We use modern devices: we dry pears in an electric dryer and an airfryer

We use modern devices: we dry pears in an electric dryer and an airfryer

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Thanks to special electrical appliances, such as a microwave oven, electric dryer or airfryer, the preparation of dried fruits and vegetables for the winter is greatly simplified.

The same household appliances can be successfully used for drying or drying pears, especially if the harvest is abundant and one does not want to lose extra fruits that were not suitable for fresh storage in the cellar.

Each device has its own principle of operation, modes, permissible weight of the loaded product, Advantages and disadvantages... Before preparing dried fruits, the capabilities of the unit should be taken into account, as well as the correct processing of pears.

Using the dryer

Can pears be dried in an electric dryer? Yes, it is not only possible, but also efficiently.

After all the pears are stacked on pallets, a suitable temperature regime is set, and during the entire cooking time the unit does not require close attention... Thanks to this, you have a lot of free time for other activities.

Standard dryer works soundlessly, has up to 30 spacious trays, is relatively compact and does not consume much energy... Depending on the model, the appliance blows hot air from the bottom pan or from the side.

The second type is more desirable, since ventilation and heating occur evenly for all tiers.

One of the main advantages of an electric dryer is that it will protect the fruits from insects and foreign odors.

The appliance is independent of weather conditions, while drying outdoors or on the balcony can be messed up on a cloudy and rainy day.

Most of all, the luckiest gardeners and housewives, who had the following in their hands pear varieties: "Forest Beauty", "Limonka", "Zaporozhye", "Favorite Clappa", "Ilyinka", "William Summer", "Bere", "Victoria".

They, and some other varieties, are moderately hard and sweet in taste, with few stony cells. Avoid for drying sour and strongly astringent pears - they are not only not suitable for these purposes, but can also spoil the taste of future compotes and various desserts.

How to dry pears in a dryer? An experienced gardener will share his method of drying pears in an electric dryer with you in this video:

Basic Rules

How to dry pears in an electric dryer? In the case of cooking dried fruit from pears in an electric dryer, the first thing to do is to make sure that you have correct grade... For drying, ripe fruits are suitable, not too dense and not too watery. Select the best ones and sort them to size.

Best to dry separate parties according to general criteria - small fruits separate from large ones.

Every fruit wash thoroughly, then spread for 15 minutes to dry. Damaged areas left by insects, birds or after a fall are carefully cut with a knife on the skin. Coreis usually removed completely, but for pear compotes, the seed box can be left intact.

Nothing bad will happen if you dry small specimens as a whole, but the process will go much fasterif you cut them in half. For larger ones, quarters and smaller longitudinal parts (each slice no thicker than 1 cm) will become ideal forms.

If you cut a large pear across, then you run the risk of slowing down drying, since the resulting circles will be prepared at different speeds... As a result, unevenly dried rings will be cooked.

Do not forget to briefly omit the resulting fruit pieces into boiling water (4-7 seconds is enough), and then immediately cool in a container with cold water.

The blanching procedure will protect the fruit pulp from browning and will extend the shelf life ready-made dried fruits.

Treating with a weak saline solution will have the same effects and make pears less attractive to fruit gnats and other pests.

The fruit should be laid out on each pallet so that there is a small empty space between the pieces - this will allow the flow of hot air to blow freely on each tier. Single layer the pallet will be more than enough.

So that cooking in an electric dryer is faster, periodically, every few hours move pallets and turn them... With these simple steps, you can be sure that each “floor” of fruit gets the same amount of warmth and fresh air, so that all the pieces dry properly.

Drying steps

How to properly dry pears in an electric dryer? What time is it? On average, drying pears in an electric dryer can take from 8 hours to a day, most often 12 hours are enough for pears. It depends not only on the quality of the crop or the device itself, but also on how often you swap pallets, small or large cut fruits.

At what temperature should pears be dried in an electric dryer? Focus on the capabilities and power of your home appliances. If the dryer is working properly, then at a moderate level, sufficient drying temperature 60-70 ° C.

