Frozen cherries for the winter at home: how to freeze with and without a stone?

Frozen cherries for the winter at home: how to freeze with and without a stone?

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Cherry is a favorite fruit of many. It is not only tasty and juicy, but also very healthy. These berries are eaten fresh., so they make jam, compote, prepare pies, add to various sweet dishes, cocktails and drinks.

But the summer season passes quickly and the cherry harvest passes. In winter, I really want to pamper myself with red berries. On supermarket shelves, we can see almost everything, also sold and frozen pitted cherries... But how was it frozen and under what conditions was it stored?

Very often frozen cherries have an unattractive and unappetizing appearance., and sometimes you even have to pay for the ice, which has grown densely around the berries. Therefore, it is better to prepare the cherries yourself. About storing cherries, whether cherries are frozen and how to freeze pitted cherries further.

Can I freeze at home?

Almost everyone who loves to eat berries and fruits all year round is interested in the question of can you freeze them yourself? Of course you can, the main thing is to be able to do it right.

Cherries are frozen with or without pits. It depends on what dishes you do it for. For example, pitted cherries are not suitable for pies and other baked goods., it is better to use it without pits.

Cherries are used with a stone for compotes and other drinks. When choosing how to freeze cherries, consider how you use them.

Most housewives prefer to freeze pitted cherries. This method certainly has the advantage, after all, when using it, you do not need to carry out any additional manipulations, but only to unfreeze it.

Cherries are also frozen with pits, it is good in that its structure is not disturbed, the pulp is not damaged and the juice does not flow out. Such a cherry will be beautiful from an aesthetic point of view.

But after defrosting, it will not be so easy to remove the bone, because the berry itself can lose its shape and elasticity.


When frozen, almost all the useful properties of the product are preserved, unlike cooking or any other heat treatment method where high temperature is used.

Frozen cherries retain minerals and vitamins almost like fresh food. Cherries contain vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and iron. These vitamins and minerals are essential for humans for normal life.

Cherries contain coumarin, a substance that reduces blood clotting. The cherry itself has antipyretic and antibacterial effects..

Cherry, because of its rich mineral composition, is used for anemia.

Frozen berries are almost as valuable as fresh ones, so cherry lovers can safely freeze them for the winter and pamper themselves all year round.

In the cold season, almost nowhere to find fresh berries and fruits, except for citrus fruits. Frozen cherries are required on their own useful to you in the winter. About how many calories are in frozen cherries next.

Calorie content

The calorie content of frozen cherries depends on the method of freezing. If you have frozen fresh cherries without any additives or sugar, the calorie content of such a cherry is 53 kcal per 100 g of product.

If you add sugar or other additives to cherries, then do not forget to take into account their calorie content as well.

Freezing rules

In order for the berries to be tasty and the quality of their freezing is good, there are several simple rules, which must be followed when freezing cherries at home:

  • berries must be clean... Rinse the cherries well before freezing them. We get rid of the berries and extra leaves. Mine in warm water. You need to rinse so much so that the outlet water is clean;
  • containers for freezing must be clean and hermetically sealed to avoid extraneous odors;
  • at home freezing cherries lay out freely on a plate (so that the berries do not touch) and freeze from 30 minutes to an hour before the main freezing in a container. This procedure is necessary so that each berry is as fresh and does not stick together;
  • it is necessary to lay berries tight so that less air remains;
  • suitable as containers for freezing: ziplock bags, vacuum bags, plastic containers or cups with a lid;
  • cherries are frozen in one container for one serving. Indeed, after defrosting, the berries are not re-frozen.

See frozen cherry photo below.

About whether it is possible to freeze cherries with a bone, frozen cherries recipes, read on.

Methods and recipes

Recipe 1. Frozen cherries with pits

How to freeze cherries in the refrigerator for the winter? To freeze, you need to take cherries, rinse and clean from debris, leaves and legs. Frozen cherries with pits, it is better to freeze such cherries in a bag. We spread the berry in a dense, but one layer. No need to stack rows of berries one by one, so they can choke and turn into porridge.

After you've wrapped your cherries in a bag, try to release all the excess air, just gently so as not to damage the berries.

Close the bag tightly. In the freezer, the bags can be fold one on one in an even layer.

Pitted cherries can be frozen in a glass or container. For this, prepared cherries must be laid out on the bottom of the container and sprinkled with sugar, do not add a lot of sugar. Then repeat the layers until the container is filled. Now you know how to freeze pitted cherries for the winter.

This cherry is perfect for compotes.

Recipe 2. Cherry with stone in cubes

This type of frozen cherry is perfect for cocktails. Cherry looks aesthetically beautiful and is divided in portions.

Prepare cherries and mold. Take a mold for ice cubes. Rinse it thoroughly, dip a cherry into each cell and fill it with clean boiled water.previously cooled down.

If the form is without a lid, then wrap it with cling film. Place in the freezer until the water is completely frozen.

Recipe 3. Pitted cherries in their own juice

Cherry must be prepared and pitted out of it. Use a special device or a pin to remove the bones. Put the finished cherries in a container or glass, but not to the very top, leave 2-3 cm.

Preparing the syrup for pouring. Take some pitted cherries and add sugar (half the size of the cherries) to it and beat everything in a blender until smooth. Pour the resulting syrup into the cherry containers... Close the lid and send to the freezer.

Frozen cherries according to this recipe are perfect for baking and cakes, for fresh consumption, for making jam.

Recipe 4. Pitted cherries

Prepare the cherry, remove the pits. Take the clasp bag. Place the cherries in it gently. It is necessary to add a little sugar, sprinkle them with cherries. Close tightly and place in the freezer.

Recipe 5. Pitted grated cherries

This recipe is very easy to prepare and the finished product is versatile to use.

Prepare the cherry, remove the pits. Send cherries to a blender along with sugar... Grind well and you can pack it in a container.

Containers or cups with a lid work best. Send packaged cherries to the freezer.

Shelf life

How long can frozen pitted cherries be stored? Cherries prepared in any way must be stored in the freezer at a temperature not higher than - 16 ◦С. You can store cherries for no more than 6-8 months.

Thawed cherries are not re-frozen. Re-freezing turns the berries into porridge, and the beneficial properties are lost.


Freeze cherries properly at home. Then all the useful properties will be preserved in it., and you will provide yourself with fresh berries all year round.

Frozen cherries for the winter are a great alternative to fresh berries. Frozen cherries are perfect for preparing any dish: pastries, compotes, jellies, jams, etc. Now you know how to properly freeze cherries for the winter. See also articles on drying and drying cherries.

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