How to dry pumpkin seeds in the oven, microwave and electric dryer?

How to dry pumpkin seeds in the oven, microwave and electric dryer?

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Many people love pumpkin seeds since childhood. They incredibly tasty, and no worse than sunflower they help to occupy time and hands with something. Yes and benefits pumpkin seeds contain a lot. The main element contained in this product is iron.

Iron is incredible important substance, which stimulates the work of the heart, is a prophylaxis against cardiovascular diseases. Also, raising the level of iron in the blood is a great way to prevent a number of diseases.

General information

As you know, pumpkin is a very useful product. Moreover, it does not matter in what form it is used - fresh, dried, or you are preparing something from a frozen product. What are the benefits of pumpkin seeds? She is well known.

Pumpkin seeds help to improve the condition of the scalp, preventing dandruff, have a good effect on the skin, nails and teeth, since they contain a large amount of this required calcium.

Pumpkin seeds cope with male sexually transmitted diseases, improving the condition of organs at the initial stage of the disease. This is why pumpkin seeds are so popular.

But, also do not forget that they are incredibly tasty and serve a great addition to any cooked dish.

Growing a pumpkin in your garden is a snap. But this alone is not enough to obtain such valuable seeds. It is also very important to properly harvest the crop and choose a way to preserve it.

We will tell you how to keep pumpkin seeds at home without losing them. precious vitamins.

Pumpkin seeds - a source of vitamins

The first and most proven method in this case is drying. It is thanks to her that we will be able to enjoy a pleasant and beloved taste from childhood even in winter.

Benefit or harm?

Can pumpkin seeds be dried? Pumpkin seeds have been dried for centuries. Even in ancient Russia, seeds were favorite delicacy and were used no worse than sunflower seeds. You can also see hundreds of colorful seed packs in stores today.

This means that the seeds can be dried, the main thing is to do it correctly... Many people try to use the easiest way - seeds are simply leave in the sun, for a long time. During this time, the moisture evaporates, and the seeds become completely usable.

Keep in mind, however, that the sun's rays can negatively affect the seeds, thereby creating loss of important vitamins... Therefore, use proven methods, as well as the devices that the latest technology of our century gave us.

What is the benefit or harm to the body of dried pumpkin seeds? Dried pumpkin seeds retain their full nutrients... They are no worse than fresh ones can have a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole, thereby saving you from a number of problems and diseases.

But in order for the seeds to be suitable for consumption, which means they are only beneficial, you need to know the basic rules for drying them. Today we will introduce you to all the stages of this process.

Basic Rules

How to dry pumpkin seeds at home? How do you prepare them for drying? A very important point in the drying of seeds is their correct preparation.

You must know how to properly extract the seeds, in what form to bring them to direct drying. To begin with, the seeds are in the very heart of the pumpkin - in its pulp.

Pumpkin seeds separate well from pulp - most importantly - do not damage them... Cut the pumpkin carefully so that most of the seeds are not cut.

You can remove pumpkin seeds with a spoon.

Also remember that the seeds must be white and firm to the touch - otherwise, your seeds will end up immature... Also remember that pumpkin seeds should not be rotten, like the pumpkin fruit itself (this is especially true if the pumpkin is stored indoors).

Making sure your vegetable responds all the necessary requirements, you can start cutting off the top of the pumpkin. You will see the pulp, on which many seeds are fixed. While gently separating the shift from the pulp, begin to detach them.

The seeds should not be transferred or deformed in any other way - otherwise dry them already it is impossible.

Once you have extracted all the seeds from the pumpkin - wash them... Place the seeds in a drushlag and direct them under the stream cold water you need to rinse until the seeds lose their viscosity. Only then can you consider that you have properly prepared the seeds. (The leftover pumpkin can be used for food or as a Halloween decor.)

The next step is dry the seeds... To do this, thoroughly blot the spread seeds and cover with a towel. Press down on the fabric with your hand absorbing moisture... Leave the tray in a dry place for a few hours until the moisture clears off the seeds. After that, you can proceed to the drying process.

You can learn how to prepare seeds for drying from the video:

Instrument selection

How to dry pumpkin seeds? If you approach the issue of drying is not at all the name of experience in this matter, then you may encounter some problem... For example, different sources indicate different devices that are involved in the drying process and it is very difficult to determine with them.

So, for example, if we talk about drying seeds, then you can choose oven, frying pan, microwave oven, airfryer or electric dryer... It all depends on the result you want to see in the end.

Of course, drying involves a process in which the result should be ready-made seeds that would not only taste good, but would also have a whole baggage of vitamins.

For each device separately, there are a number of rules regarding drying.

Drying seeds in the oven

Temperature regime

How to dry pumpkin seeds? At what temperature? The drying temperature may vary depending on which appliance you are using. Frying pan suitable for those who want to enjoy well-roasted seeds with a light golden brown crust.

The pan should be held over medium heat, if you are using a hob, then bring the temperature up to 100 - 120 degrees and stir periodically so that one of the sides of the seed does not burn.

The exposure time to seeds should not exceed fifteen minutes... Do not let the seeds lie on one side for a long time. The skin can burn very quickly. If desired, the seeds can be salted - this will add a pleasant taste during consumption.

If we are talking about airfryer, then it is recommended to dry seeds in it at a temperature of 60 degrees. Drying in the airfryer will take about thirty minutes.

Working fan in the device increases the heat at times, so this fact must be taken into account.

Drying in electric dryer possible at a temperature of 80 degrees with periodic stirring. Drying in an electric dryer on medium pallets will take about an hour.

The main thing to remember is that such drying can entail the most incredible result in case you leave the seeds on the top or the bottom pallet. As a rule, this is fraught with either not drying the seed, or burning it.

How to dry pumpkin seeds in the oven? Drying in the oven represents heating at a temperature of 60 - 80 degrees. If the seeds are too large and fleshy, then the temperature can be brought up and up to one hundred degrees.

Well dried seeds

When drying in the oven, the seeds must be laid out on a baking sheet in a very thin layer and stir periodically... Only then will the seeds be truly tasty and dried.

The time of exposure to seeds in the oven fluctuates from 20 to 30 minutes... In this case, the baking sheet should be exactly in the middle of the oven.

How to microwave dry pumpkin seeds? In the microwave you can dry the seeds as follows: by putting the seeds in a special dish for the oven, you should put the seeds in a thin layer on power 600 W... Typically, microwave drying is Twenty minutes.

How to dry pumpkin seeds at home? How to dry pumpkin seeds in the oven with spices, you will learn from the video:

How to determine readiness?

How to properly dry pumpkin seeds? The readiness of the seeds is determined as follows. Firstly, this is a test for appearance. Roll the cooled seed in your hands. He should have slightly yellow tint, must be clearly visible circuit.

Also from the seed must peel off transparencies... The color of the inside of the seed should be dark green, with white splashes.

If you taste the seed, remember that it is must not be moist, have a specific taste and crunch on the teeth.


How to store pumpkin seeds? You need to do this in dark and the most important thing dry location. This is the key to preserving vitamins in them. Seeds should be dry and yourself. Do not store seeds in a wet container.

You can use canvas bags to store seeds.

Drying seeds is not a very complicated process, on the contrary, it is fast, fun, and most importantly delicious.

Therefore, prepare yourself useful vitamins for the winter and enjoy them in cold weather with joy.

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