Drying pears at home: how to dry properly?

Drying pears at home: how to dry properly?

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Any housewife knows that there is never a lot of stocks for the winter. Especially valuable The way to preserve food in winter is to dry fruits, in particular apples and pears, from which, during the cold season, you can cook a lot of all sorts of tasty and healthy dishes for adults and children.

It is very ancient, time-tested, reliable canning method, allowing the fruit to retain all the best properties, while increasing the calorie content.

Basic Rules

How to dry pears at home? For this most suitable the fruit is slightly unripe, not very juicy, with a dense pulp with solid inclusions - "stony cells". It is also desirable that pears contain few seeds and have a small seed chamber.

Fruits with a viscous flavor not worth using, it is recommended to dry sweet summer or early autumn varieties.

The most preferable choice is the choice of the fruits of the golden product of Aromatic, Ilyinka, Bergamot, Zaporozhye, Forest Beauty, Limonka, Victoria. It is better to take medium-sized fruits. In the process of making dried fruits, you can use sugar.

First of all, fruit is a must wash... If you are going to grind them, cut them into quarters first, cut out the seeds, and then cut them into thinner slices.

To prevent them from darkening, they need to be soaked in tartaric acid (1% solution). Before drying, the fruits are dipped for 1-3 minutes in boiling water.

When pears are dried in the sun, the process usually lasts 2-3 days, after which the product is dried in the shade - in a ventilated area... If an oven is supposed to be used for drying pears, then a starting temperature of 75 ° C ... 85 ° C is chosen, and the final temperature is no more than 65 ° C. Drying time is 5-6 hours.

The ways

How to dry pears at home? Consider how to dry pears different ways... This can be done both naturally and using special drying devices:

  • in the sun;
  • in an electric or gas oven;
  • in an electric dryer;
  • in the microwave.

You can also find recipes for drying pears for the winter at home on our website.

Preliminary processing

How to dry pears at home? Drying pears at home involves preliminary preparation of fruits.

Harvested pears should not be stored over 2 days, this will soften them and make them unsuitable for drying.

Preparation of fruits for drying is the same for all its methods. First, you need boil water in a saucepan... Then, if desired, add there Sahara... The fruits are sorted according to the degree of ripeness, damage is cut out of them, and running water is used for washing.

Damaged by pests and rotten rejected... After washing, the fruits are boiled in boiling water 10-15 minutes (depending on the degree of maturity) until soft. After cooling, taking into account the size and type of pears, they are either cut into slices about 10 mm thick (large specimens), or into 4 parts, can be halved (medium), or left intact (wild).

Then they should be put on the foundation in which they will be dry.

Treatment in tartaric or citric acid (in a 1% solution) protects the product from darkening when drying.

To give them elasticity, the slices must be blanched for 5 minutes in boiled water.

Natural method

The method of how to dry pears at home in a natural way is as follows. Parts of the fruit are laid out on a sieve or baking sheet, a tray, which are placed in a place with good sunshine, windless and dustless. The slope of the base should be given such that the pears are illuminated as long as possible during the day.

In the private sector, to dry apples and pears, you can also use roofs of houses... In the evening, the fruits are covered with polyethylene and brought into the house. After 2 days, they are laid out in a shaded place and dry up within 2-3 days. For full, uniform drying, the slices need to be periodically turned over.

Some in the middle of drying squeeze the slices with two boards, then dress on a thread, suspended and dried. Sometimes, in the manufacture of dried fruit, for better preservation, it is fumigated with sulfur dioxide.

However, due to the danger of gas, it is necessary to use special rooms, observing safety regulations.

Read more about how to properly dry pears in the sun here.

Using the oven

How to properly dry pears at home using the oven? Since weather conditions do not always provide an opportunity for drying fruits, this can be successfully done using an oven, in the kitchen... The fruits are laid out on a baking sheet in one layer and dried at 55 ° C… 60 ° C.

After 2 hours, the heating must be raised to 80 ° C. When the size of the fruit decreases, it is reduced to 55 ° C, this temperature is finishing... The duration of the process depends on the size of the product used: for slices it takes 12-16 hours, for whole fruits - 18-24 hours.

Using an electric dryer and microwave

How to properly dry pears at home using household appliances? Drying apples and pears with household appliances has its own features.

Electric dryer, equipped with several trays-layers, allows you to dry a decent amount of product overnight.

The technology provides for complete autonomy of the process: uniform automatic circulation of warm air is provided, the fruit does not need to be turned over.

The method of drying 18 kilograms of pears in an electric dryer in this video. We look:

Using microwave oven - the fastest way to prepare drying: one portion is prepared for 2-3 minutes. However, not everyone accepts it, since here you can not calculate accurately and dry out the fruits, turn them into coals. Before being placed in the oven, the pears are washed out, placed on a plate covered with cotton cloth.

The device is set at 200 W and 2.5 minutes of run time. If the pears are not dry enough, repeat the process for half a minute. Cooked dried fruit should be elastic, springy when pressed.

Hard will be for one reason: the carrion was dried or completely unripe specimens.

Drying whole fruit

The question also arises of how to dry whole pears at home. There are no special points here, the principles of drying them are almost identical to the rules for drying chopped fruits. For this they take small fruits and kept in the sun for 6-8 days.

For cooking in the oven, the oven also uses whole small fruits... Sepals and stalks must be removed from them, the skin does not need to be removed. Dry for about 20 hours, turning frequently. The process is accelerated 2-3 times in the presence of good ventilation. The color of properly dried pears is light to dark brown.

Wild game pears: features of wild game drying

Now how to dry wild pears at home? In the process of drying, wild animals have their specific features... It is not harvested from trees, but is expected to naturally fall off. Then they are put into a container - a box, a bucket, they are allowed to lie down for the time being, when they darken and the skin turns brown.

Then their taste instead of bitter and tart will turn into aromatic sweet. Ignorant people often throw away such fruits, mistaking them for spoiledbut this is a mistake.

Then the game is washed, cut into halves (or left intact) and dried in the same way as cultivated varieties.

The seed nest is not cut out from them, they also should not be fumigate and blanch.

If the process is performed correctly, the pears are elastic, soft, do not break when squeezed or bent.

They are pleasantly aromatic, their taste is sweet, the color varies from light to dark brown.


Pear is one of most valuable products for good health. It contains elements vital for the body, fiber, iron, vitamins. Thanks to various antioxidants, it rejuvenates the skin, normalizes heart function, and is an excellent immunomodulator.

Taking it does not lead to the appearance of food allergies.

Undoubtedly, Homer was not mistaken, calling this fruit "a gift of the gods", as its use prolongs youth. By harvesting this sunny fruit for future use, you are saving a divine gift on the shelves that provides you a healthy and fulfilling life.

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