How to dry cherries at home: in an electric dryer and oven?

How to dry cherries at home: in an electric dryer and oven?

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Dried cherries have many beneficial properties and methods of application, but not everyone knows about it. Most of us are used to cherry jam for pies, pies and other dishes.

But dried cherries are a much more convenient way of preserving, while their taste will be just as good. Here we will talk about how to properly dry cherries in order to preserve maximum vitamins in it and make the taste of dried berries unmatched. Read how to dry cherries at home in this article.


First of all, it should be said that during drying, if everything is done correctly, cherries practically do not lose their beneficial properties. This berry is very rich in vitamins and minerals. They have bactericidal properties, due to which, in folk medicine, dried cherries often used to stop inflammatory processes, as well as for viral diseases.

Also, dried cherries are rich in a substance that significantly reduces blood clotting. Because of this property dried cherry dishes are recommended as a preventive measure against atherosclerosis.

Also if a person has anemia, cherries will be very, very useful. This berry contains a lot of iron; in terms of the amount of this substance, it can be compared with apples.

Vitamins contained in dried cherries: C, B1, B6. Also, the berry contains magnesium, cobalt, etc. Scientists have proven that frequent consumption of cherries prevents the formation of cancer cells... Dried cherries are a potent laxative, therefore, berries and cherry compotes are often consumed by pregnant women.

For women in the position, cherries are also beneficial due to the high content of iron, which is so often lacking in the blood of pregnant women. It is useful to drink dried cherry compotes for epilepsy.

Cherries have a beneficial effect on the condition of nails, hair and skin.

You can talk a lot about the benefits of cherries, some consider it almost a panacea... This berry is used in folk methods of treatment, in cosmetology, in cooking.

So cherries are mostly beneficial. Let's talk about which processes in the body are improved thanks to this berry.

  1. Weight loss... Dried cherries are a staple of many diets. Various decoctions from this berry not only do not harm the body, as with a normal diet, but also strengthen the immune system.
  2. Sleep normalization... Due to the melatonin content in cherry berries, compotes from them help to improve sleep. To a lesser extent, this is facilitated by pies and other dishes with cherries, since you should not gorge yourself before going to bed.
  3. Improving memory... Train yourself to drink a glass of cherry compote every morning, this will greatly improve your concentration and memory.
  4. Slowing down the aging process... Scientists have not come to an unambiguous point of view, but after some research, many biologists have concluded that both dried and fresh cherries contribute to the renewal of skin cells.

In addition to a large amount of minerals cherry has a wonderful taste. If your family has children, they will surely enjoy such a delicacy.

The calorie content of dried cherries is 292 kcal per 100 g of product, so do not be afraid to gain weight from eating such a yummy.

Dried cherries, the benefits and harms, read on.


Here are the many benefits of cherries, however, this red berry is like freshand in dried form can be harmful. What is the danger of your favorite cherry?

Cherries are contraindicated:

  • people with diabetes mellitus;
  • children under 1.5 - 2 years old;
  • with diseases of the digestive system.

Cherries are high in glucose, so if you have high blood sugar, it is better to refrain from eating cherries.

Do not overeat dried cherries, this can provoke quite severe heartburn.

How to dry pitted cherries further.

Which varieties are suitable?

Dried cherry recipes, read on. Cherries are very healthy, but their taste is also important to us. The taste of dried cherries largely depends onhow you chose the berries. Let's talk about which types should be preferred.

When choosing cherries to dry first of all, pay attention to ripe berries with a rich color... The flesh of such fruits should be firm, and the stone should be small. Cherry varieties that are well suited for drying are Shubinka, Lyubskaya, Vladimirovskaya.

Before proceeding directly to the drying process, you need to decide on the following aspect - do you need a bone? If you are going to use cherry for cooking compotes, it is quite possible to leave a bone.

If the berries are to be used as a filling for pies, the seeds should be removed. In stores with different kitchen utensils now you can find special devices with which it is much easier to remove bones.

In addition, with the help of such a device, you will do it more carefully, it is very important not to damage the berries too much so that they do not leak out with juice, but give off excess moisture during drying.

To make the bones easier to remove, lightly dry the cherries at a temperature of 30-35 degrees. Drying cherries in an electric dryer (in a dryer), more on that later.

Cooking berries

Before the drying process, cherries should be sorted and free from the stalks, wash thoroughly. In order for the berries to dry faster, before drying, they are blanched in a boiling alkali solution for 2-3 minutes.

After these manipulations, the cherries can be dried. How to dry cherries in the ovenYou will learn how to dry cherries in an electric dryer below.


Under the sun

Now is the time to deal with how to dry cherries... It is very important to do this so that all of the above useful properties are preserved in it.

Drying cherries in the sun - why not? It is best to dry berries in the fresh air.where a warm breeze will blow them. Many people use baking trays or trays for these purposes, but it is better to take a large piece of dense, clean cloth.

You need to dry the berries for 4-5 days. During the day they should be under the sun, and at night bring berries into the houseso that they do not get moisture again. As soon as we start to warm the sun in the morning, the cherries need to be taken out again. Get a piece of fabric that is comfortable for you to wear, or get help from someone.

It is by drying in the fresh air that cherries preserve maximum vitamins and is best dried. But this drying technique is only suitable for pitted cherries.

If you remove the seeds, the sap will come out abundantly from the cherries, which is very attractive for insects that cannot be gotten rid of.

Therefore, you need to dry cherries in the sun in a complete undamaged form. How to dry cherries at home, how to dry cherries in the oven further.


For, to dry cherries at home, you need an ovencherries will not dry out at room temperature, of course. Before you start drying the berries in the oven, you must remove all damaged cherries.

To dry cherries at home, put the berries on a baking sheet.covered with parchment paper or foil. Drying takes place in several stages, which differ in temperature conditions.

There are always many questions about readiness. Determining that the cherry is dry when done outdoors is fairly straightforward, since in this case, there is no fear of overdrying the berries.

If we are drying in an oven, we need to focus on the fact that when you press the berry with your finger, juice does not come out of it. Well dried cherries also have a dark brown skin tone. Well-dried berries taste sweet and sour.

The general process of drying cherries at home will take approximately 8-9 hours., it all depends on the size of the berries and the degree of their ripeness. If you need to dry pitted cherries, the process will take twice or even three times longer.

Do not forget that you cannot close the oven with cherries; throughout the entire cooking process, it must be slightly open.

In the oven

In order to dry cherries in a real oven, you first need to adjust the temperature. To do this, sprinkle a few drops of water on the floor of the oven., it should boil. The process of drying berries in a real oven is quite simple, most often in this way cherries are dried in summer cottages or in country houses.

After the sieves are installed, the oven does not need to be closed too tightly, there must be air access, because the moisture will need to evaporate. This is a very important nuance., which should certainly be taken into account. The chimney must also be slightly open.

The chimney must be closed gradually over time. In such conditions, the drying of cherries will take 10-12 hours.... Read the next section on how to store dried cherries at home.

Storage rules

Dried cherries are best kept in small paper bags.

If you know you can quickly use dried berries, you can put them in a jar.

You can store dried cherries for no more than a year.but it is very unlikely that you will not eat or cook something tasty from it during this time.

In addition to this method of storing cherries, they are often used such as freezing and drying.


You will have no difficulty drying cherries if you follow our advice. Dried cherries will delight for a long time your family with the pleasant taste and smell of summer.

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