Can garlic be stored in the basement and cellar in winter until the next harvest?

Can garlic be stored in the basement and cellar in winter until the next harvest?

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Storing garlic in a cellar is considered the best way... If the cellar is well prepared, nothing will prevent the garlic from lying there until spring, and sometimes before the new harvest.

Difficulties can arise due to the inadequacy of any important storage conditions.

However, the gardener has all the tools and methods with which you can create ideal conditions for storing garlic.

Can garlic be stored in a cellar or basement? Cellar - perfect option for storing garlic. Other vegetables collected from the garden are also perfectly stored in the cellar. Garlic is no exception. It perfectly retains its medicinal properties, taste and appearance.

In the cellar, the garlic can lie until the next harvest, if it is meets all the requirements regarding temperature and humidity.

Find out if you can store winter garlic at home in our article.

Requirements for the premises

How to store garlic in the cellar for the winter? The cellar must meet certain parameters that will ensure the preservation of the garlic for a long time.

As in the case of storing other vegetables, the main parameters are temperature and humidity.

Summarizing all the important indicators of the cellar, we have:

  • he should be relatively warm... The temperature should not drop below +0 degrees. At subzero temperatures, garlic is not stored for a long time;
  • optimal temperature in the cellar from +2 to +5 ° C;
  • humidity should be within from 50 to 80%;
  • absence fungi and pathogenic bacteria - a factor that determines the safety of the harvest of garlic;
  • good ventilation. Constant fresh air circulation - the key to the successful storage of garlic and other vegetables in the cellar.

Often the cellar is not prepared for storing garlic and other vegetables for the winter. It is possible and even necessary to fix this:

  1. A careful examination of the cellar will answer all questions about shortcomings.
  2. When traces are found rodents and insects, set traps, carry out the appropriate processing.
  3. Upon detection mold, clean it by hand if the area is small. If most of the cellar, walls, shelves, ceiling are inhabited by mold, it is better to use a smoke bomb.
  4. Fix flaws ventilation, if they are.
  5. Conduct cleaning in the cellar, prepare a place to store the garlic.

Garlic that, after sorting, has not passed the selection for storage in the cellar, you can dry it for seasoning or freeze it in the freezer at home.

Neighborhood with other vegetables

How to store garlic in the basement with other vegetables in winter? Joint storage of garlic with other vegetables undesirable... Especially with potatoes, cabbage, carrots and beets. However, there are examples a good combination joint storage of garlic with onions. In addition, they can be stored not only side by side, but also in the same container.

The close location of various vegetables in the cellar is unlikely to be avoided. For this reason, it is best to keep the garlic in limbo... This will keep it separate from other vegetables.

Read more about how to store vegetables such as carrots, beets or bell peppers in cellars and cellars on our website.

The ways

How to store garlic in a cellar in winter? Both storing garlic in an apartment and in a cellar has many options. Let's consider the most effective ones.

Storing garlic in braids - an option ideal for a small cellar. Saving space, good preservation of garlic are the main advantages.

Garlic, when choosing this method, is woven into braids by the stalks. Suitable for this twine or rope... The braids are suspended from the cellar ceiling.

In nylon - the old and proven method. Everyone remembers how the grandmother in the village had nylon stockings with garlic on the walls.

The method is still relevant today. His simplicity and cheapness make you resort to it over and over again. The heads of garlic are tightly packed in nylon tights or stockings and hung under the ceiling in the cellar.

So it keeps well and does not take up space on shelves or floors. Instead of nylon products, they are well suited nets for storing vegetables.

In boxes, boxes - use boxes and boxes from plywood or cardboard... The main thing is that they have holes for air. The garlic heads are folded into boxes or boxes and stored on the floor or on the shelves of the cellar.

To improve the keeping quality of garlic, the heads can be preliminarily set fire over a gas stove on both sides.

We present to your attention a video tutorial on weaving garlic braids for storage in the cellar:

Savings terms

In the cellar, garlic can be stored all winter, subject to all recommendations for maintaining the temperature and humidity:

  • in boxes, boxes the shelf life can easily reach 6 months;
  • in stockings, braids, nets - about 5-6 months.

In some cases, garlic can lie longer... It depends on its variety, correct harvesting, preparation and many other factors.

So, the basement (cellar) is an excellent place to store garlic.

If it supports desired temperature and humidity, there are no bacteria and mold, garlic will be on the table all year round.

Garlic is not the most whimsical plant in terms of storage. That is why there is every chance keep it in the basement all winter.

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