Choosing a place or how to store dried apples at home?

Choosing a place or how to store dried apples at home?

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In harsh autumn or in the midst of a crystalline winter, it is so pleasant to enjoy exquisite summer fruit - inhale the aroma of the apple and taste it.

Although today there is no shortage - you can buy food from all over the world all year round - especially tasty and attractive Apples seem to be personally picked, and then dried with your own hand.

Not to mention the healthy benefits and ecological cleanliness such a choice. You can find out how to cook dried apples from apples on our website.

In order for the delicacy to continuously delight you until next summer, you only need to follow simple storage rules. They will save it for our table from damage and the invasion of gourmet insects. How to store dried apples at home?

The right place

How to store dried apples in the apartment and where? Our house is not a vegetable base: in an apartment no constant temperature, better for food than for people, complex ventilation systems and sealed huge containers, but dry apples are unpretentious and are happy to find themselves in the most family environment.

Therefore, storing dried apples at home suggests that they you can always find a suitable place and the right container among the usual things.


What is the best way to store apples?

Apples, which have already absorbed so much sunlight, do not tolerate light in dried form - they best stored in a dark place.

It’s very good if it will also be ventilate - this will protect the product from mold and prevent it from stale.

You need to choose packaging attentively: if it is loose, six-legged robbers will crawl through the cracks, and a completely "deaf" container, like a plastic bag or a plastic container, will finally block the air access.

Then the product will begin to "choke", "sweat", mold and deteriorate too... Waxed or wrapping paper laid on the bottom of the storage: a basket, cardboard box, glass jar or box saves you from this scourge.

Another paper layer, for better preservation, stacks on top of apples. In a dark place where the dried crop will be stored, you can put another bowl of salt - it will also help fight excess moisture.


How to store dried apples at home? So it must be dark, pretty dry and ventilated place... There are many of them in the apartment: mezzanines, closets, wardrobes.

You just need to remember that apples absorb odors well and so that they do not smell with anything else besides the country garden and the sweet summer, it is better to remove them away from chemicals and kitchen incense.

Housewives often store dried apples in cupboards. It is very convenient to have dried fruit within reach: it constantly need to be examined for timely exposure of mold spores and traces of attacked pests.

After all, ticks, bugs and moths, eager for delicacies, are never averse to connecting to the holiday of a sweet life.

In the warm season, you can store the delicacy on the balcony.

There is sufficient natural ventilation, but the danger from excess moisture and parasites roaming around in nature increases - the bookmark will have to be examined more often.

Protection from spoilage

How to keep dried apples at home? Proper storage assumes not only the absolute safety of dried fruits, but also timely response to the challenges of circumstances.

Dried apples can become damp; six-legged vandals sometimes break through the perimeter of protective equipment. It is impossible to despair in such cases - everything is fixable. Damp apples can be dried again in the oven.

Only if the process has gone very far and the mold, taking advantage of the opportunity, won, it is better to throw the apples away - health is more expensive.

It also helps against pests oven, but will cope with frost - apples should be put in the freezer for a short time or taken out on the balcony and the attack will be repulsed. At temperatures below ten degrees, insects and their larvae die.

You can learn how to properly store dried apples at home from the video:

Read about how to protect dried apples from moths on our website.


Dried apple fruits useful, tasty and irreplaceable in the diet. They are easy to prepare at home, both outdoors and using household appliances. They completely preserve the beneficial substances that save from winter beriberi and perfectly strengthen the immune system.

Contained in them iodine, strengthens the mind, which is very useful for professors and students, winter session.

There is every reason to stock up on this product, especially since everyone can save it at home.

It's enough to show a little discretion and the summer holiday of good taste will not be interrupted for the winter.

Watch the video: We Stored Our Garden Apples and Dried Some for Winters in Traditional way (May 2022).


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