How to freeze fresh pears for the winter in the freezer at home?

How to freeze fresh pears for the winter in the freezer at home?

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Each of us, regardless of education, age, social status and other social indicators, is looking forward to one and only season - summer! Everyone loves summer, young and old.

After all, summer is a season of bright and warm sun, seas and, of course, ripe and juicy fruits and berries! How sad it gets when summer ends and begins autumn season with gloomy and rainy days, and then it completely changes cold winter.

In the coldest time of the year, we are so vitamins are needed and although pharmacies abound in different types of vitamins for every taste and pocket, none of the tablets can compare with the huge dose of vitamins found in vegetables and fruits.

And if in the fall we have the opportunity to continue to pamper ourselves seasonal vegetables and fruits, then in winter it becomes completely impossible and then the question arises of how to extend your fruit and vegetable season until winter. The answer is very simple - freezing... Can apples and pears be frozen for the winter? This article will discuss how to freeze pears for the winter. at home.

Therefore, that substandard pears that did not suit you for fresh storage in the cellar, you can safely freeze or dry. By the way, you can find out how to make dried fruits from pears at home in our articles:

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General information

Is it possible to freeze pears for the winter at home?

First of all, it is worth answering the question, but in general are pears subjected to home freezing and do they keep in itself at the same time useful properties.

And we will be happy to answer you that you can freeze pears and you need to! How to properly freeze pears for the winter?

This can be done in any form, cut into wedges, whole or pieces, in general, as your heart desires! The main thing in this business is the presence of time, desire and imagination. As the Russian proverb says “Prepare the sleigh in the summer and the cart home,” which means that you need to be ready for everything not only for today, but also for tomorrow and for a longer period of time.

Therefore, having spent a considerable amount of time and effort on the freezing process in summer, you will feel healthy and energetic in winter, when you can afford summer fruits.


Can pears be frozen and what are the benefits of them? Pears, like any other fruit, are very beneficial to human health and have a huge list vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutrients. Pears contain such groups vitaminsas: A, B, C, E, H, K, PP and minerals such as: Potassium (155 mg), Calcium (19 mg), Magnesium (12 mg), Sodium (14 mg), Phosphorus (16 mg) ) and Iron (2.3 mg).

And also such trace elements, such as: folic acid, carotene, pectins, catechins, mineral salts of iron, manganese, iodine, cobalt, as well as tannins and fiber.

And most importantly, scientists note that frozen vegetables and fruits are not at all are not inferior to their fresh associates by the amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

All nutrients, flavors and aromas are preserved in frozen fruits much better than with any other method of canning.

Using the refrigerator

How to freeze pears in the freezer for the winter or refrigerator?

Of course, pears should be frozen like any other vegetables and fruits. it is in the freezer, and not in the refrigerator, since the refrigerator cannot boast of the optimal temperature that is required in order to successfully freeze your fruits. The refrigerator is suitable for storing pears at home for one month.

To freeze pears at home, you should use a freezer, but it is important to take into account the fact that a pear there should be no such "cellmates"like fish, meat and other foodstuffs that have a specific smell and can transmit it to the pear.

If you are the owner of a modern refrigerator model and your freezer contains super fast freezing compartment, then we advise you to use it, from this the freezing process will only go for the better.

The ways

What is the best way to freeze pears: in slices, whole pears or in another way? You can freeze pears in any way convenient for you. There is no universal and better way, it all depends on how you like it and how you will subsequently use your frozen product.

If you want to cook compote, then it is preferable to choose freezing. slices, if you want to please your family and friends with an appetizing pie with pear filling, then you should choose freezing in pieces.

Can pears be frozen in sugar for the winter? If you want to cook delicious pear jam or make jam or confiture, then freezing pears, cut into halves in sugar syrup... If you are a hostess whose time is completely limited and there are no assistants to pick up, then pear fruits can be frozen and whole.

Most importantly, it should be noted that any method of freezing you choose has absolutely no effect on end result of freezing... In any form, pears will retain all their nutrients and nutrients.

Basic Rules


The temperature in the freezer must be not lower than -18 degrees Celsius is the best choice if you want to keep frozen fruits as long as possible. Note that all modern standard freezers have a temperature from -12 ° С to -18 ° С.


From dishes for freezing fruits, in our case pears, we can use either special food containers, or the usual plastic bags.

The latter take up much less space than containers, but there is one "but", frozen fruits become hard and their edges can easily break the package.

Therefore, giving preference to food boxes is much more reliable.


Freezing pears should be immediately purchased, you should not postpone the matter indefinitely and delay the freezing procedure, since the longer pears are stored, the less nutrients remain in them. Therefore, if you want to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, then the freezing procedure should be done immediately after purchasing the fruit.

These are some of the most important and important rules for freezing pears at home, we will give a more detailed description below.

Step-by-step instruction

Fruit selection

One of the most important components of successful pear freezing is choosing the right raw materials... To obtain a frozen product of high quality, it must also meet the same requirements when fresh.

