold is very intense, place the mulching material around the stem.
If the earthen bread is very dry, lightly wet it after having buried the plants, and for the rest the rains will take care of it.