How to dry rose hips in a microwave or airfryer and is it possible?

How to dry rose hips in a microwave or airfryer and is it possible?

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Berries are known for retaining almost all of their beneficial properties and taste when dried. Rosehip is an excellent alternative to fresh lemon in the cold season due to the increased content of vitamin C. And the minimum amount of moisture in the fruit will protect the product from damage and will guarantee long-term storage.

In order for the drying of the fruits of this plant to be successful, it is necessary to observe some rules for collecting, preparing rose hips and drying it directly. For this purpose, you need to select suitable household appliances, such as an airfryer, oven and other appliances.


Many housewives of small-sized living quarters are wondering whether it is possible to dry rose hips in a microwave and airfryer, to which experienced chefs responsibly declare that this is possible, quickly and efficiently. With regular observation and checking of readiness, you can prepare excellent drying of rose hips in an airfryer. However, if you are one of those who are tormented by the question: "How to dry a rosehip in the microwave and do it as correctly as possible?", Then we hasten to upset you. Unfortunately, A microwave oven is not at all suitable for these purposes.and will only spoil your harvest.

This is due to the internal structure of the microwave oven and its high power. The rosehip will dry out only from the outside, but from the inside it will still be the same moist.

Even if you do not have any other electrical appliances besides a microwave, it is better to refrain from this dubious method, and trust the traditional methods... For example, conventional drying on the balcony or attic.

What varieties can be dried?

There is almost no difference whether it is a domesticated or wild rose. Basically, the following varieties are used for drying: "Daursky", "Maisky" or "Iglisty". Berries found near roads and in the city center are highly undesirable. - there is too much dust and small debris on them.

For drying, the best rose hips that were harvested at the peak of their maturity. The cultivated rosehip ripens, as a rule, in early autumn, which can be identified by its rich bright red hue. You should start drying rose hips immediately after harvesting - in cloudless dry weather.

Step by step instructions

So we figured out that drying rose hips in the microwave is impossible, which means let's move on to the question of how to dry the berries in the airfryer.

How to prepare?

Freshly harvested rose hips need carefully examine for lesions and various flaws... Remove all remnants of flowering, leaves and twigs, and boldly throw away rotten or darkened berries. Still green or overripe fruits are also not suitable for eating. The stalk and the place of the receptacle are advised to be left intact - otherwise it threatens with unwanted loss of juice during drying.

Then you can rinse the product under running water using a colander and let it dry for a while on paper towels. To do this, choose a dark room with moderate humidity, where the sun's rays will not fall on the berries.

Divide the fruits into equal batches when they are ready for the process. Remember: when dried, all vegetables, berries and fruits lose significant reserves of internal moisture, and decrease in size. Thus, from 1 kg of ripe rose hips, you can prepare about 220-250 grams of dried product.

Some gardeners deliberately do not wash the berries, limiting themselves to cleaning them from excess twigs and tails. This is due to the fact that you should not deprive the rose hips of their natural protective layer.

The main thing is not to forget that ready-made dried berries will need to be rinsed well before use, and brewing for tea or medicinal infusions in boiled water is an additional heat treatment. So you will definitely disinfect the berries from all microbes.

What to dry with?

As a rule, not only grates are attached to the airfryer, but also special metal nets, through which dried products will not fall through. It is on such a grid that it is beneficial to lay out all the wild rose blanks - in one layer, leaving a small space between the berries. So they will not stick to each other, and with periodic tedding, they will not stick to the base.

While drying the rose hips in the airfryer do not forget to leave a small gap between the lid and the structure of the device... Throughout cooking, berries will need access to fresh air and the ability to release excess moisture from the pulp.

How long does it take?

In the airfryer, full readiness is achieved after about a few hours... In the event that the rose hips are not firm and wrinkled enough, and the surface of the berries sticks to your hands, you can leave the rose hips to dry for another 20-25 minutes. The only rule in working with an airfryer is not to overexpose the berries in it. In no case do not dry the rose hips for more than 4-5 hours - it will burn out and become completely unusable for food.

It is also necessary to remember about the variety and type of berries - larger specimens with dense skin will take more time. Small ones with a thin skin will dry out and dry much faster.

Mode selection

Fit for Airfryer maximum blowing speedso that water can actively evaporate from the rose hips, and all the berries are evenly blown through with hot air.

One of the secrets to drying rose hips quickly and safely is pre-soaking them. To do this, in a spacious container with hot, but not boiling water, all the berries are left to soak for about 18-25 minutes. This will prepare the berries for further heat treatment and preserve their sweetish taste.


If you trust your technology and are completely sure that the power of the airfryer is high or medium, then + 55-65 ° C will be enough. If the temperature is raised sharply, then the berries will simply fry, and at a low temperature, cooking will stretch for several more hours, depriving the product of an impressive share of nutrients.

The best solution would be a gradual heating of the unit along with the berries., which will ensure rational cooking without any harm to the rose hips. Most likely, the procedure may take another 1-2 hours, but the result will be worth it.

Checking readiness

At the end of the specified period, take a few berries for inspection and inspect them. The skin should be evenly wrinkled, and the color of the rose hips will become slightly darker by a few tones, but generally remain the same deep. The berries are elastic to the touch, do not break, and the dry skin does not crumble if you crush the rose hips.

If you notice that the berries are too soft, easily stick together into lumps, and "stick" to your fingers, then you have underexposed the rose hips in the airfryer.

No need to make the mistake of a novice culinary specialist and immediately after the completion of cooking, pack rose hips in containers and bags. Leave to dry in a dark and dry place until it cools completely.

You can use parchment paper or a tea towel. The rose hips should naturally cool down to room as not to "sweat" in a sealed box. So you will protect winter stocks from possible damage and decay, extending the shelf life.


Depending on the purpose for which the dried blank is produced, cutting the rose hips will be quite the best solution, especially if these are large and thick-skinned specimens. To make apple pies and quickly brew tea, all the berries will need to be carefully cut exactly in the middle (lengthwise). If the dried rose hips are useful for desserts and other sweet dishes, the seeds from the core are best removed carefully.


We hope you have found the answer to the question: "How to dry rose hips in the microwave?" Competently prepared dried rose hips will certainly protect you and your family from the lack of essential vitamins and macronutrients in cold autumn and winter. Rosehip berries are often advised to be taken in the form of a tea broth, both for prophylactic and medicinal purposes equally.

Take seriously the selection and cleaning of berries before drying. You should not risk the preparations and try to dry the berries in the microwave. A proven airfryer will be a more effective tool. By following the simple rules and checking the berries regularly, even a novice gardener or housewife can make excellent drying of their fresh rose hips, which will be stored reliably for up to 3 years.

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