Ditox is a popular remedy for potato pests

Ditox is a popular remedy for potato pests

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It is a chemical agent that widely used for the treatment of vegetables, grain crops, alfalfa and other plants from pests.

Represents concentrated emulsion, which has a number of positive properties:

  • acts strictly on the cultivated crop, without affecting neighboring vegetables and fruits;
  • copes well with potato moth and other pests;
  • within an hour after spraying, it is well absorbed by the surface of the plants and is not washed off by rain;
  • due to absorption through the entire area of ​​the plant, it destroys harmful larvae and beetles;
  • effective in the fight against insects during the period of their greatest number on the land;
  • copes with pests resistant to products containing pyrethroids;
  • the death of the potato moth occurs within a few hours from the moment it eats the sprayed vegetable.

A drug absolutely harmless for the human body.

What is produced?

You can buy Ditox in special stores in plastic cans with a volume of 5 liters and 10 liters.

Chemical composition

The main component of this tool is dimethoate, which is effectively and very quickly absorbed by the surface of the plant and penetrates through the leaves into the stems and roots.

In addition, it is able to protect new sprouts and tubers of vegetables from potato moths.

The amount of this substance per 1 liter of the drug is 400 g.

Mode of action

Renders very fast negative impact on harmful insects and mites. The active substance of Ditox causes problems associated with normal breathing, heartbeat of insects, causing paralysis and immediate death (3 hours after treatment).

Duration of action

The drug's protective functions does not lose after 1-2 weeks from the moment of processing. It takes effect within an hour after spraying, regardless of weather conditions.

In order not to cause addiction in pests, the described drug should be alternated with other remedies.

Compatibility with other drugs

Goes well with chemicals aimed at destroying pests, as well as capable of fighting fungal infections.

It is not recommended to combine Ditox with preparations containing sulfur and capable of a strong alkaline reaction.

A compatibility test is recommended before mixing this product with other poisons. The emergence draft in the test liquid indicates a ban on the combination of drugs.

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When to use?

Ditox is used during the period of the greatest development of potato moths and other insects on plants. Spraying is carried out in calm, sunny weather.

The rain will not affect the poison only if it passes an hour after treatment vegetables and other plants. Otherwise, the effect of the drug will be ineffective.

How to prepare the solution?

The preparation of the liquid must be carried out in a specially designated place (preferably asphalt).

Water is poured into the sprayer tank, which takes up half of the total volume, the required amount of emulsion is added to it and water is added again.

The solution is mixed well and used. only on the day of preparation.

Spillage of the drug is not allowed. It is imperative to prepare the working fluid with rubber gloves, a respirator and a protective gown.

Solution consumption per 1 ha is 200 liters.

Mode of application

Vegetables and other plants are sprayed with the prepared solution containing Ditox when the greatest number of potato moths and other pests appear on them. Recommended carry out 1-2 treatments per season.

Directly during spraying, it is imperative to wear rubber gloves, a respirator and a protective gown, which, after completion of all work, are well washed and disinfected.

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This drug does not represent dangers for humans, since it has a 3rd class of toxicity. Vegetables processed with it are recommended to be consumed not earlier than in a month from the moment of processing.

It is strictly forbidden to use Ditox in areas where there are bees and fish, because for them this drug has a 1st class of toxicity.