Dried peppers: methods and recipes for cooking at home

Dried peppers: methods and recipes for cooking at home

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Drying peppers is one of many ways preserve useful properties of this product for the whole winter.

Unlike dried bell peppers, the taste of the dried product is manifested many times brighter, and are able to enhance many dishes, including vegetable salads.

To properly cook dried peppers, you should choose your cooking method and a suitable unit for this.

If your harvest of bell pepper is so large that you have already sent enough fruits for storage in the basement or cellar, and also managed to freeze the peppers in the freezer, including the whole for stuffing, then treat yourself to a dried delicacy.

You will need to pick up good grade, prepare the pepper for drying, and set the desired mode. Such peppers can be stored for almost the entire cold season in several ways.


What are the benefits of dried peppers?

Dried sweet peppers keep almost all vitamins and mineralsparticipating in the development of the body, maintaining reliable immunity and protecting against vitamin deficiency.

This is possible thanks to the complex of vitamins A, group B, C, E and PP, as well as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium and iron.

Regular use dried pepper activates the digestive system, strengthens hair and nails, and improves vision.

Useful materialcontained in sweet pepper, normalize the work of the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of blood clots, thinning the blood, and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Also, pepper brings invaluable benefits to the condition of the skin and mucous membranes.

Energy value and calorie content Dried peppers: There are approximately 118 calories per 100 grams of dried bell peppers.

Vegetable preparation

How to prepare peppers for drying? First, choose the right bell peppers. They should be sweet taste, with a bright red or yellow color. Make sure the vegetables not overripe, there are no wrinkles and spots on the skin. By thickness, you need a juicy, fleshy pepper, with a dense layer of pulp inside.

After the vegetables have been thoroughly washed, leave them to dry slightly on a paper towel. Large vegetables are cut into quarters, and medium vegetables are cut into halves. Thin films and seed box carefully cut out.

In some cases, it is advised to cook skinless, which will make the taste more intense and delicate.

The pepper will peel easily if Keep it in boiling water for 2-3 minutes and the same amount of time to cool in the cold. Using a knife, you can gently pick up the skin and easily peel off the pepper.

Before you start drying, you can either grease the pepper or leave it without oil at all. Will fit as usual sunflowerand olive... To enhance or add a unique flavor to the pepper, use different spice... Sprinkle the slices with salt, black pepper, or red pepper. You can also add marjoram or dried basil to taste. You can learn how to dry hot chili peppers at home from our article.

Just about any mixture of aromatic herbs for cooking can make a recipe for making dried peppers. unique... If you sprinkle a small amount of pepper Sahara, from this it will become even sweeter and more piquant. Thin slices of chopped garlic can be placed in the notches of the pepper to add sharpness.

Choice of technique

How to cook dried peppers at home for the winter? Various types of home appliances can be used, one of which is oven.

Better to use electric oven as it heats up faster and more evenly. An oven and electric dryer.

At what temperature should pepper be dried? Dry pepper optimally at maximum moderate temperature, which depends on the power of your technique.

On average, the temperature should be set first at 75-80 degrees, then, after one and a half to three hours, increase to 100 degrees... After that, the pepper is briefly pulled out on a baking sheet or wire rack for cooling (for 20-30 minutes), and returned back to the oven for additional 40 minutes or an hour.

How to determine readiness? In appearance, the pepper is slightly darkens, a mesh will appear wrinkles on the skin, and the pulp is about one third will become thinner.

The slices will turn out to be dried, elastic to the touch, but not too hard. If you overexposed pepper, it will be excessively dry and brittle, and almost all the moisture will evaporate.

If the pepper has not yet gained flexibility and has not lost enough mass, leave it to cook for a while. for 20-30 minutes in the oven.

The ways

How to make jerky peppers in the oven? At the lowest heat, if there is such a function, set the mode "Convection" or ventilation... It is necessary that the air circulates freely inside, and excess moisture is unhindered evaporated... A slightly open oven door is fine for this, and condensation will not accumulate inside.

It is laid out on a baking sheet parchment paper, which can be soaked in oil if desired. The peppers are placed with their peel down, forming small "boats" so that the seasonings remain inside.

FROM ajar door pepper is dried for an hour and a half, cools briefly, then warms up again in the oven for 40 minutes.

Do not immediately remove the pepper from the oven - leave it inside for a while. It is better to preserve dried peppers when it is completely cooled down.

How to cook dried peppers in the electric dryer? The sliced ​​pepper is laid out in one layer on a special grid or wire rack, so that there is little space.

The product must not be allowed stuck together or burnt - once in half an hour you need to stir and turn the slices. Desired temperature during cooking - 75 degrees... With active airflow and careful supervision, the pepper will be ready after 3-4 hours.

How to make jerky bell peppers for the winter in the microwave? Microwaving peppercorns is a difficult process.

A vegetable needs access to fresh air so that the pepper does not boil in its own juice, but is systematically deprived excess moisture.

First, the pepper is washed, cut into slices and cleaned of seeds and thin partitions. Sprinkle a little over the pepper oils and put in a deep bowl, put in the microwave.

You can cook on maximum power in several runs for five minutes. After the first five minutes, the pepper is removed, and excess juice merges into a separate bowl.

Give the pepper some cool off, then repeat the process a few more times, bringing the product to full readiness. Don't forget to pour out any juice that comes out.


How to cook jerky peppers at home? The most common cooking option is dried peppers in oil for the winter.

Dried peppers for the winter recipe: it is prepared as with the standard scheme, but each piece of pepper is generously greased with olive or sunflower oil.

Bell peppers sun-dried in oil - photo:

Watch a video recipe for drying peppers and tomatoes:

Storage of the finished product

How to store dried peppers for the winter? Pepper can be stored in the same oil in which it was cooked, which will allow keep all the rich taste dishes. In a small sterilized glass jar the dried pepper slices are tightly folded and completely poured vegetable oil (sunflower or olive).

Make sure the oil 2-3 cm exceeds the level of tamped peppers so that access to air is blocked.

The resulting banks should be kept in the fridge and use as needed. The resulting dried product is simply irreplaceable in the preparation of salads or pizza, can be used ready-made, as well as used as a decoration for meat and fish dishes.

Dried peppers are a good snack on their own.

Competently cooked dried peppers will be the guarantor tasty and healthy food, which is especially important during the spread of viral diseases.

Pepper will be stored in the refrigerator a little longer if you add a tablespoon to the jar of oil on top vinegar.

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