Let's preserve the benefits of a vegetable: how to dry beets in an electric dryer and an oven for the winter?

Let's preserve the benefits of a vegetable: how to dry beets in an electric dryer and an oven for the winter?

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Beets are a truly unique product that famous for its rich healing properties... Drying beets for the winter is a process that will allow you to use the entire palette of taste and useful qualities of the root crop throughout the year.

When making preparations for the winter, pay attention to the beets. So, for example, by drying a finely chopped vegetable, you can cook various beetroot dishes even during the winter cold season, as well as, due to its regular consumption, to maintain health... The thing is that drying is a preparation method that allows you to save 98% of all vitamins, minerals and useful elements of a fresh product.

Product benefits

Due to its medicinal properties, beets are widely used in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Its constituent vitamins (PP, A, E, C vitamins of group B), minerals (iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, etc.), betaine and bioflavonoids make beets indispensable for any person.

The root crop has general strengthening properties, helps to improve the functioning of the digestive tract and metabolic processes in the body.

Beets are an excellent supplier of vitamin C, copper and phosphorus to the body, which promotes the elimination of toxins and harmful substances... Vitamin A, which is mostly found in beet tops, plays a very important role in the functionality of the female body.

Regular consumption of dried beets helps reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Thanks to vitamin B9, beets are recommended for people suffering from heart disease, as well as for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The intake of this vitamin affects the increase in the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood, prevents the development of anemia and leukemia.

Beetroot has a rejuvenating effect, which is due to the high content of folic acid in the vegetable. It is folic acid that increases the ability of cells to regenerate.

Another element that is involved in rejuvenating the human body is quartz. In addition to its anti-aging properties, quartz helps maintain healthy blood vessels., bones and skin.

People who are prone to puffiness (retention of fluids in the body) are shown daily consumption of beets, both in pure form and as part of vegetable dishes. Due to its diuretic properties, beets are good for overweight people.

The uniqueness of the root crop lies in the fact that it is able to cleanse the kidneys, liver and intestines from toxins and toxins. Due to its composition, beets have a beneficial effect on the functioning of brain cells.maintaining mental health.

The substances contained in the product strengthen the capillary walls, dilate blood vessels, have a sedative and anti-sclerotic effect... Doctors recommend eating beets as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for atherosclerosis, hypertension and other ailments associated with the work of the cardiovascular system.

Dried beets do not lose pectins, which makes them good protects the body from the negative effects of heavy and radioactive metals, and also promotes the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms and cholesterol from the body.

The amount of iron in beets, makes the root vegetable the second after garlic in terms of hematopoietic properties.

The benefits of beets are also evidenced by the fact that they are necessary in case of depletion and a decrease in vitality after suffering diseases.


Despite all the positive qualities of dried beets, its use can harm people with various diseases of the stomach.

For example, peptic ulcer and gastritis neutralize absolutely all the beneficial properties of beets, and people with urolithiasis may even feel a deterioration in well-being.

Beets in any form are contraindicated for use by people with metabolic disorders in the body.

Energy value of the product:

  • fats - 0.6 g;
  • proteins - 9 g;
  • carbohydrates - 56.6 g;
  • calorie content - 254 kcal.

Basic Rules

Which varieties should you choose?

Suitable for drying are root vegetables with a pulp of a rich dark purple hue., homogeneous, without rings. The best varieties for drying are the incomparable, Bordeaux varieties.

How to prepare?

To start drying beets, it needs to be prepared. To do this, the fruits must be thoroughly washed with a soft sponge under running water, filled with cold water and left for 1.5-2 hours. After that, the water in the container is changed and put on fire so that the root crop is boiled.

After 20-30 minutes, the boiled beets are again placed in cold water. for 15-20 minutes. The fact that the beets are completely ready is evidenced by the free entry of a toothpick or wooden skewer into it.

When the product is completely cooled, it must be cleaned of the head, root and skin. You can cut the finished beets into slices, strips or cubes (the thickness of the sides is no more than 0.5 cm).

Another method for pretreating beets is blanching. To do this, raw roots are peeled., head and root and cut into pieces. Chopped beets are placed in boiling salted water (1 tsp salt per 1 liter of water) and blanched for 3-4 minutes, then cooled in cool water.

The root vegetable prepared in such ways is laid out in one layer. on a sieve or baking sheet and sent to the place where drying will take place.


You can dry beets both by air-solar method, and in the oven and electric dryer.

Good ventilation is essential for good air drying of beets... This is an important part of the process, since fresh air must constantly flow to the vegetable and the air saturated with moisture vapor must be removed.

The best place would be an open area lit by the sun's rays., and located away from the carriageway. If it is not possible to dry beets in an open area, you can use an open balcony (provided that it is on the south side).

So, choosing a place on it you need to place the sieves (in this case, baking trays will not work), covered with chopped beets.

It is important to remember that the sieves should not be placed on the ground, floor or table - there will be no free movement of air. The sieve is installed in such a way that the air acts on the beets both from above and below, that is, it must be suspended or installed on low supports.

Duration of drying beets in the sun is 4-6 days.

How to determine readiness?

Properly dried beetroot is dark burgundy, flexible and resilient.

How to store the finished product?

The best place to store dried beets is dry, semi-dark cool room. The product should be stored in a tin or glass container with sealed lids. Beets are also well preserved in polyethylene bags.

Can beet leaves be dried?

In addition to root crops, the ground part of the plant is also subjected to drying. - tops, which are also rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

In order to prepare the tops for the winter, it must be thoroughly rinsed, dried with a towel, cut and dry on a wooden tray or on a sheet of white thick cardboard.

After the tops are dry, it is ground into powder and poured into glass jars, which are tightly closed.

It is necessary to store the powder from beet tops, as well as the fruits themselves - in a cool, dark and dry place.

Drying methods

Besides drying naturally you can do this process using an oven and an electric dryer.


Beets, unlike many other root vegetables, are dried at higher temperatures.

  • prepare beetsas for the traditional drying method;
  • spread the chopped beets on a baking sheet in 1-2 layers;
  • place the baking sheet in the ovenheated to 85-90 degrees;
  • during the drying process, the beets can be mixed 1-2 times;
  • duration of the process is 6-7 hours.

Product readiness is determined by consistency and color.

How to dry beets in an electric dryer

To dry beets in an electric dryer, it must be prepared as follows, as mentioned earlier, grind with a coarse grater and lay out on the trays of the device.

Dry according to the instructions for the device (usually beets are dried at 65 degrees). The finished beets are placed in jars, sealed well and sent to a cool place.

How to use?

You can use a similar blank when preparing first courses.... After soaking the dried root vegetable, it can be added to vinaigrette and vegetable salads.

You can also prepare a tea drink, brewing a miracle vegetable or adding beet leaf powder to the main drink. Beet kvass of excellent taste is obtained from dried root vegetables.

Among other things, many children like to eat sweets, bright, vitamin-rich dried plates or cubes.

Dried beets: recipes

Wash 7 kg of medium-sized beets, peel, remove tails. Cut into 5 mm thick slices and place in boiling water for 3 minutes.

After removing from the boiling water, cool the beetroot circles in water, spread in 1 layer on a baking sheet and send to the oven, preheated to 90 degrees. Dry 6 hours until tender.

Place the finished dried beets in glass bottles, close tightly and put in a cool dark place for storage.

The output of the finished product from 7 kg of beets - 1 kg of drying.


Since ancient times, beets and dishes, of which it is included, are considered incredibly useful products for humans.

Having prepared beets for the winter, you can not look for an additional source of valuable and nutrients... Regular consumption of this delicious product will make you healthy and cheerful.

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