Technique to help: how to dry fresh pears in the microwave?

Technique to help: how to dry fresh pears in the microwave?

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Harvesting dried fruits for the winter at home is the method that is most suitable for apartment building owners who do not have access to attics, and there is no free space on the balcony for such purposes.

For those who do not have the ability or desire to dry pears in the oven or with the help of kitchen appliances, the question arises whether this can be done faster and better, but in a microwave oven.

About the possibility

Can pears be dried in the microwave? In a practical way, it has been proven that this method is not only possible, but also more economical in timewhen compared to cooking in a dehydrator or electric oven.

Of course, it requires compliance with some rules, thanks to which cooking dried fruits will become easier and more comfortable, and the dish will turn out tasty and nutritious.

Maintain the pleasant light yellow hue of pears from darkening a solution of citric or tartaric acid will help.

Approximately 10 grams of citric acid is diluted per 1 liter of water, after which the already chopped pears should be kept in the resulting solution no more 20 minutes.

Once the pears are dry after this procedure, they can be dried.

Basic Rules

How to dry pears in the microwave? Consider power your microwave oven, not only the drying time depends on this, but also the set mode. This drying is considered one of the fastest, but you risk spoiling the pears by accidentally overexposing them.

During cooking, you will have to follow the process tirelessly and open the microwave every half a minute or a minute. Track all changes in the fruits - when they wilt, how much water evaporates, and when the color begins to darken noticeably.

In no case do not place fruit directly on the oven rack. Juice may flow, and the pieces of pears themselves will then have to be scraped off the surface.

Step-by-step instruction

First, sort through the harvested crop, removing unripe, rotten or spoiled fruit when falling from the tree. Damaged areas can be carefully cut with a knife. Rinse thoroughly and cut the fruit in a convenient way (into slices, wedges or small cubes).

Line a wide plate with baking paper. If there is none, then a simple cotton or linen the cloth.

If dried pears go to compote or jelly, core with bones you can not cut. Deleting peels also personal discretion - in the event that drying will be used ready-made just like that or with tea. For charlotte, jelly and other sweet pear desserts, it is best to leave only the pure pulp.

Time for preparing

How long does it take to dry pear pieces? On average, a standard serving (occupying one plate) will require 2-5 minutes.

You should also consider the break when you open the microwave oven and check the condition of the product.

When it seems to you that the pieces not enough dried up, nothing bad will happen if you turn on the oven for drying for another minute and a half.


At what temperature to dry? As with an electric oven, the temperature is optimal for microwave drying. at about 75-90 ° C... In other terms, this is 200-300 watts.

Try to arrange the pieces so that there is some free space between them. With this, you will ensure the flow of air, and the slices themselves will not stick together.

If necessary, stand during drying. move and flip future dried fruits.

Setting the mode

What mode to dry? Focus on the capabilities of your home appliances. For a stove that is too powerful, it is better to set lowest level, and for a weaker one, the mode average power... When set to the highest settings, you will most likely simply fry the fruit to unappetizing coals.

If you select the "defrost" mode, the drying will last up to 30 minutes... This method is optimal if physically you cannot regularly monitor the cooking process, then it is enough to check the fruit for moisture every 5-7 minutes.

How to determine readiness?

In appearance, the fruit will noticeably dry out, since it will lose about 70-85% water.

In no case should pears feel to the touch. sticky and wet.

If you pulled out the dryer in time, then the pieces will be flexible and will not break when you try to bend them.

The finished product must taste sweet and aromatic. If the pears turned out dark and bitter, it means that a mistake was made somewhere.

Do not do it keep pears in the microwave for more than 5 minutes at maximum power. This will not only overcook them, but also lose all the nutrients. It must also be remembered that wild pears do not need heat treatment or the use of citric acid. As for the pits with bones, it is better to leave them.

How to dry whole fruit?

How to microwave whole pears?

To prevent pears from being damaged during cooking, they should first be pierced in several places. small holes.

If you leave the skin intact, there is a risk of getting a fruit bomb - especially susceptible "Explosions" boiled fruit with an abundance of juice inside.


Sometimes, before drying the pears, it is advised to process them in boiling water... To prepare the pears, you will need to boil the whole fruits for no longer than 15 minutes. Green, i.e. unripe pears, you can cook a little longer, until they become soft.

After that, the cooled pears are cut in the usual way and cooked in a microwave oven. You significantly speed up the processif you cut the fruit into equal slices.

As a result, it will take no more than 7 minutes to prepare in boiling water.

The same principle is used to make dessert dried fruits - just before boiling, you need to add a couple of tablespoons of sugar to the water to make a sweet syrup.

The same water will be very useful in creating delicious compotes. You will find recipes for dried pears with added sugar on our website.


To some extent, drying pears in the microwave is similar to drying apples, with the only difference that the temperature and power of the pear oven will have to reduce a little... It is best to cook pears in thin slices, which will ensure fast preparation and uniformity of all parts.

Whether or not to heat treatment before drying, it mainly depends on varieties and degrees of maturity fruits.

In most cases pith and tails you need to remove it, it will retain a pleasant taste and softness.

Therefore, do not rush to throw away fruits that are not suitable for storage fresh in the cellar or at home, but prepare edible and healthy dried fruits from them.

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