Drying rose hips in the oven at home is guaranteed to preserve the beneficial properties of the berry

Drying rose hips in the oven at home is guaranteed to preserve the beneficial properties of the berry

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The rosehip berry has been known since ancient times for its healing properties. The high content of useful vitamins makes the berry suitable for use in diseases associated with the functioning of the cardiovascular system, for people suffering from diseases of the intestinal tract and unstable blood pressure.

Rosehip berries are also used in recipes for many decoctions and tinctures. In addition, these berries are able to revive any tea with their taste, so many housewives add this ingredient to their favorite drinks.

But not all rose hips are edible, and even more so, not everyone is able to cure you of ailments. Only properly prepared fruits can be included in your recipes, because otherwise, you can provoke harm to your body. In this article, we will talk about how to properly process the berries and at what temperature the rose hips are dried in the oven in order to enjoy your favorite taste even in cold winter and use them for medicinal purposes.

Short description

First, let's figure out if it is possible to dry rose hips in the oven and what kind of berry is it? People were engaged in drying berries and fruits even before our era. They put the harvested fruits in front of the fire and waited for them to begin to lose moisture and change in shape. Even in those distant times, people guessed that such fruits are stored longer, which means that they are also beneficial. Many people mistakenly believe that drying rose hips in the oven has a negative effect. This is a big misconception.

All berries and fruits that are sold in a dried state are brought to such a shape in special ovens, and their benefits are no less than fresh ones.

Some people prefer to dry in the oven, the same procedure in sunlight. In no case should this be done, especially when it comes to rose hips. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, the berries really dry, but at the same time useful substances that are so necessary for the healing effect evaporate from them. It turns out by drying the rose hips in the sun, you get, in fact, a useless product.

Step-by-step instruction

In this section, you will find out the details of how to dry rose hips in the oven, as well as find some of the tips from experienced housewives.


The key to proper drying is the correct approach to the preparation of berries. Unfortunately, for lack of knowledge, many people make mistakes in this process, as a result of which the berries also lose their beneficial properties.

It is best to pick berries away from the road. But, despite the fact that you found the collected fruits in an ecologically clean place, it still does not interfere with rinsing them.

Do not rinse rose hips in cold water. Better to fill a container with hot water and put the berries there for 10 - 15 minutes.

Drain the water after the time and rinse the berries. So they will rinse much better and will not lose their vitamins. But right after this procedure, it is still impossible to dry the rose hips. Leave the fruit tray in a dark place for an hour and a half or two. During this time, the berries will dry out and will be ready for further manipulations.

Before putting the berries in the oven, it is necessary to sort them out... Remove rotten or very unripe berries. You don't need them.

Do not pull off the stalk, otherwise, from the heating of the temperature, all the juice will flow out and there will be no useful properties in the rosehip. Many make a big mistake and cut the berries in half. This also should not be allowed, because the juice will not linger inside the fruit. This completes the preparation of the berry, and we proceed to the procedure for drying the rose hips in the oven.

What to dry with?

The berries should be dried on a baking sheet covered with special paper. It's good if your baking sheet or baking dish is clean and used for the first time. Do not lubricate the surface with anything. Before all the berries fall on it, it must certainly be dry. The berries should be positioned so that they do not come into contact with each other. Otherwise, the fruits may stick together and release juice upon separation.

If all the fruits do not fit into one dish, do not be discouraged. It is better to repeat the procedure, because it is in your best interest to get excellent, tasty, and most importantly - healthy berries.

It's a question of time

Do not preheat the oven until the berries get into it. Only after the baking sheet is inside and start heating. According to general observations, berries can be dried from five to seven hours, while the position of the baking sheet in the oven should be exactly in the middle.

Drying mode

Berry drying mode it is better to choose baking... It is with this method of heating that the oven is able to dry fruits in record time and at the same time, without taking away their useful properties.

Temperature regime

So at what temperature are rose hips dried in the oven at home? Drying of berries is supposed at a temperature of 50 - 70 degrees... According to the experience of many enterprises, it is this temperature that is ideal for drying and is not capable of harming the berries.

Determine readiness

If you are doing the drying procedure for the first time, then you need to know how to determine the readiness of the berries. At first, focus on time... Having chosen the required temperature, note the time and after it has expired, turn off the oven and remove the berries.

If you doubt that you can correctly calculate the temperature and time frame, then take a closer look at the appearance... The rose hips should take on a coppery hue, while becoming slightly transparent. But when they cool down, you can taste the pulp and a little moisture in the form of juice.

Electric oven

We asked ourselves the question: "How to dry rose hips in an electric oven?", Since you do not have a gas oven available, then you should read the section below.

Distinctive features

Drying in an electric oven is different from drying in a gas oven. Let's see what these differences are? Electric oven drierthan gas, so it can turn the rosehip into a dried fruit, devoid of nutrients much faster. That is why the drying process in such an oven should be under your careful supervision.

So how much to dry rose hips? The time for the procedure should be much less, about four hours. The temperature should be set at forty degrees, because an electric oven heats up faster than a gas oven, which means that the rose hips can lose juice from a sharp temperature drop.

Gradually, over four hours, bring the temperature from forty to sixty and turn off the electric oven.

Convection oven

If you are drying rose hips in a fan oven, then you should also think about lowering the temperature and reducing the drying time. The fan contributes to the fact that it will pour hot air over the berries with such force that the juice from them can pour out at any minute, which means that there will be no nutrients left.

therefore reduce the temperature to forty degrees, and leave the time of its effect on the berries at five hours. Do not forget to periodically check the berries for readiness. Now you know how to properly dry rose hips in a fan oven.

Drying Recipes for Gas Oven

Many housewives have long developed their own rules for drying rose hips in the oven of a gas stove, which differ significantly from the accepted standards. So, for example, some set the temperature to thirty degrees and leave the berries to simmer in the oven all day.

So, according to the craftswomen, the berries are more fragrant and aromatic. And here drying together with herbs is good for those who prepare berries to add to tea - the taste of rose hips and aromatic herbs can win the hearts of even notorious gourmets.

A short video will help you understand in more detail the issue of drying rose hips at home in the oven.


After the drying process is complete, remove the berries from the oven and leave to cool in a dark, dry place. Doctors advise against eating berries in the first hours after drying.

Let the rosehip rest for a week and only then use it for your own purposes. At this moment, the berry is as good as possible for consumption, and all the necessary vitamins have recovered after thermal exposure.

Monitor your health, especially when such delicious fruits are involved in maintaining it. Remember that only you can influence how long the beneficial properties of the berries you cook will be stored, and after cooking, enjoy their taste for a whole year!

Watch the video: Homemade Rosehip Jam from wild Rose Hips (May 2022).


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