Savoy cabbage: storage for the winter in a garage, basement or cellar

Savoy cabbage: storage for the winter in a garage, basement or cellar

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Homeland of Savoy cabbage - Italy... This plant, often mistakenly called a vegetable and root vegetable, was originally wild and was found only in the Italian county of Savoie.

This type of cabbage quickly conquered Europe thanks to its taste, but in Russia this variety began to be cultivated only closer to the 19th century.

One of the reasons why vegetable growers give this plant Special attention - this is its ability to be stored for several winter months without losing its useful properties.

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Variety selection

Which Savoy cabbage varieties are best for storage?

With proper storage and observance of the necessary conditions, Savoy cabbage can be stored in basements and cellars for a long time, but not all varieties can withstand such storage.

Today there are many varieties of this plant, but they are all conditionally grouped in three categories according to the maturation period:

  • early varieties ripen 105-120 days after planting;
  • average varieties - after 120-135 days;
  • late varieties can mature for 140 days or more.

As varieties that can be stored in winter, early varieties are not of interest, since even with optimal conditions deteriorate quickly.

But the medium, mid-late and late varieties can be stored long enough, since these varieties have a long period of development (vegetation), and even in plants cut from the garden bed, vital processes in them do not stop immediately. But when using different varieties of Savoy cabbage for cooking, it is worth considering:

  1. Early varietiescut from the garden in winter, it is better to use it preferably for cabbage rolls or cabbage soup.
  2. Medium late varieties are ideal not only for stuffing stuffed cabbage, but also for frying, stewing, as well as for making cutlets.
  3. Late varieties can be used for all these purposes, in addition - only they can be used for fermentation.

Among the varieties that many farmers mark as suitable for winter storage - mid-late F1 Ovasa, Uralochka, Vertyu 1340 and late Orbit, Valentina, Nadya, Lace.

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Basic Rules

How to save Savoy cabbage for the winter? Savoy cabbage, which is intended for winter storage, it is recommended to clean at a temperature of at least -7 degrees, while it is desirable that such heads of cabbage weigh at least 500 grams and have at least two or three tight-fitting and rigid covering sheets: they will serve reliable protection from dirt and damage.

Cabbage to be stored it is not recommended to water before harvesting, and it is advisable to cut the heads of cabbage in dry weather. Frozen cabbage and heads of cabbage that have signs of rot or are affected by pests or fungi will not withstand long storage.

Immediately before sending heads of cabbage for storage, they must dry a little - to do this, sprinkle them with crushed chalk and spread them out in a dry room on lattice shelves for a couple of days. The stump of such heads of cabbage should be shortened, leaving no more than three centimeters.

What and where to store Savoy cabbage?

It is assumed that savoy cabbage can be stored from four months to six months: heads of cabbage can withstand such a period without problems if they are stored in wooden boxes, at the same time, it is impossible to place the heads of cabbage close to each other: there should be gaps of several centimeters between them. Cabbage is stored stump cut up.

Storage of cabbage is acceptable in limbo: heads of cabbage should be laid in nets and suspended from the ceiling on a string, while for each head of cabbage the net should be separate, and a dense "neighborhood" in this case is also inappropriate.

The ideal place to store Savoy cabbage for the winter would be a garage, basement or cellar, but only if it is observed temperature regime (cabbage storage is permissible at temperatures from 0 to +3 degrees) and at appropriate air humidity, which should be 90-95%.

If the cabbage will be stored in the cellar, it is necessary to take measures in advance to eliminate it. rodents, and also make sure that there is no mold and mildew... Additionally, it is recommended to process the entire room. antiseptic means.

Observing these rules, you can ensure long-term storage of savoy cabbage for six months, and if the heads of cabbage are large (from six kilograms) and the storage process constantly keep under control - late varieties can be stored for up to 12 months.

The ways

How to store Savoy cabbage in winter? Despite the fact that the storage method in drawers is the simplest and therefore the most common, there are other methods:

  1. "Pyramid"for which you need sand... The "base" of the pyramid should be the largest heads of cabbage, laid with stalks upward. This base is abundantly covered with sand, and the next layer is smaller specimens, which are stacked in stumps down, and so on to the very top.
  2. Cabbage stowage at short intervals (about two to three centimeters) between the heads of cabbage in boxes, which are then abundantly filled to the brim with sand.
  3. Keeping heads of cabbage wrapped into a thick layer of paper or cling film.


Savoy cabbage is a healthy and nutritious food that contains a large amount of nutrients and trace elements.

Their shortage in winter negatively affects health, and for some diseases and ailments, the use of this variety should be regular and year-round.

For example - Savoy cabbage helps to restore the nervous system, has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, helps lower blood pressure and strengthens the immune system.

Storing Savoy cabbage in the right conditions - this is an opportunity to always have at hand such an irreplaceable natural "medicine". Read about such methods of preserving the cabbage harvest for the winter as freezing and drying on our website.

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