If there is no cellar, how to keep beets for the winter at home: in the underground, in the apartment and in the refrigerator?

If there is no cellar, how to keep beets for the winter at home: in the underground, in the apartment and in the refrigerator?

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Beets have long and firmly established themselves in the diet. each person. In addition to its attractive taste, it also has a number of useful properties. Therefore, it is not surprising that people tend to grow it in their summer cottages and gardens.

Long ago, having harvested in the fall, people tried to preserve it as long as possible... To be able to eat vegetables in winter. Over the years, empirically, the basic rules for storing each vegetable have been developed.

You will learn how to store beets at home, directly in the apartment, as well as underground at home, in this article.

Proper preparation

Preparation for storing beets and carrots for the winter takes place in several stages, each of which is very important. The first step is to attend to the harvest time. Beets cannot stand freezing... Therefore, it is necessary to collect it before they occur.

The optimal time for the middle lane is early October... For southern latitudes - late October or early November. For the timing of picking carrots, read the link.

Beet harvesting should be done on a clear, sunny day. To be able to dry vegetables on the same day. Drying must be done in the shade outside.

If the weather is unlucky. Then you can dry beets indoors... In this case, the drying time lasts several days.

Thoroughly clean dry tubers from dirt. Never wash! A wet root vegetable will soon start to deteriorate. Check beets - damaged and starting to deteriorate, must be used immediately. Such beets will not be stored.

Tear off the roots. Trim the center root of the beet with scissors if it is too thick. Cut the tops with scissors, leaving only 1-2 cm. You cannot break off the tops with your hands... Beets can start to deteriorate in the place of the break.

After all these procedures, leave the vegetables for a week in a dry place with good ventilation. AND only after this week, place the roots indoorswhere they will be stored. Where and how to store beets and carrots for the winter in an apartment, read on.

A place

A well-known place for storing vegetables is an underground floor of a house or in the common people, a basement... But, after all, not every apartment building has space in the basement. Allocated to tenants for personal use.

People have tried different places to store vegetables. The most popular ones are: glazed balcony, staircase, storage room, space under the bed.

You can also store beets simply in a drawer in the room or in the refrigerator. Read about storing carrots in the cellar and without it here.

But, the last two options can be considered only if not long-term storage is planned.

Read on for the main features of how to preserve beets and carrots at home.

What to store?

So, when you have already decided on the location of the vegetable for the next few months, you should think about ways to store beets for the winter at home. In many ways it is depends on the expected storage time of the beets and the chosen place.

If you plan to use beets within the next month, then storage in the refrigerator, in ordinary plastic bags, is also suitable. Packages should not be tightly closedso that the beets do not deteriorate from excess moisture.

You can do it yourself in the package small holes. In the refrigerator itself, moisture should also not be increased.

How best to store beets underground, see the photo.

You can store beets in special boxes right in the kitchen. It is better to keep such a box away from the stove. Better at a balcony door or window. Beets can be stored in the shade for a little longer., under the bed or in the closet in large bags. Kilos for 20-30. Again, the bag cannot be tied, otherwise the beets will start to rot.

If you plan to eat beets harvested in the fall until spring, then you should consider other options. It is very good to store beets in wooden boxes lined with plastic. At the same time, the beets are sprinkled with wood ash., shavings of chalk, sawdust, sand or dipped each tuber in a mash made of clay.

All this is done so that the vegetables do not come into contact with each other. This significantly extends their shelf life. The sand, before use, must be well calcined.

In the house, boxes with root vegetables go down into the underground. You can store them in the apartment on the staircase. or on the balcony. The balcony must be glazed.

Before the onset of frost, you can not wrap the beets... Then be sure to cover from above. Old wadded blankets are fine for this purpose. Read also the material on how to store carrots and beets using sawdust and sand.


The most favorable the temperature for the preservation of the beet crop ranges from 1-4 ºC... These temperatures must be strictly adhered to.

When the thermometer drops below one degree, beets freeze and are exposed to various diseases... Above 4 degrees, fruit wilting and weight loss are possible.

It is also necessary to maintain a humidity of 80 to 85% in the air.

Shared storage features

Storage conditions for beets and carrots are largely the same. They can be stored in the same cellar or on the same balcony... And even in one box. But, only on condition that they do not touch.

