Selection of varieties, harvesting and storage of kohlrabi cabbage for the winter at home and in the cellar

Selection of varieties, harvesting and storage of kohlrabi cabbage for the winter at home and in the cellar

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Kohlrabi cabbage - biennial plant, one of the varieties of common white cabbage, belongs to the Cabbage genus of the Cabbage family.

This type of cabbage is a very valuable product for human consumption. It consists of vegetable proteins and carbohydrates, fats of any form are completely absent.

In a vegetable many vitamins, for example, B1, B2, PP and a very large amount of vitamin C, which is necessary for the human body to increase immunity. Kohlrabi contains glucose, fructose, sulfur compounds, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and calcium, which are required for a healthy diet and favorable development of the body of children.

Kohlrabi is called "Cabbage-turnip" for the similarity of its appearance with a turnip. Its stem is the size of a large apple. It can be white, pale green, blue, purple.

Green varieties taste like cucumber, some like radish, and purple ones are more pungent.

Kohlrabi can be eaten in fresh or boiled... Any dishes made from it are equally tasty. But most of the vitamins and minerals that give the vegetable die as a result of heat treatment. Therefore, every housewife tries to keep the cabbage fresh as long as possible.

Variety selection and harvesting

How to store kohlrabi cabbage for the winter and when should it be harvested? For the longest storage of this vegetable, stem fruits are used. late varieties.

Best suited for this dark (purple, blue) varieties.

Good keeping quality differ: Giant, Violetta, Kossak F1, Delicacy blue. White varieties are practically unsuitable for long-term storage.

Harvest kohlrabi cabbage when the stems have reached size 7-8 cm in diameter... Overgrowing, they become hard, and in their taste, they are very inferior to well-ripened stems.

This should be done, as in the case of ordinary white cabbage, on a sunny day. before the onset of a good frostwhen the outside temperature is + 3-5 degrees.

Although kohlrabi is comparatively cold-resistant, and can easily withstand a drop in temperature to -4-5, it is better to harvest it to effectively preserve the crop. on warmer days.

If planned long-term storage cabbage, then slab-fruits must be pulled out of the soil along with the root. If long-term storage is not provided, and it is required to store it no more than a month, then the root with the stump can be cut off.

The leaves of the stalk must be removed, leaving small petioles up to 1.5-2 centimeters long... The pruned leaves can be eaten in the same way as its stem crop. They can be stored in bags in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

You can find out how and in what time frame Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are harvested on our website.

In the cellar

How to keep kohlrabi fresh for the winter? Most reliable way long-term storage of kohlrabi cabbage - storage in the cellar. After the leaves from the stems are cut off, the heads of cabbage right with the roots are placed in several pieces in boxes, baskets, specially made compartments or on trellises.

By no means their can not be washed, you only need to lightly peel off the ground to keep them dry. From above, the heads of cabbage are sprinkled with wet sand or covered with polyethylene, but not very tightly so that it does not start decay of stems.

Another option for storing cabbage in a cellar is to distribute wet sand on the floor and stick the heads of cabbage down into it with a stump, as if "Plant".

This is also a fairly effective way, but you need to "plant" them at some distance from each other so that they did not touch each other.

You can hang the stems upside down on a wire. However, they also should not touch each other. Temperature the air in the basement should be about 0 degrees. Relative humidity air - 95-100%.

If the cellar dry, then it is advisable to put a container with water in it in order to maintain the necessary humidity. The temperature in winter can be controlled by heating basement.

In the cellar, subject to the temperature regime and maintaining a certain air humidity, early varieties of cabbage can be stored for about 2 months... Late varieties will lie fresh about 5 months... This way you can provide yourself with fresh cabbage for the whole winter.


An excellent way to store kohlrabi cabbage at home is to freeze it. In this case, the stems must wash... Then you need to cut them in half, into several pieces or grate them on a coarse grater. Expanding on packages, must be put into the freezer.

Recommended before freezing blanch pieces of stems for 3 minutes and chill in ice water to preserve as much vitamins as possible.

When frozen, kohlrabi can be stored for 9 months... You can cook from such cabbage in the same way as from fresh, almost any dish.

How to freeze cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli can be found in our articles.

Using the refrigerator

How to store kohlrabi cabbage in winter? In the case when kohlrabi needs to be preserved for a very short time, 2-3 weeks, you can use a refrigerator for this. Wrap the head in paper or, even better, during wet cloth, you can apply wet cloth bags.

Then put in a plastic bag. Tightly no need to tie a bagso that a greenhouse effect is not created inside and the stems do not deteriorate.

So, kohlrabi cabbage can be saved until the next harvest in various ways:

  1. In the cellar.
  2. In the fridge.
  3. Frozen.

In general, kohlrabi cabbage kept pretty well... Even at room temperature, all nutrients remain in it for about 2-3 days.

One way to save kohlrabi cabbage for the winter is to make a salad. How to do this, you will learn from the video:

Chefs call cabbage "The queen of vegetables", because it is possible to prepare many delicious and nutritious dishes from it. But do not forget that the longer kohlrabi stems are stored, the tougher they become. Such cabbage is less tasty and valuable in its composition.

Observing all the recommendations for storing stem crops, you can delight yourself and your loved ones with wonderful vitamin dinners all winter.

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