We save the harvest for the winter: we dry apples in the airfryer

We save the harvest for the winter: we dry apples in the airfryer

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The best way save a large harvest of apples Is to dry them out. In winter, you can make delicious compotes from dried apples, bake charlotte, and in itself this delicacy will become a wonderful, healthy dessert.

There are many ways to process sweet fruits, all of which differ in drying time and process complexity. Faster and easier to handle the workpieces will help you airfryer.

General information

Can apples be dried in the airfryer? Convection oven perfect fit for drying apples. It removes moisture from the fruit evenly, therefore, the fruits are stored for a long time without spoiling.

Apples are cooked in the appliance in just 1 hourmuch faster than drying outdoors.

When processed in an airfryer, fruits are obtained already completely ready to eat... Before eating them, you will not need to additionally wash or douse them with boiling water.

The consistency of the fruit after drying comes out optimal: Apples have a delicate texture and moderate stringiness.

Basic Rules

What is drying apples in an airfryer? There are a number of rules to follow to prepare great dried fruits.

By the way, using these rules, you can process other fruits in the grill.

First of all, the apples must be prepared.

Preparing apples for drying is a separate issue, you can read more about this process on our website.

Already thoroughly washed, chopped the apples can be dried. When drying, it is important:

  1. Remember that after processing apples lose up to 85 percent of their weight... Therefore, calculate the required amount of dried fruit in advance.
  2. Make sure that moisture has been removed from the fruit as much as possible. If apples get damp, then in the future they can become moldy. At the same time, it is important not to overexpose the apples in the grill so as not to spoil them.
  3. Store ready-made fruits or in special, tightly closed containers, sealed cans, in paper bags, in bags made of thick flax. Apples in cellophane can "rot" and lose their taste, aroma and appearance.

Keep ready apples in a dark place: light can make them look ugly.

You can find out more about how to store dried apples at home on our website.

Drying instructions

How to dry apples in an airfryer? It will take you most of the time preparation of apples, and already the drying process itself can be completely entrusted to the airfryer, without worrying about the result.

Instructions on how to dry apples in an airfryer:

  1. Apples wash, core, cut thin plates.
  2. Place the apples on the airfryer levels. Don't put apples too close to each other.
  3. Cook apples at temperature 100 degrees for 1 hour at low airflow.

After cooking, carefully evaluate the result. If it seems to you that the apples turned out not dry enough, then it is better to put the next portion on a high temperature (up to 120 degrees).

Hard to tell, at what temperature you will get the best dried fruits: it all depends on the operation of your airfryer model and even the variety of apples!

The apples are ready. In this form, they will lie perfectly for several months and keep maximum vitamins and minerals.

Many people may be confused about how to tell if apples are cooked. correctly... It's actually easy to do. After drying, the apples should resemble raisins in structure.

If you squeeze a piece of dried apple with your hand, then there will be no feeling of cold or moisture on your fingers.

In addition, you can check the apples after a short storage: if in the container where they were lying, there are drops of moisture, then it is better to finish drying the fruit.

You can learn how to cook dried apple fruits in the airfryer by watching the video:


How to dry apples in an airfryer so that they are delicious? In the airfryer you can cook amazingly aromatic apples with cinnamon... Of course, this recipe is a little more complicated than simple drying, but believe me - the result is worth the effort!

For cooking dried apples with cinnamon you will need:

  • 1 kilogram of apples;
  • 3 tablespoons of ground cinnamon;
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 liter of boiling water.


  1. Wash the apples, peel the middle and chop thin plates (no more than 5 mm thick).
  2. Dissolve in boiling water a teaspoon of salt and put apples in it for 2 minutes.
  3. Then fold the fruit on colander and let the water drain.
  4. Then sprinkle on the apples cinnamon and put them in the airfryer.
  5. Cook apples at temperature 110 degrees for 50 minutes at low airflow.

After cooking, the dried fruit must be removed for storage. But you can also serve immediately: To do this, pour the apples with honey, sprinkle with lemon juice and sprinkle with chopped walnuts. Enjoy your meal!

The benefits of dried fruits

Dried apples are real a storehouse of vitamins and on cold winter days will remind you of summer goodies. Dignity dried apples will also be appreciated by those who follow a diet.

100 grams of dried apples contains 250 kcal, but for a tea party or a snack, you will have enough pairs of lobules... These apples are perfect as a dessert. lactating mothers, dried fruits can be taken with you children to school.

You can rest assured that home-cooked apples completely safe and no harmful additives were used to dry them.

Apples dried in the airfryer will allow you to preserve the autumn harvest of fruits as much as possible and provide yourself with vitamins for the whole winter! About drying apples in other household appliances can be found in our article "Drying apples with household appliances".

Watch the video: Dehydrated Apples. How to Make Crispy Apple Chips (May 2022).


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