How to dry fresh apples for making compote in winter?

How to dry fresh apples for making compote in winter?

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When the season turned out to be extremely fruitful, and fresh apples already have nowhere to attach, the salvation solution will be preparation of dried fruits.

In addition to charlottes, jellies and other desserts, subsequently from properly prepared dried apples it can turn out tasty and vitamin-rich compote.

Not every apple variety and type is perfect for this purpose.

How to dry apples for compote? Gardeners and housewives need to adopt a few simple rules that take into account all key nuances in drying apples for a fruit drink. These include advice on choosing the best varieties, preparation, sterilization, special methods and suitable drying locations.

Drying varieties

What varieties of apples are suitable for drying on compote? Many experienced chefs claim that they are suitable for dried fruits. almost any varieties apples, provided that the fruit is ripe and not too sour in taste.

However, for certain purposes, such as cooking apple compotes, varieties rich in pectins and vitamins are ideal, especially vitamin P.

The overwhelming majority of such varieties are northern small-fruited apples, for example, ranetki: Dawn, Skalepovka, Dessert, Kisilevka, Tuvinka, Severyanka other.

They usually contain about 1.5-2.5% P-compounds.

Another varieties - Vinnovka yellow, Anis Scarlet, Kitayka gold and Amber - also an excellent option for preparing dried fruits for decoction.

If you don't have any of the listed varieties at hand, try to choose apples to taste - the best in this regard will be fruits with pronounced sweet and sour taste.

How to check apples?

How to check that the fruits are suitable for cooking on dried fruit compote? Take a close look to the apple pulp during drying. If you have not blanched or otherwise processed apples against iron oxidation, you will notice that the apple pieces will not lose their light yellow color at all. Correct varieties do not tarnish, and dried apple pieces or slices are soft to the touch and slightly springy.

Vitamin P has a beneficial effect on capillaries and blood vessels, and in combination with ascorbic acid, it regulates the redox processes of the body. It is the abundant presence of this vitamin in apples that can help in the preparation of transparent compotes, rich in taste and nutrients.

Basic Rules

How to dry apples for compote at home? Do not forget that depending on the capabilities of your home or plot, you can dry apples in different ways. Drying apples at home involves using comfortable spaces such as a balcony or an attic.

If it is almost impossible to create favorable conditions for these purposes in the house, then all that remains is drying apples on the street.

Also, many units and devices have been developed that significantly simplify and speed up cooking. In the article "Drying apples with household appliances" you can find a list of all kinds of drying devices, not just a gas or electric oven.

All the details that worth considering during dryingso that dried fruits do not turn out to be too brittle or, conversely, viscous and sticky.

Even if your choice fell on a variety of apples that are ideal for compote, when boiled quickly, dried fruits risk losing 2/3 of all vitamins.

To prevent this from happening, let the pieces steep in warm boiled water, but never scald them with boiling water.

During the night, the fruit will be saturated with water, slightly swollen, and will be ready to cook compote.

How to dry apples in special dryer, you can learn from this video:

Step-by-step instruction

How to dry apples for compote for the winter? The first step in preparing dried fruit is preparing the apples before drying. It includes not only optimal cutting method fruits, but also various secrets to preserve the color and durability of the product.

As for peeling apples, most recipes advise do not cut the skin and leave by the apple the core with the seeds... They will not spoil the taste of your compote at all, but only add useful substances. The peel is known to be very rich in vitamin C, minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, etc.), as well as pectins.

It is not so important where and on what you dry apples - on a baking sheet in the oven, in a dehydrator or on a string, right in the kitchen.

Important choose the right shape, thanks to which all the pieces will firmly adhere to the selected surface, dry evenly and quickly.

So, if you decide to cook dried fruits for compote on a string, having hung it on an open loggia, it is better to cut medium-sized fruits into equal slices. Focus on a thickness of 0.5-2 cm.

Before drying, you can use saline... This step is highly desirable if you want to to protect chopped fruits from fruit gnats and other insects. In addition, dried fruits processed in this way will be stored for much longer.

Under all circumstances back up to sliced ​​apples access to fresh air with moderate to low humidity. The room where fruits are dried should not be saturated with foreign strong odors. Otherwise, dried fruits will be spoiled, like the future compote from them.

How to dry apples for compote at home? An interesting recipe for drying apples in the oven with cherry shavings in this video:


If you have selected for drying specially bred varieties apples, and the process of drying and boiling compote is done correctly, then as a result you will get light aromatic drink - free of turbid precipitation and not brown shades.

Such compotes useful in the prevention of vitamin deficiency, possess curative properties, and just good to the table on a winter evening.

Store dried apple fruits intended for compote should be stored under the same conditions as if you were dealing with the rest of the drying - in carefully ventilated, dark and cool places.

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