Enemies of annoying insects - who eats ants?

Enemies of annoying insects - who eats ants?

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Ants can do both great benefit and great harm. If they started up in your garden, greenhouse or vegetable garden, then do not rush to drive these insects away, natural enemies of ants can easily cope with them.

Who eats ants in the forest

The Bears

The owner of the taiga rakes up anthills with a clawed paw in order to feast on both larvae and numerous ants.


Hedgehogs, like mice, are quite omnivorous, so if they come across an anthill on their way, they can have a light snack.

Frogs and toads

In addition to flies and mosquitoes, they also like to feed themselves with the inhabitants of anthills.


Together with the rain, small debris, soil, leaves, grass and, of course, various insects, which immediately become prey to fish, are washed into the water.

Enemies in the garden

Anthills located within the garden can also be attacked by all kinds of insects and animals. The danger of these insects lurks even from the air.


The birds help out gardeners, ridding them of aphids, midges and caterpillars. In their tenacious paws, both worker ants and queens that have left their home anthill can also fall.

Moles and shrews

As a rule, they overtake their prey underground. Laying the next "tunnel", they can feed themselves with both larvae and adults.


They can overtake the victim anywhere: even in a garden bed, even in a closed greenhouse.

Ant lion

He waits at his lair for small insects, be it aphids, a spider or an ant.

As you can see, the poor ants have plenty of enemies. And sometimes even pets - cats or dogs - inflict damage on the anthill. Nevertheless, these insects are still the most numerous, well-known and ubiquitous. Therefore, the hills of anthills can be easily stumbled upon both in the forest thicket and in the center of the city - in a sandbox, an old tree stump or a flower bed.

A photo

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