How to dry sweet bell peppers for the winter: in an electric dryer or oven?

How to dry sweet bell peppers for the winter: in an electric dryer or oven?

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Dried peppers can easily add to even a simple dish exquisite aftertastewill make food rich in vitamins. So if not medical contraindications, it can be added to both the first and the second, to pies with meat, poultry.

Can bell peppers be dried for the winter? Yes. A quality product is obtained using sweet paprika of any color. The most aromatic mass is obtained from well-ripened fruits. thick-walled varieties.

If you have already sent enough bell peppers for storage fresh and even managed to freeze them for the winter in the freezer, including the whole for stuffing, then you have nothing else to do but prepare dried sweet peppers or sushina for the winter.

Benefit or harm?

Dried bell peppers are one of the possibilities saturate our winter diet with vitamins from the products that appear on our table fresh only in the second half of summer and autumn.

In paprika contained: B vitamins, carotene, vitamin E, folic acid, zinc, "heart vitamin" potassium, well-absorbed forms of phosphorus, sodium, calcium, iodine. Ripe peppers have a lot of iron, copper, which we need for hematopoiesis.

Harm to health dried paprika is applied to a person only if the person who eats it has:

  • angina pectoris,
  • severe hypotension,
  • any type of gastrointestinal ulcer,
  • gastritis,
  • liver problems
  • problems with the urinary system,
  • hemorrhoids.

In the absence of the listed diseases, dried paprika can be safely added to suitable dishesto:

  • support the immune barrier,
  • improve the growth of nails, hair,
  • improve the quality of vision,
  • restrain hypertensive manifestations,
  • reduce the risk of vascular blockage,
  • whet your appetite,
  • reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes.

Energy value and calorie content of dried paprika 10 times higher than fresh and is equal to 390-400 kcal. The lowest calorie content is possessed by a product obtained from green fruits, since initially there is no more than 20 kcal in the pulp of green sweet pepper. For comparison: the calorie content of yellow-sided and red fresh fruits is 30-40 kcal.

Basic Rules

We have already talked about how to dry hot chili peppers at home. Now let's talk about how to dry bell peppers for the winter.

The pepper is dried using electrical, gas appliances or resorting to free old methods of preparing food for future use using sun and fresh air.

How to prepare bell peppers for drying? After thoroughly rinsing the fruits under running water, each is wiped from excess moisture and free from signs of spoilage, ponytail with a core. Scattered seedsstuck inside the vegetable are shaken out by tapping with a wide edge on the palm or the surface of the table.

But even if a few seeds remain, then the taste of the finished product will not deteriorate, and the cooking time will not increase. After cleaning a batch of vegetables, they are cut into quarters, and then crumbled into strips 3-4 mm thick.

How to dry sweet bell peppers? The crushed pepper is dried:

  • in electric dryers,
  • in electric, gas ovens,
  • in the microwave,
  • on pallets exposed in a shaded area.

At what temperature dry bell peppers? In the air, raw materials can be dried at any positive temperature, in the absence of high humidity (at night, the trays with pepper must be covered or brought into a dry room).

In the oven and electric pepper dryer, choose fifty degree mode, maintaining this temperature until the slices are brought to the desired condition

What time is it dry? When drying in natural conditions, when the air warms up to 30 degrees Celsius or more during the day, it will take 3-4 days... At lower temperatures - 5-7 days... At 50 degrees Celsius, the crushed peppers will reach the desired condition in 12-24 hours... The cooking time depends on the processed volume, the thickness of the slices.

How to determine readiness? Well-dried paprika strips break easily rather than bend. If the pulp of the pieces is as in dried dates, then the raw material is still needed dry.

How to dry bell peppers at home? Tips for drying and storing peppers in this video:

The ways

How to dry bell peppers for the winter in electric dryer? Algorithm for drying peppers in an electric dryer:

  1. Wash the pepper.
  2. Dry.
  3. Free the fruits from the tails.
  4. Remove the seed center from each vegetable.
  5. Cut the whole paprika into strips by hand or with a vegetable cutter.
  6. Spread the resulting mass on trays in even layers.
  7. Select temperature mode.
  8. Switch on the device.
  9. After bringing the slices to the desired condition, turn off the device, let the raw material cool completely.
  10. Pour the strips of vegetables into a glass container or first grind the raw materials to a powder state, and then store them in a hermetically sealed jar.

How to dry peppers in an electric dryer? We bring to your attention a video instruction on drying paprika in electric dryer:

How to dry bell peppers at home in oven? Algorithm for drying paprika using the oven:

  1. Wash the pepper.
  2. Wipe dry.
  3. Cut out the cores.
  4. Divide each fruit into quarters and then into strips.
  5. Pour the workpiece on a baking sheet lined with parchment (layer no more than 1 cm).
  6. Turn the oven on at 50C °… 60C °.
  7. Place the tray in the oven.
  8. Do not close the oven door completely (you can use a plug by holding it between the door and the oven body).
  9. Stir the mixture periodically using a spoon.
  10. After a couple of hours, turn off the oven, do not close the door.
  11. The next day, after mixing the pepper, turn on the oven again and follow the steps listed above.
  12. Repeat the procedure until the slices are dry.

How to cook dried bell peppers for the winter in the microwave? Algorithm for drying sweet paprika in the microwave:

  1. Wash 3-4 paprika.
  2. Wipe the fruits.
  3. Cut the cores.
  4. Cut the pulp into equal strips or cubes.
  5. Spread the mass on a plate so that the bottom shines a little between the pieces.
  6. Turn on the oven for 2 minutes, selecting the 200-300 W mode.
  7. The process should not be left unattended.
  8. After turning off the oven, open the oven for airing, mix the slices.
  9. If the slices are still damp, repeat the procedure.
  10. If you smell burning, reduce the power level.

How to dry peppers on air? Pepper dries perfectly in the air:

  1. The crushed fruits are scattered on a tray, after which they are kept in partial shade, putting them in a dry room overnight.
  2. The fruits, peeled from the cores, are strung on a rope, after which they are pulled between the supports under a canopy or in a dry room.

If there are few fruits, then after crushing them, they can be dried. on the windowsill, previously covered with parchment. The mass should be agitated once a day.

How to dry bell peppers at home? A housewife will share with you a simple way to air dry peppers in this video:

Sushina storage

How and what to store dried bell peppers? In hermetically sealed glass, ceramic, metal cans of stainless steel.

If the level of humidity in the storage / kitchen is constantly low, then dried bell peppers can be stored in tied canvas bags.

If the pepper was dried in the air, then it must be "disinfected" before placing it in jars - bake in the oven.

To do this, the oven is heated to a temperature 90C ° ... 100C °on and off. Dried pepper is immediately placed in the oven and kept there until it cools.

Dried peppers can be used not only as a vitamin supplement to dishes, but also as a product for "freezing the worm" for those who forced to diet.

Unlike store-bought chips and crackers, paprika is definitely will not harm your health and will not affect weight.

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