Freeze whole sweet bell peppers for the winter for stuffing

Freeze whole sweet bell peppers for the winter for stuffing

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Sweet bell pepper - healthy and tasty vegetable. It is present in many dishes.

Especially many people like stuffed pepper. It is prepared quickly, simply, but at the same time it turns out delicious.

Suitable for both a festive table and a family dinner. How to keep fresh bell peppers for the winter to prepare your favorite dish?

The popularly loved vegetable is preserved by various methods for the winter, such as drying or drying... You can find information on how to dry sweet bell peppers or hot chili peppers for the winter, as well as how to cook dried peppers at home, on our website.

One way to store peppers for the winter is to freezing... Read our articles about the methods of freezing bell peppers, as well as the possibility of freezing bitter chili. Moreover, you can freeze not only chopped peppers, but also whole.

He well kept, and when folded correctly, does not take up much space in the freezer.

Whole peppers can be removed from the freezer and cooked immediately. it perfect option for a prudent hostess. How to freeze peppers for stuffing for the winter?


How to prepare fresh peppers for freezing? After the pepper is harvested, it must be carefully processed.

To freeze peppers for stuffing for the winter, you should to prepare... So:

  • select whole, healthy fruit. The skin should be even, not affected by diseases or pests;
  • Rinse under warm, running water;
  • dry towel;
  • remove the stalk, cap;
  • cut seeds, clear the inside of the pepper.

Where and in what way to freeze whole bell peppers? The ideal place to freeze peppers would be separate chest freezer. The freezer compartment of the refrigerator is also good for this.

However, it is best if the peppers have enough room to keep them loose. In this case, the pepper will not break, but will remain at the end of winter.

No storage required for frozen bell peppers. special containers... For these purposes, ordinary plastic bags or liners are suitable.

How to properly freeze bell peppers for stuffing?


At what temperature to freeze? Temperature suitable for freezing pepper for stuffing for the winter, is the temperature maintained in the freezer compartments of the refrigerator.

It allows you to quickly freeze peppers and store them throughout the winter, and even longer. The temperature is -18 degrees.

The ways

How to freeze whole bell peppers for the winter for stuffing? After preparing the bell pepper, you can proceed directly to freezing. There are several ways.

Method number 1:

  • fold the prepared pepper one at a time on a flat surface;
  • put in the freezer for 10 minutes;
  • pull out, fold into plastic bags or on substrates compactly, close to each other;
  • put again in the freezer.

The first time the pepper is placed in the freezer, so that it hardens slightly and did not stick together further.

Such pepper completely ready for stuffing. To prepare a dish, you just need to get it out of the freezer and start cooking.

You will learn how to freeze whole fresh peppers for stuffing from the video:

Method number 2:

  • put a pot of water on the stove, wait boil;
  • dip pepper in boiling water for 30 seconds;
  • pull out the peppers, fold them into each otherlike ice cream waffle cones;
  • place in plastic bags or on substrates;
  • to freeze.

Heat treatment is carried out so that the peppers retain all their vitamins for the whole winter.

In addition, it allows you to preserve sweet bell peppers how fresh... After removing it from the freezer, you can immediately start stuffing.

Instructions for freezing peppers for the winter for stuffing using the blanching method in this video:

Not worth it heavily staff peppers in the freezer. They can break or wrinkle. However, if this happens, bell peppers can be consumed not in stuffed, but in any other form.

Storage periods

Freezing for storing bell peppers is a way to as long as possible save the harvest.

The shelf life of frozen peppers is 12 months... Thus, for the entire period until the next harvest of pepper, you can provide yourself with it using this method.

Freezing bell peppers wholly for subsequent stuffing, it is especially good as a preparation for the winter.

This method allows not only to keep the pepper for a long time, but also start stuffing immediately after removing it from the freezer. For those who value their time and love to cook deliciously, this is the perfect option.

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