How is the hierarchy in the nest built?

How is the hierarchy in the nest built?

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Ants live in one large family in an anthill, a common nest. In nature, these insects do not exist that live alone. Moreover, each individual in the colony has its own specific task, however, all activities are aimed at ensuring the life and prosperity of the entire anthill.

All inhabitants can be conditionally divided into several types - soldiers, workers, males and females, a queen. All insect interaction is carried out using food and signaling channels.


The anthill is usually headed by the womb is a big insect, which continually lays eggs, providing new residents to the community. Worker ants solve the daily tasks of caring for eggs and pupae, finding food, and repairing an anthill. The soldiers stand guard over the entrances to the dwelling and cut off the strangers. Males and females participate in the reproduction process.

The soldiers

Ants warriors are a separate subspecies of ordinary workers, differing from the latter in slightly larger sizes. In addition, such an ant the mandibles are more developed, muscles which occupy most of the head. In some species of ants, due to the characteristic structure of the head, the soldiers have lost the ability to eat independently - as a result, the workers have to feed them.

The main function of the soldier ants in the community, it is the protection of the territory and the anthill from the penetration of enemies into it, the protection of foragers who deliver food. In addition, soldiers with their powerful jaws help to dismember the prey into several parts if the workers cannot carry it away on their own.

The role of a working ant in the family and structural features

The builder ants are the first species which appears at the uterus after the foundation of a new anthill. They are the ones who build the colony, prepare food and take care of the eggs and pupae. In a developed anthill, workers prevail among all individuals.

REFERENCE! The distribution of occupations among ant workers depends on their general condition and mental inclinations.

So, initiative insects with a good reaction become scouts and hunters, and slow and unhurried individuals go to graze aphids and collect sweetish secretions. In addition, the profession changes with aging.

Juveniles usually do work inside the nest - looking after eggs, females, build new passages and chambers.

In the event that a significant part of the workers of one profession perishes - for example, they are destroyed by birds or as a result of chemical treatment, their duties are redistributed among the remaining inhabitants of the anthill.

How strong are ants and how much weight do they lift?

The insect has a huge reserve of endurance - an ant can lift and carry 50 times its own weight. Moreover, if several individuals work together and combine their efforts, this indicator can increase manifold. This is possible due to the fact that the ant has a large percentage of muscles per one unit of body weight.

The strength of ants allows them to successfully complete tasks of finding and preparing food. If the insect is not able to raise its prey, it can drag it along for a long time.

REFERENCE! Many ants, connecting with their paws, can form long living bridges to overcome streams or crevices. Ligaments like these can support several kilograms.

Who is the main ant king?

All life in an anthill rests on on the queen. She does not participate either in the protection of the anthill, or in the collection of food, however, it is this individual who is entrusted with the task of maintaining and increasing the number of the colony.

The uterus is a former female who has been fertilized by a male and was able to organize a new anthill... In the process of growing the first population, they bite off their wings.

The uterus lives up to 20 years, laying during this time up to 500 thousand eggs. As long as this individual is alive, the colony has every chance of recovery, no matter what losses it incurs.

The hierarchy of society is clearly established in the anthill. The whole settlement is headed by the uterus. The most numerous are workers who, depending on their preferences, can perform various tasks - finding food, scouting, caring for the uterus and eggs. Soldiers are individuals with large, powerful jaws that guard the anthill and foragers.

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