Advanced technology for storing white cabbage: conditions, temperature and terms

Advanced technology for storing white cabbage: conditions, temperature and terms

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For a long time in Russia cabbage appreciated no less than bread... It was eaten all year round.

The cabbage is good antioxidant, the most famous is carotene, because of this, many call it a product of youth. White cabbage is a traditional vegetable in the gardens of our country.

There are a lot of varieties, but you should choose the right one for storage.

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Variety selection

Which varieties of white cabbage are suitable for storage? To store white cabbage, you need to choose late and late-ripening varieties:

  1. Wintering 1474 - very resistant to frost. The rosette is large with small leaves. Round-flat heads of cabbage, weight up to 3.5 kg. High sugar content. Virtually no cracking. Excellent keeping quality up to 8 months. Suitable for northern regions;
  2. Albatross F1 - a representative of late-ripening hybrids. Fruits are round-flat, dense, average weight 3 kg. During winter storage, it is resistant to diseases and white rot;
  3. Alaska F1 - late hybrid. The head is round, gray-green, short stump. The weight is small, only 1.8 kg, it can stay on the garden for a long time due to its resistance to freezing;
  4. Present - head of cabbage dense, light green, glossy, flat-rounded shape. Suitable for fermentation. Cold-resistant cabbage, can be grown in Siberian conditions;
  5. Moscow late - a very productive and large-fruited variety. Head weighing up to 8 kg, sometimes up to 13 kg. The fruit is round green, ideal for pickling;
  6. Gingerbread man F1 - late ripening. The heads are dense, do not crack, has a rather short stump. Above, the color of the cabbage is green, in the context - white. Virtually not susceptible to disease and rot. Excellent keeping quality;
  7. F1 Guarantor - a head of cabbage is more oval in shape, gray-green on the outside, yellow in section. The taste is great. Can be stored until June;
  8. Morozko - round-flat head of cabbage well covered with large green leaves. Resistant to cracking. Keeping quality is excellent, can be stored until the next harvest;
  9. Sugar Loaf - the variety is valued for its taste, but fresh can only be stored until the New Year;
  10. Kharkov winter Is the latest ripening variety. The average weight of cabbages is up to 3 kg. It tolerates heat and cold during growth.

You can find out which varieties of cabbage are suitable for long-term storage from the video:

Basic Rules

How to store white cabbage correctly in winter?


We start harvesting white cabbage in the fall, preferably until the frost came.

Cabbage tolerates frost up to -7 degrees, so if at night froze, do not rush to collect, the frozen leaves need to be thawed, otherwise the head of cabbage go bad.

Choose cool but dry weather... Cabbage harvested in warm weather will be more prone to rotting during storage. For long-term keeping quality, it is necessary that the head of cabbage is fully ripe. To do this, press hard, it must be very tight.

Pull the plant out of the ground, cut the root, stump leave long... Heads of cabbage with two upper covering green leaves are suitable for the winter. Let the leaves wither before storing them.

Where to store cabbage? Best stored in a cellar or basement. Heads of cabbage cannot be stored in one heap, they begin to rot faster. If there are no shelves, use planks on the floor. All surfaces must be washed baking soda solution.

Fold in 2 rows up stumps, staggered. Cabbage contains enough moisture, so place it under the heads of cabbage straw, change constantly. If space is small, you can store in limbo.

One way to store cabbage in this video:

Optimal conditions

What are the optimal storage conditions for white cabbage? Suitable for long-term storage temperature from -1 to +2 degrees.

Air humidity should be 90 - 98%. If the room is colder, the cabbage will freeze, and when it thaws, it will quickly deteriorate, the warmer one will rot.

Is it possible to store white cabbage at home? The best place is a wardrobe on a glassed-in balcony. It must be insulated, use regular foam.

Arrange the heads of cabbage in one row on the shelves, wrapping each paper, parchment or just newspaper in several layers.

The pantry is also suitable, for this they completely separate the stump, remove the top leaves and wrap the head cling film in several layers. Smooth each one carefully so that there are no air bubbles.

Cabbage in the pantry check once a week and remove bad leaves. Condensation has formed, the heads of cabbage must be expanded, dried thoroughly, and rewound.

You can store fresh vegetables in refrigerator, only on the lower shelves, wrapped in food parchment.

How to keep white cabbage in the cellar for the winter? One of the ways to store cabbage in the cellar is in this video. We look:

Timing and methods

What is the shelf life of white cabbage? Subject to the storage conditions: temperature and humidity, the green vegetable is perfectly stored up to 6 months, cabbage of hybrid varieties also has a longer period. True, there are varieties with a shelf life no more than three months.

How to store white cabbage? Storage methods:

  • in plastic boxes - 2 - 3 months;
  • in new plastic bags... Heads of cabbage are laid and tied tightly, without access to air;
  • in pit... Each row of heads of cabbage is covered with sand, from above such a storage is covered with spruce branches;
  • to freeze. In this state, cabbage can be stored for a very long time, the main thing is not to re-freeze it. You can also learn about the rules for freezing such types of cabbage as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower from our articles;
  • an interesting way - straight in the garden... Under the snow, cabbage will be like in refrigerators;
  • Watch a video about the technology of storing white cabbage right in the garden in winter:

  • pickling and salting - a way to keep the heads of cabbage less dense;
  • heads of cabbage are stored longer if dip them in clay, diluted to a creamy consistency, and dry outside.

Cabbage contains large amounts of vitamin C, which is preserved for any storage method.

So, saving cabbage is not so difficult, following simple rules and requirements, and delicious healthy dishes from this vegetable will be on your tables until spring.

You can learn about this method of storing white cabbage, such as pickling or pickling, from the video:

Watch the video: Cabbage Processing - How Cabbage is Sliced to Create Bagged Cabbage (August 2022).