Bitter red chili: how to keep hot peppers for the winter in the refrigerator and in pods?

Bitter red chili: how to keep hot peppers for the winter in the refrigerator and in pods?

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The warm season in our country has a fairly short duration, but you want to enjoy vegetables and fruits all year round... It is good for health, and it brings taste pleasure.

Some fruits do not lend themselves long-term storage, some can be saved by carrying out some manipulations with them, and some can even lie for several months without any problems, practically without losing their useful properties.

In our articles, we have already talked in detail about the methods of storing sweet bell peppers, in particular about drying it at home and freezing it in the freezer. Today we will talk about red hot peppers and how to store them. How to keep hot peppers for the winter at home?


How to prepare hot peppers for long-term storage? Red hot peppers are everyone's favorite. It is he who gives special piquancy for any dishand can easily be a great addition to any meal. Red pepper is used in cooking, sauces, and also as self-seasoning.

It's no secret that red peppers can be stored well for a long time.

But our task is to preserve the vegetable in the winter so that it can delight us not only with a pleasant taste, but also by its properties.

Pepper refers to a type of fruit that you don't need to prepare for consumption.

That is, all you need to do is Rinse capsicum, as well as a little dry it from moisture, and this preparation is completed.

But some types of conservation and storage still require a different approach. If you don't want pepper became even more bitter for the time until you decide to eat it, then you will have to remove its seeds... It is they who contribute to the appearance of bitterness.

A quick and easy way to remove seeds from red pepper in this video:

Also remember that properly prepared peppers should be rinsed thoroughly... Insects, rains, remnants of the earth - all this should not remain on the vegetable.

The best way to rinse the pepper is to put it in for a few minutes into a basin of warm water. During this time, pieces of dirt, harmful microbes and bacteria will leave the surface.

Then the pepper must be rinsed. cool water and dry with a towel. If required by the recipe, the pepper is cut lengthwise into two parts and the seeds are scraped out. After that, hot peppers are ready for further cooking.

The ways

How to keep hot peppers for the winter? There are several ways to store red hot peppers. In order to choose one specific one, you need to decide on what how will you use pepper in the future... We will look at the main ways to preserve a hot vegetable and its beneficial properties.

How to keep hot peppers for the winter? Red hot peppers can be stored wholly... To do this, it can be hung by the stalk along with some other vegetables on a rope and hang in the room... Such storage will bring you not only gustatory but also aesthetic pleasure. During storage, the pepper will dry out a little, but will not lose its properties. Read more about how to dry hot peppers in our article.

Also pepper can be stored in the form of conservation... Sunflower oil is ideal for preserving the bitterness of the vegetable.

IN sterilized jar it is necessary to put pepper, previously washed and peeled from seeds.

Then, you need to fill it with sunflower oil and, if desired, add spices and aromatic herbs.

The jar is rolled up with a sterilized lid and sent to dark, dry place for a couple of months.

You can also pepper grind in a meat grinder... This method is suitable if you want to get homemade seasoning. You need to place the ground pepper on a baking sheet in the oven and dry it a little at a temperature of 50 degrees. Then, after cooling, the ground hot pepper is placed in the packagewhere it waits in the wings.

Drying peppers in the oven can be produced as a whole. To do this, you need to place the washed vegetable on a baking sheet covered with paper and send it to the oven for a couple of hours at a temperature of fifty degrees. Pepper required turn over periodically from side to side.

How to cook hot peppers for the winter? The recipe for preparing hot peppers for the winter in tomato juice with this video:

At home

How to keep hot peppers fresh for the winter?

Hot peppers can only be stored in a warm room. Unfortunately, leaving the vegetable in the cold threatens him with damage.

It is quite another matter to freeze the peppers for the winter in the freezer. Read more about this on our website.

The temperature in the room should not exceed thirty degrees. At the same time, storage provides a certain dryness... In a damp room, hot peppers will start to deteriorate.

It is also advisable to store it either in a poorly lit part of the room, or in a completely dark place. This has a beneficial effect on nutrients that can evaporate under direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting.

How to store paprika at home? Peppers, depending on the form of storage, can be left for a long time in special boxes.

As a rule, they are several boards hammered together.

Peppers can also be stored in jars. Often such a spicy vegetable is hung on a rope. by the stalk.

Ground pepper can even be stored in regular packages.

How to store red hot peppers? Tips for storing hot peppers, salted and dried, in this video:

Optimal modes

How to keep hot peppers fresh for the winter? Peppers should be stored at room temperature. Many admit that ideal is temperature from 20 to 25 degrees.

As for humidity, it should be minimal, otherwise it can be allowed putrefaction vegetable.

Also, you should remember that chili peppers should be prepared as well as possible - this is the key to successful storage.

Beware direct sunlight or direct light from a lamp.

Using the refrigerator

How to store hot peppers in the refrigerator? One way to store hot peppers is to refrigerate them. For this, the pepper must be properly prepared, namely washed and left without seeds. After that, a container is selected in which the pepper will lie. Usually this sterilized jar.

Further, depending on how you want to see the pepper in the end, a recipe is selected. You can add to the capsicum onion and garlic... Pour boiling water over and cover with a lid and wait for the pepper to marinate. You can also pour the pepper warm sunflower oil.

The most popular way is placement ground pepper in a jar... During its stay in the refrigerator, it will not start to rot or lose its useful properties, provided that the container in which you placed it was dry and sterile.

How to keep chili peppers for the winter? You can learn how to pickle chili peppers for the winter from the video:

Storage periods

Chili peppers can be kept at home for a certain amount of time, depending on storage forms.

For example, pepper in a jar of butter if properly preserved, it can last from one to three years.

Dried ground paprika will delight you for exactly one year, after which it will lose its taste and properties. Peppers, suspended by the stalk, can be stored for no more than one year.

And here is the hot pepper, refrigerated, will be valid for exactly four to six months (until spring) from the moment they are sent directly to the refrigerator.

Thus, we can conclude that preserving pepper at home is an action quite profitable, because for at least another half a year, you can enjoy the taste of a spicy vegetable until new ones ripen to replace them.


How to store hot peppers in pods? Of course, the storage procedure needs to be approached comprehensively... You need to know how to properly prepare a vegetable, as well as how to choose the right form for its storage.

In any case, if you have studied all the issues related to this not an easy matter, then you can start experiment, because there is nothing more pleasant than enjoying healthy and tasty vegetables during a cold and long winter - as a reminder of the past summer.

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