A layer of sand (sawdust, wood ash) is poured into the box, then vegetables are laid out. Necessarily at a short distance from each other. Then again a layer of sand. And again vegetables.

When stored in one bag, keeping quality of both carrots and beets decreases. And, accordingly, the shelf life of vegetables is reduced.


Even at room temperature, beets can be stored for about a week.... The thick skin prevents rapid moisture loss. Keeping the root vegetable in the refrigerator in a plastic bag extends the shelf life up to a month.

Sprinkled with sand, sawdust, ash and chalk shavings, as well as processed with a clay talker, vegetables can be stored for about four monthsif located directly in the room.

And until the next harvest, if placed on a glazed balcony. Provided that the temperature regime is observed and the air humidity meets the requirements. An interesting material will be about the correct preparation of carrots for storage for the winter.

To increase the shelf life of beets, it is necessary to sort out vegetables from time to time. Remove spoiled fruits from boxes and bags. Don't do this too often. Skin may be damaged. When stored in a refrigerator, condensation must be prevented.

Storing beets in plastic bags, in packages for the winter, as well as how to keep beets without a cellar further.

The ways

Plastic bags

Beets can be stored in plastic bags provided that following conditions:

  1. Check all vegetables thoroughly.
  2. Fill a bag with a volume of 35-40 liters with vegetables.
  3. Do not close or tie.
  4. Make frequent small punctures all over the bag.
  5. Put the bag in a cool place.

The temperature should not exceed 10 ºC. Be very careful when making punctures. In order not to hurt the fruit.


There is a way to store carrots: when it is washed, dried and put into three-liter jars with the tops of the top.

Then this the jar is turned upside down and put it on a shelf in the cellar.

Based on the fact that the storage conditions of beets and carrots are similar, it can be assumed that this method is also suitable for beets.

The only difference between these root vegetables is in shape and size. After all, beets are large and medium-sized it just won't fit in the neck. And, therefore, this storage method is relevant only for small beets.


As already mentioned, beets are stored in the refrigerator for about a month. This method is good for small amounts of vegetables..

If the refrigerator is exactly what you need, then you need to do the following:

  1. Select medium-sized fruits.
  2. Check for rot and damage.
  3. Wipe the dirt off the beets with a dry cloth.
  4. Trim the tops to 1 cm.
  5. Place root vegetables in a bag.
  6. Make small holes in the bag.
  7. Put a bag of vegetables in a drawer for vegetables at the bottom of the refrigerator.

However, the shelf life of beets in the refrigerator can be extended. If, instead of regular bags, use vacuum bags. This way beets can be stored twice as long.... Read about storing carrots at home here.

Underfloor of the house

Underfloor is the most common place for storing vegetables.

Even before laying vegetables in the cellar, you need to do the following:

  1. Clean up, ventilate.
  2. Treat the walls with a solution of lime.
  3. Remove rodents from the cellar.
  4. The bottom row, which will contain boxes or bags of beets, raise 15 cm from the floor.

In a subfield prepared in this way, you can place on the flooring boxes or bags of beets. You can separate a special section and store the beet crop there. The height of the limitation of this section can be up to a meter.

Besides, beets can be stored in bulk on shelvescovered with straw or burlap. Bearing in mind the danger of contact with the walls, here you need to make a limiter. Also about 15 cm.

Pour root crops on the shelves in the form of a pyramid. Leaving a gap between vegetables and the top shelfto prevent the vegetables from spoiling.

You can lower boxes with beets sprinkled with chalk into the underground of the apartment, ash, sawdust and sand. Here everything is the same as when stored in an apartment. There are such ways of storing beets as freezing, drying and drying.

How to store beets in the subfield of a wooden house, see the photo below.

Suitable for underground and chatterbox. To do this, you need to dilute the clay with water. So that it becomes liquid. Half and half. Let the solution brew. Better to leave it overnight. Then dilute a little more. Dip each root vegetable into this solution... When the clay is dry, transfer to boxes.


There are many ways to store beets. You can try them all. To eventually come to one. Whichever way is chosen the main thing is to remember the basic principles of storing beets.

Maintain the required humidity and temperature. Harvest on time. Prevent damage... Sort out periodically, removing spoiled roots.

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