What mode to dry? On medium setting (approx. 45-60 ° C), drying in a fully filled dryer may take about 12 hours... Do not put on a high mode, so as not to spoil the product.

How to determine readiness? The finished product is tested by touch and taste.

Pieces of pears dried properlyif they are easily bent, they are slightly "springy" when squeezed. Small and uncut fruits will also be elastic.

How to dry whole pears in an electric dryer? Small pears or so-called wild... They can be placed on pallets without even cutting them. As in the case of finely chopped slices, the whole fruit will have to be turned over a couple of times.

At the same time, the temperature should be medium, and not high - so you can be sure that you will get dried fruits, and not dried fruits only outside.

You can find out how to dry five kilograms of pears in an electric dryer by watching the video:

Drying in an airfryer

How to dry pears in an airfryer? Cooking in an airfryer has its own nuances.

Firstly, the number of pallets available is no more than 4, which makes it optimal for cooking approximately up to 1 kg of chopped fresh fruit (about 5-6 large pears).

The drying process must be under regular supervision - in order for the moisture to evaporate evenly from all the pieces, you will need to take breaks.

For example, if you spend 20-30 minutes on pear drying, then let the airfryer cool for a couple of hours, then you will get full-fledged dried fruits after 24 hours.

Never leave the airfryer unattended... To prevent the fruit from sticking to the sides and the mesh tray, stir in the pieces from time to time and transfer them.

Step-by-step instruction

How long does it take to dry pears? With proper supervision and frequent breaks of 2-3 hours, pears can be dried qualitatively for one day... Following the instructions of the airfryer, at the maximum set parameters, you will achieve the desired result in 30-45 minutes.

But this method is not desirable, because the moisture will not have time to evenly evaporate from the inside and outside of the fruit. This is why it is important to ensure continuous fresh air access.

At what temperature to dry? 50-65 ° C with the highest possible level ventilation will be more than enough.

What mode to dry? Drying pears in the airfryer will saferif dried on a low setting.

However, you will get dry much fasterif increase the speed and temperature to 120 ° C and leave the lid slightly open. At the same time, the airflow must be at an average level.

How to determine readiness? The fruit should be soft and dry to the touch. The main thing is not to overexpose the pears in the unit, so as not to make the pieces too thin and brittle. In the event that the pears came out wet and slightly sticky to the fingers, then it will take another couple of hours to bring to readiness.

How to dry whole pears? Whole and processed boiling water or saline the fruits are placed directly on the grill of the airfryer. You will have to turn them over often enough so that you do not have to scrape dried fruits off the airfryer.


Dried pear fruits will turn out to be more appetizing and suitable as independent dessert, if boiled or just dipped in sweet syrup before drying.

Add a few tablespoons of sugar per liter of water to taste, bring to a boil, after which you can add fruit.

When using the airfryer, you will prepare a delicious fruit dessert using whipped proteins with sugar or powdered sugar.

Crack two chicken eggs and carefully separate the yolks from the whites.

Using a mixer, beat the protein at low speed, gradually increasing it, and slowly add sugar over a teaspoon, until you get a thick white mass. The taste of the cream can be diversify, if you continue to actively beat and add cocoa powder a little bit (1-2 tablespoons).

Place small slices or rings of pears on a skewer and dip in the resulting meringue. Install temperature at 120-150 ° C with moderate ventilation... After 20-30 minutes, you can take out the finished dish.


Having made a careful comparison of the two devices, we can conclude that the airfryer wins in terms of minimum cooking times, but significantly inferior in size. The electric dryer is able to accommodate several kilograms pears, while dealing with an airfryer, you will need to change more than one portion of fruit.

Naturally, when you don't have to choose, you can always follow the advice. right preparation drying with a household appliance that you have available, for example, a microwave oven.

In terms of savings electricity both are even better than an electric oven.

Watch the video: Dehydrating Pears in the Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer (August 2022).