How to dry apples in an electric fruit dryer: time, temperature, recipes

How to dry apples in an electric fruit dryer: time, temperature, recipes

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Of the existing methods of harvesting apples most convenient is the use of special dryers. Outside the fresh air, the weather conditions do not always allow to prepare apples, and the ovens sometimes dry out.

In turn, a specialized device allows regulate competently temperature, and the whole process. In addition, the quantity that modern dryers can harvest at once is very attractive.

If with advantages Since this method is clear, some details should be examined in more detail.

Basic Rules

To a large extent, the quality of the harvested apples depends on the preparation of the apples. In this regard, it is useful to read an article about preparing apples before drying, where there is an opportunity to find out how cut correctly given fruit and some other details.

There are different versions regarding the presence or absence skins for the drying process.

In fact, there is no fundamental difference here, and leaving or peeling the skin depends on your personal preference.

Although there are many beneficial ingredients in the peel, padanka and similar apples it is advisable to clean.

Drying apples in an electric dryer does not imply a complete absence of moisture. It should only be done the amount of moisture is minimal, so that decay processes do not occur in pieces, but useful components remain. Dry apples are not brittle to the touch, but bendable, and when compressed, moisture does not appear on the surface.

Using an electric dryer becomes over time more convenient, since it becomes clear how many apples are dried on each pallet, how often to change their position, how much it is possible to put. In general, it is not advisable to give any general recommendations here, since the devices differ in many ways.

A reasonable advice is only to consider the basic parameters and use accumulated experience further.

Drying instructions

How to dry apples in a fruit dryer? In general, putting the cut pieces and setting a certain mode is not difficult. Moreover, many devices have indicators for fruits or more precise, including apples. It would seem that something should not be added here, but it is nevertheless useful to consider certain aspects.


How long does it take to dry apples in the dryer? Try to anticipate the longest periods between 11 pm and 7 am, as during this period electricity tariff is cheaper.

In general, the duration at the desired temperature is about eight o'clock, but it is not necessary to observe this duration without interruption and the process may differ if, for example, new pieces are added or the position of the pallets is changed.

Accordingly, the indicated duration can be used as reference pointbut not as the main parameter.

The different size of the slices, the differences in varieties, the size of the pallets, the set temperature, the location of apples and their number in the dryer - these and many other parameters affect optimal duration.

The most reasonable is the competent setting of the mode and temperature and drying to readiness, which is determined by on my ownrather than time.


What should be the temperature for drying apples in an electric dryer? If it is possible to set a certain temperature on the device, then the regulator should be installed somewhere within 70-75 degrees Celsius.

Of course, apples can dry out faster. at 100-110 degrees (as a rule, the maximum temperature on household dryers) but the effect of such a temperature is not entirely reasonable, since some useful components can stand out from the pieces.

Indeed, at temperatures over 100 degrees, you actually boil apples, and at 70 degrees a milder effect is generally similar to natural drying.

So, at what temperature to dry apples in the dryer, you choose.


How to dry apples in an electric dryer? Many devices have the ability set drying mode... Somewhere apples or just fruits are drawn and descriptions of each mode are given. If you have this option, you should use the optimal mode for fruits.


After gaining a certain experience, the skill appears to recognize the readiness of apples with ease. It's better to spend more time determining readiness at first.

Moreover, as it is not difficult to understand, it is better underdry a little and check the readiness than overdrying, since you can always dry it, but overdried apples are difficult to supplement with the necessary moisture.

A well-dried apple slice is not brittle. In fact, dried apples have plasticity, and they only slightly darken outwardly.

Overdry fruits should not be, as soon as they began to darken a little and have significantly decreased in size, you need to check the readiness.

No moisture is released from the dried piece, but the pulp is present and has a pleasant apple aroma and whiteness. The surface is darker and slightly crusty.

You can learn how to use an electric dryer for cooking dried fruits from apples from the video:


Let's briefly describe the sequence of actions in the form of a drying recipe:

  1. Apples wash and cut (for more details, see the article on preparation for drying) in half rings or slices.
  2. We lay out the pieces on the pallets of the dryer, tightly, but so that the pieces do not lie on top of each other.
  3. We fill pallets and place them in the dryer, set mode and temperature, timer, if any.
  4. Periodically shifting pallets (top with bottom) for more even drying and check the apples.
  5. At the end, we take out the apples from which, when pressed, no more juice is released, let it cool a little and put it in glass container or bag made of natural fabric.

Store cooked apples in a closet or other part of the home. cool (but not cold) and dry, without the presence of light, overheating and similar factors.

This is where our article "How to store dried apples so that moths don't start up in them: protection options" will come in handy.


Apples prepared using the following recommendations, can be stored for about a couple of years... Although sometimes they can lie even more, depending on the variety and conditions. As a rule, a two-year period is quite optimal for harvesting apples. Read about how to store dried apples at home on our website.

An electric dryer is a useful device in this regard, as it makes it possible spend a minimum of time and to harvest apples in a very significant amount.

After a couple of self-drying apples in an electric dryer, appropriate skill and the process is optimized.

You can make a number of trial batches at different temperatures and with different durations in order to determine the best way.

You will learn how to dry five kilograms of apples for the winter in a dryer by watching this video:

Watch the video: How to Dry Apples in a Dehydrator (May 2022).