How to dry apples properly: in the sun or in the shade?

How to dry apples properly: in the sun or in the shade?

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Apples in our country widespread and loved by all... In almost every summer cottage, several trees of different varieties of apple trees grow.

There are also many abandoned orchards where apple trees are considered wild, although the fruits are very tasty. People who know the location of the gardens always collect good harvest.

Apples have gained popularity not only for their taste, but also for their usefulness: they contain many vitamins and mineralsnecessary to maintain human health.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Large harvests of apples make them accessible to all segments of the population... People try to eat them not only fresh, but also prepare them as much as possible for the winter: they make jam, jams, compotes. However, when cooked, apples lose most of their vitamins. If you want to preserve the beneficial properties as much as possible, then it is better to harvest the apples by drying. Drying has many advantages:

  1. Not used for procurement preservatives, apples are not exposed to high temperatures. Thanks to this, the drying is preserved most vitamins.
  2. Dried fruits can be kept long time.
  3. Drying is easy and does not require much space storage versus preservation.
  4. In the presence of modern kitchen equipment, the preparatory stage for drying will take minimum time and effort.

There are many ways to dry apples. Modern housewives often use stoves, electric dryers, ovens. Nevertheless, the method of drying fruits in open areas has been used for centuries due to its simplicity and availability.

Can apples be dried in the sun? It is convenient to harvest dried fruits in the fresh air in those regions where summer is hot and dry... Autumn should also be pampered with sunny days and temperatures high enough for housewives to dry out late varieties of apples.

The main advantage of this method of harvesting dried fruits is that you can dry a large harvest of apples almost in one go... The main thing is that there is enough space for laying out apples. In addition, this method saves electricity.

disadvantages drying apples in the fresh air:

  • dying apples need to be protected from flies;
  • necessity hide at night drying: at this time the humidity is higher, dew falls in the morning, and apples may disappear;
  • if the weather suddenly changes and it will rain, then the process will have to be interrupted and the apples dried at home.

Basic Rules

When preparing for drying apples, it is advisable to process not all at once, but divide into portions (about half a bucket).

To have time to do all the necessary procedures before the sliced ​​slices oxidize and darken... It is necessary to select ripe, preferably intact apples.

Consider Basic Rules drying apples on the street (for example, in the country):

  1. For outdoor drying you need to choose the right varieties: Parmen winter gold, Montoiner, Renet Orleansky, Rosemary, Renet Simerenko, Antonovka, Aport, Pepin. All of these apple varieties are autumnal and have a sweet and sour taste. Unlike sweet summer apples, when autumn varieties are dried, more dry pulp remains and the taste of dried fruits is more pronounced.
  2. Apples needed rinse thoroughly and wipe dryso that excess moisture does not drag out the drying time.
  3. If the apples are purchased and you know that they have been processed several times chemicals, it is better to remove the peel from the fruit. It is better not to cut off the peel of homemade apples, unless it is tough. It is believed to contain many vitamins.
  4. Further, apples are removed core... This is most conveniently done with a sharp-edged tube. If it is not there, then the apple is divided into four parts and the inedible part is removed with a knife.
  5. Cut apples with a slicer or knife into slices, not thicker than 1 cm.
  6. To save light shade apple pulp, chopped slices are kept for several minutes in a saline solution (100 g of salt is dissolved in a bucket of water).
  7. The processed apple slices are laid out in one layer on baking sheets or nets.
  8. Cover the apple slices on top several layers of gauze, in order to at least partially protect future dried fruits from flies and dust.
  9. Every day you need all the slices turn over.

Large apple slices can be strung on a strong thread or wooden sticks. In this case, there will be no need everyday turning lobules.

At this stage, the preparatory work for drying apples is completed. Now you need to decide where to place the trays to get the most delicious and healthy dried fruits.

The ways

How to dry apples on the street or in the country. Let's consider several ways.

In the sun

How to properly dry apples in the sun? If you expose trays with apples in direct sunlight, then drying apples in the sun will take from four to six days.

After that, the baking sheets need to be held for a few more days. in a dry ventilated area before final drying.

No matter how hot the weather is, baking sheets are necessary at night clean up the room... Since the humidity in the air rises significantly at night, all drying can go down the drain.

On hot days, apple slices quickly turn into drying, however, intense sun rays destroy some vitamins and organic compounds.

In the shadow

Apples can be dried in the shade, it will take much longer, however, the resulting drying will be healthierthan the one that was dried in the sun. Baking trays can only be placed in the shade on very hot summer days when the air humidity is low and the temperature is high.

It is desirable that baking sheets well blown by the wind... And it is imperative to turn the slices at least once a day, and hide the drying in the house at night.

In the bath

What to do with autumn apple varieties? The sun is shining, but it is no longer warm, and the air humidity is already high. If you have a bathhouse at your dacha, then you can not only take a steam bath in it, but also dry the apples, while enjoying their aroma.

How are apples dried in the steam room? The most convenient way is to decompose the apples, cut into wedges. on a metal mesh or strung on a strong thread... Attach the finished structure under the ceiling, closer to the stove. It is necessary to heat the bath for 3-4 hours so that during this time the temperature does not drop below 90 degrees.

Then the stove can no longer be heated, the bath will gradually cool down, and in the meantime the drying will dry out.

It is advisable to hold the finished drying for a few more days. in a dry well-ventilated area.

The main thing is that the bath is hot and dry.

If you constantly splash water on the stones, then humidity will rise to 80% and under such conditions it will no longer be possible to dry the apples.

Are they dry or not?

Recommendations for the number of days it takes to dry apples are relative. It all depends on the temperature and humidity of the air, as well as on the variety: summer apples dry faster than autumn varieties. So how do you understand ready to dry or not?

If the skin on apple slices darkenedand the pulp stopped sticking, then drying is quite ready. You can additionally check the readiness by pressing firmly with your finger on the pulp: if it is will not creep to the sides, which means that the apples are already dry enough.

Dried apple wedges should remain soft and flexibleotherwise they are overdried. IN overdried apples retain less vitamins and nutrients.

The color of drying does not indicate its readiness. Summer varieties of apples are obtained lighter, winter - darker... The color of the pulp becomes lighter if the apples were treated in a saline solution at the preparatory stage.

How to store dried fruits?

A properly prepared drying is only half the battle. She still needs save until winterso that it does not become moldy, eaten by mice and insects. How to store dried apples properly? This simple matter has its own nuances:

  1. Drying should be stored in places where it does not penetrate sunlight.
  2. Drying should be stored regularly ventilated room... Otherwise, drying may become damp and moldy.
  3. It is advisable to use for drying storage wooden crates, wicker baskets and glass jars... It is categorically impossible to use tied plastic bags for storage: in them, without air, the drying will stick together and become covered with moisture.
  4. All drying storage containers should be close tightly with a lid... Otherwise, both mice and insects will feast on your blanks. It is advised to put waxed paper at the bottom of the container: it will absorb excess moisture.

Drying apples is a simple process that requires a minimum amount financial investments... If you do everything right, then dried apples will always delight you with their aroma and taste on cold winter days, they will help to diversify the table with compotes, pies.

When regular consumption of dried apples you can improve metabolism, increase the body's resistance to colds.

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