How to freeze fresh hot peppers for the winter in the freezer?

How to freeze fresh hot peppers for the winter in the freezer?

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Many housewives often have a question whether it is necessary freeze hot peppers for the winter, or just go to the store and buy this uncomplicated vegetable without bothering yourself with preparations.

Firstly, in the cold season, its price is quite high, and secondly, we do not know in what conditions it was stored and whether everything remained in it. valuable substances.

There are several ways to prepare hot peppers for winter storage, the most popular of which is drying. However, most of the vitamins contained in it decompose within a few days.

On our website you can find information on how to properly dry bell peppers, as well as recipes for drying it at home.

Beta carotene and B vitamins break down at room temperature and from exposure to sunlight, and fat-soluble A and E are oxidized from exposure to atmospheric oxygen. The loss of water practically does not affect the taste, but the appearance will change irreversibly.

Method advantages

Can hot peppers be frozen in the freezer for the winter?

To preserve the maximum amount of nutrients of chili pepper, it is recommended to freeze and store it at negative temperatures.

Does bitter pepper lose its properties after freezing? With this method of preparation loss of useful properties of the product will be minimal... Benefits of freezing capsicum:

  1. Preservation all vitamins, nutrients and minerals.
  2. Immutability taste.
  3. Reduced waste. Frozen peppers versus pickled and dried does not spoil and does not even change its color.
  4. Long shelf life. All properties remain unchanged about a year.

Preparatory operations

How to freeze hot peppers for the winter? One of the main conditions for the success of the whole process is the correct preparation of hot peppers for freezing. To begin with, it must be carefully examined in order to exclude hit spoiled pods into the workpiece. After that, the peppers are washed whole in cold water and dried on a towel.

For some reduction in pungency the product can be in boiling water for 2 - 3 minutes... Such processing will practically not reduce the content of fat- and water-soluble vitamins, but will significantly increase the shelf life in shallow freezing.

Removal of the core with seeds and veins to a greater extent will reduce the amount of bitterness and will make the workpiece more compact.

Cutting the pods into strips or stringing them on top of each other significantly save space in the cell... When working with the product, it is advisable to protect hands with ordinary medical or household rubber gloves.

The ways

There are several ways to freeze capsicum. First you need to decide on depth of freezing and temperature conditions storage. The fact is that chili is 88% water and the processes occurring during its crystallization play a decisive role in its safety.

Crystallization of water occurs at 0 ° C, and with a further decrease in temperature down to -5 ° C ice forms... Unlike other substances, frozen water does not decrease in volume, but, on the contrary, increases.

As a result of passing through these critical points during subsequent defrosting, the integrity of the cells of the pepper is disrupted, it becomes soft and wet, although it does not lose its useful properties.

For maximum preservation of appearance, bitter peppers are frozen to a temperature of 0 ... + 2 ° С and stored in a refrigerator in an appropriate area.

In such conditions, all of its properties remain unchanged. within 40 days.

If the priority is given to duration, then deep freeze and keep in a freezer at -12 ... -18 ° С.

In this case, the shelf life will be from 6 to 12 months provided that the product will not be re-frozen.

How to freeze hot chilli peppers for the winter? Most widespread got the following freezing methods:

  1. Instant... The capsicum, cut into strips, is laid out in a thin layer on a pallet, which is placed in the freezer compartment. After that, the product is placed in a plastic bag, from which air is removed as much as possible, and placed in a storage compartment.
  2. In container... The pods are placed in a food container or a special bag with a fastener entirely, and then placed in the freezer.
  3. In oil... Prepared pods are tightly placed in a glass jar, poured with refined vegetable oil and sent to a chamber with a temperature of about 0 ° C. This method prevents atmospheric oxygen from entering the product. The oil can be used for dressing salads, but it should be borne in mind that its taste will change somewhat.
  4. With greens... Finely chopped hot peppers are mixed with celery or parsley, put into a bag and sent to the freezer. The advantage of this method is the ability to separate part of the product necessary for cooking without defrosting the entire portion.

Chilli compatible with almost any product: it is even added to chocolate.

In terms of its importance and usefulness, it is on a par with carrots, green tea, blueberries and apples.

The most important thing when using it is do not overdo it with quantity.

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