How to dry garlic at home in the air, in the oven and in an electric dryer?

How to dry garlic at home in the air, in the oven and in an electric dryer?

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Garlic is a vegetable that can rightfully be called universal product, which is part of a wide variety of dishes.

Fresh garlic is usually used in cooking, but more and more often you can find it in a chopped and dried form.

Much dried garlic more convenient to store and is available all year round.

If your harvest of garlic turned out to be rich, and you have already sent enough root crops for storage in a cellar or basement, and even packed pantries and closets with garlic for winter storage at home, then you have no choice but to dry or freeze the leftovers so that they are not lost.

Chemical composition of the product

Dried garlic is identical in composition to fresh vegetables. Garlic contains a large amount of vitamins and maximally useful mineral substances... So, dried garlic is rich in:

  • choline;
  • vitamins of group B, C, E, PP;
  • macro- and microelements: potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper and manganese, iron, cobalt, phosphorus, sodium.

Dried Garlic Is A Natural Source phytoncides, which are involved in the fight against all currently known types of pathogenic microorganisms.

Benefit and harm

Regular consumption of dried / fresh garlic has very beneficial effects on health.

Dried garlic - beneficial properties:

  • helps in the treatment of various viral diseases;
  • enhances immunity;
  • renders antibacterial impact on the body;
  • participates in lowering blood levels cholesterol;
  • prevents the development of diseases cardiovascular systems;
  • reduces risk stroke and heart attack;
  • destroys helminthic invasions;
  • helps in treatment articular diseases;
  • used as an adjunct to the treatment of diseases liver;
  • warns impotence in men.

For all the advantages of the product, dried garlic contraindicated for use by people suffering from functional disorders of the digestive system, as well as with individual intolerance.

How to dry garlic at home?


If you decide to dry this root crop, you must choose garlic of certain bitter varieties - Silver, Creole.

The thing is that other varieties, after going through the drying process, can lose their taste, and certain varieties of garlic will remain the same aromatic and tasty.

So, before there, how to start drying garlic, you need to prepare it. To do this, the heads of the vegetable should be divided into cloves and peeled.

Important: there is an opinion that peeled garlic is necessary rinse with running water... However, this opinion is erroneous, since after carrying out such a procedure, it is much more difficult to dry the product, and its shelf life is reduced.

Garlic juice is very aggressive impact on human skin. Therefore, after the teeth have been cleaned, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves on your hands. For air drying, the prepared teeth are cut lengthwise into 2 parts.

If drying in an oven or electric dryer is provided, then the teeth are cut with a sharp knife across thin "petals" (you can use a grater to speed up).

One of the important conditions for preparing garlic for drying is cutting it indoors. well ventilated, since the substances contained in garlic will very soon begin to irritate the mucous membranes of the nose and throat.

The ways

Like any other food, garlic can be dried naturally and artificially.

Air drying

How to make dried garlic at home? For drying in the open sun, put the chopped garlic on a baking sheet, before that, cover it with parchment paper, foil or a thick clean cloth.

It is necessary to lay out the slicing in such a way that core of a clove (incision site) looked up.

This is done so that garlic juice did not flow out during drying and was not absorbed into the material on the baking sheet. The natural drying process takes 5-7 days.


How to dry garlic at home in the oven? Put chopped garlic cloves in one layer on a baking sheet, previously covered with baking paper or foil. We put the baking sheet in the oven, preheated to 55-60 ° С.

Drying is carried out with the oven door ajar for 30-40 minutes... Periodically, the "petals" of garlic must be stirred so that they do not burn. After the allotted time, the garlic is removed from the oven and cooled at room temperature.

Electric dryer

How to dry seasoning garlic in a dryer? Drying garlic in an electric dryer gives excellent results - quickly and without unnecessary hassle.

The prepared product is laid out on grates, the electric dryer is turned on at full capacity.

And already after 6-7 hours the spice is ready

How to dry garlic in an electric dryer? Tips for drying garlic at home in an electric dryer in this video:

If you're wondering how to dry carrots, bell peppers, or hot chili at home, read our articles on it.


How to determine readiness? Ready Dried Garlic crunches and crumbles in hand.

How and where to store dried garlic at home? Dried garlic is kept tightly sealed glass containers in the refrigerator. Shelf life - 3-5 months.

In order for the product did not spoil ahead of time, it must be removed from the container with a clean, dry cutlery.

Dried garlic can be stored in the same way in powder form, for the preparation of which the dry product must be grinded with a blender, in a coffee grinder or using an ordinary hand mortar. Garlic powder is also kept in the refrigerator.

Garlic deserves to be called a natural healer. The combination of vegetable availability and health benefits makes garlic very demanded product. Both fresh and dried garlic should be included in daily diet each person, bringing the aroma of health and vigor to the house.

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