Therefore, the choice of fruits should be approached from all seriousness and responsibility... For freezing, you should choose ripe fruits without damage, with soft pulp and medium size.

Tart fruits with hard pulp will not go for freezing.


  1. First of all, carefully rinse pears.
  2. Next, we cut the pears into four parts and remove cores.
  3. Now we leave the pears so that they dry well, for this you can use both a paper towel and a cutting board.

After completing these three simple components, the pears are ready to freeze.

Selection and preparation of dishes

As mentioned earlier, pears can be frozen in the freezer, both in simple plastic bags and in special food containers, where you should still prefer the latter due to the fact that this container is more reliable.

Plastic bags in this case lose due to the fact that do not have optimal strength and at any time they can break, not withstanding the pressure of the hardness of the frozen fruits.

Like fruits, dishes should also be prepared for the freezing procedure. All containers washes and dries thoroughly and only after that, the product is laid out in it, which will be subjected to the freezing process.

A little advice to housewives: the capacity of the freezer will be used more fully if you freeze food not in round, but in rectangular molds.

Freezing process

After you have prepared the pears and containers, we proceed to the freezing procedure itself. There is nothing unusual and complicated here, we just put the prepared fruits in sealed containers, previously sprinkling pears with lemon juice (done to prevent the pears from darkening). Next, we send the pears to the freezer for 2 hours at a temperature of -30 ° C.

Storage temperature

How to store frozen pears in the refrigerator? At home, berries and fruits are frozen in the freezer compartment (the temperature in it is maintained from -12 ° C to -18 ° C). The most optimal temperature for storing frozen vegetables is exactly -18 ° C.

Savings terms

Can pears be kept in the refrigerator for a long time? According to scientific experiments and the experience of housewives, pears can be stored in the freezer from 6 to 12 months... But housewives recommend storing pears in the freezer for no more than 8 months. Although, if you judge sensibly, then you have them for a year and will not stale, since no matter how many fruits you have, there will always be few of them.

Having once delighted a family with a delicious pie stuffed with pear puree, serving it in combination with warm pear compote, your family and friends will not remain indifferent and will ask you to cook it again and again until the healthy fruits come to an end. More important information is the rules for defrosting frozen pears.

Defrosting fruit

It is not enough to freeze fruits correctly and know the shelf life, it is also very important to know how defrost properly frozen fruits so that they do not lose their beneficial properties.

To achieve the most effective result, adhere to the "golden" rule: freeze quickly - defrost slowly.

Never and under no circumstances do not freeze again defrosted fruits, it is better to immediately throw them in the bin.

Since, the benefit from such fruits will be equal to 0. To avoid this situation, defrost pears in small amountsknowing exactly that you are using them, you will save yourself from the temptation to freeze again the leftovers that were not used. There are two ways to defrost pears:

  1. Defrosting at room temperature - the way that is the most natural and optimal. For faster defrosting, you can put frozen vegetables under a thin stream of warm water. It is important that with this type of defrosting, the process of losing vitamins will be very small.
  2. Defrosting in the microwave - the traditional method, but the least optimal. Despite the fact that it is very fast, its main disadvantage is that in this case the pears undergo heat treatment, which significantly reduces the amount of vitamins in the finished product.


Pears for the winter in syrup

To freeze pears in this way, we need the following ingredients:

  • pears - 1.5 kg;
  • sugar - 0.5 kg;
  • vanilla sugar - 1 sachet;
  • lemon juice - 1 teaspoon.

The cooking method is quite simple and even novice hostess... First of all, we thoroughly rinse the pears, dry them so that all excess liquid is glassy. Next, we cut the pears into halves and cut out the core and cut the tails.

Splashing halves lemon juiceso that our fruits do not lose their color and we begin to lay out in containers.

We take a previously prepared sealed food container and begin to fold our pears in layers, not forgetting to sprinkle pears after each layer sugar.

After you complete this fairly simple procedure, send the pears to the freezer and store them until appropriate.


Freezing pears at home is very simple, but it brings maximum benefits. The main thing in this matter is not to be lazy and take the freezing procedure from all over seriousness and responsibility, because the final result depends only on you.

The most important thing is to choose the right fruits, do not be greedy and buy exactly those pears that meet the criteria for freezing, namely, it should be ripe, medium-sized and without damage to the fruit. Treat carefully choice of dishes for freezing, taking due time to prepare containers for freezing.

This business may seem troublesome, and after reading this article, you will draw a conclusion for yourself not even trying to contact him.

But, we want to note that, despite the fact that this process is long and time consuming, but this is only at the initial stage.

When preserved, the pear is exposed to high temperatures (above 90 degrees), which leads to the loss of all its beneficial properties. But in dried or dried fruit, much more vitamins are stored.

While after the summer you are full of energy and strength, take the time and effort and take up this business. But how pleasant it is in winter to feast on pies with pears, drink pear uzvar or eat pear jam. Any fruit in winter Is a memory of summer, a memory of the sea and summer sunny days. Treat yourself to the pleasure of feeling summer in winter!

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