Vitamins all year round: how to store pears in the cellar for the winter?

Vitamins all year round: how to store pears in the cellar for the winter?

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Autumn is harvest time. All summer residents are interested in how to preserve the results of their spring and summer labors as long as possible. It's especially hard to keep such delicious and juicy, but very capricious fruits like pears.

Although pears are stored much worse than apples, nevertheless, they should be preserved for winter use quite possible. Let's see how to do this.

Site requirements

How to store pears in the cellar for the winter? What should be a cellar or basement?

Optimum temperature

When storing pears, it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature regime. The optimum storage temperature for pears varies from 0 to +3 degrees Celsius... It should be remembered that sharp drops temperatures are harmful to fruits and vegetables, so do not forget to regularly check the readings of the thermometer installed in the room.

Regulate air temperature can be simply ventilated or with a fan.

Optimum humidity

No less responsible should be taken to the issue of humidity, because excess moisture will lead to rapid decay, and in a too dry room, pears will lose their juiciness and wrinkle. Air humidity should not exceed 90% and be less than 85%. Glasses installed in the corners of the basement with potassium chloride or with sulfuric acid.

How to prepare a cellar?

You should start preparing for laying pears for storage in advance.

2-3 weeks before harvesting, it is necessary to spend disinfection of the cellar to protect the crop from rot and fungi.

You can use sulfuric smoke bomb, but you must strictly follow the instructions for use, or paint the floor, walls and ceiling of the room slaked lime.

Do not forget about your personal safety, be sure to wear rubber gloves and a mask to protect your face.

After disinfection, the cellar is tightly closed; you should not enter there for several days. After this time, open the cellar for airing.

Fruit preparation

How to prepare pears for long-term storage in the cellar? Correct harvest - long storage pledge... Do not shake the trees under any circumstances, pears should only be picked by hand, while it is important to keep the stalks intact.

Before bookmark examine carefully each pear - whether there are mechanical damages on them, whether they have begun to rot. Keep damaged pears in a separate box and eat them first.

How to store pears in the cellar for the winter? About the rules for collecting and storing pears and apples in this video:

Unwanted neighborhood

With which vegetables and fruits is it possible, and with which it is undesirable to store pears?

Fruits and vegetables are best stored separately, since joint storage with vegetables is bad for the smell and taste of fruits.

In addition, some fruits and vegetables, such as apples, bananas, plums, tomatoes and pears, contain high amounts of ethylene, which speeds up the ripening process and can lead to premature spoilagestored by a number of products.

In order to minimize the negative impact of fruits and vegetables on each other, it is necessary to pay special attention to the issue of food compatibility. Pears should not be stored next to potatoes, as this speeds up its germination, and the pears themselves absorb the starchy taste.

Also it is impossible store pears with carrots, cabbage and celery. But pears can be stored with plums, apples and peaches.

We remind you that apples should not be stored next to potatoes either, as they quickly lose keeping quality, become soft and lose their flavor.

Therefore, store pears with apples and potatoes as far away from each other as possible.

But some housewives noticed that if you put one apple in a bag of potatoes, the potatoes do not germinate so quickly. Using this method, you can keep potatoes longer.

Choice of containers

What to store? The best solution when choosing containers for storing pears are wooden boxes with holes for air circulation. It is necessary to carefully check the boxes for any protruding nails that can damage the fruit.

In addition, it is better to put the boxes not close, but leaving a little free space between them. In the absence of boxes, pears can be placed on low wooden shelves.

How to fit correctly? The walls and bottom of the box are lined with several layers of thick paper, and each fruit is wrapped thin and soft paper... The pears are laid diagonally, making sure that the stalks do not touch each other and neighboring fruits.

Acceptable no more than 2-3 layers pears in each box, with each layer separated from each other by several layers of paper.

The greenest pears should be placed in the bottom row, and the more mature ones in the top row. For storing pears, you can use sawdust or sand... The sand is pre-calcined and cooled.

A 1-2 cm layer of sawdust or sand is poured into a box lined with paper, pears are laid out stalks up and covered with sand. Then the next layer is laid out, which is also covered with sand. Please note that the fruit you are packing must be dry.

Savings terms

The shelf life of pears depends on varieties... Summer pear varieties are the worst kept. As a rule, they retain their freshness no more than a few weeks.

However, the favorite varieties Kappa and Williams can last until early December. Autumn varieties are stored for six months, winter - about 8 months.

The shelf life also depends on the size - it is better stored medium or small fruit. Do not forget to look through the boxes of pears from time to time and remove rotten fruits. This will help extend their storage time.

If you are just planning to start cultivating a pear garden, then our article "Planting a pear in the autumn" will help you.

About the shelf life of pears of late varieties Paten, Glubokskaya, Talgarskaya krasavitsa and Belorusskaya late in this video:

Correct harvesting and selection of containers, maintaining optimal indoor conditions and correct laying of fruits - long storage pledge delicious and juicy pears. Following the simple rules described in the article, you can keep your harvest as long as possible and enjoy the wonderful taste of pears even in winter. But, if you are interested in storing pears not only fresh, then you can learn more about this in the articles "Drying pears for the winter at home", "Freezing pears for the winter at home" and "Drying pears for the winter".

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