How to dry apples in an electric oven? Sushina recipes

How to dry apples in an electric oven? Sushina recipes

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Many gardeners have adapted to dry the harvested apple harvest at home, using available facilities and premises.

For some, the most convenient option seems to be cooking dried fruits in the attic of a country house or on a high-quality airfryer. However, in the absence of special devices, it remains to be content with what is.

For residents of city apartments, the question may arise where it is most convenient to dry fruits - in a gas oven or an electric oven. Each has its own characteristics, pros and cons, but, of course, it is best to give preference to the most optimal one.

Basic information

Can apples be dried in an electric oven? Experience has shown that it is possible to achieve a good result in both cases - when drying in a gas and electric oven. Of course, the quality and cooking time will depend on the power of the furnace, its state and how well she had time to warm up.

Experts advise using an electric oven, not only because it more reliable, but it is also much easier to ensure that the air is not "heavy" from long work in the case of a gas oven.

In addition, an electric oven is a priori safer and more reliable in maintaining stable fire.

In the event that you are lucky and the house has just a stove powered by electricity, consider a few simple rules to properly cook mouthwatering dried fruits.

The electric oven is good because it allows preserve the bulk of nutrients... For this reason, you can do without full cleaning and not cut the core of the fruit, leaving it with the seeds. This will not affect the taste in any way, but will only serve as a benefit in preparing a good basis for the future compote.


What is the process of drying apples in an electric oven? The first thing to remember is maintaining the correct temperature... It is advised to gradually increase it so that the apples are not fried and burned. When the required temperature is reached (approximately 60-80 ° C), the stove should be slightly opened.

Thanks to this "airing" excess moisture, which evaporates from the pulp, will freely come out.

Apples need to be looked after periodically. Once every few hours, you may need to turn the slices, stirring slightly so that they not adhered to the surface of the sheet, and reached an even color.

Step-by-step instruction

How to dry apples in an electric oven? We have already covered the key principles of preparing apples before drying, and we will not focus much on this process. After the sliced ​​apple slices or rings are ready, they need to be laid out on the latticecovered with baking paper (parchment paper).

Trays they are not suitable for this purpose - dried fruits will be unevenly dried, and drying will take much longer than planned.

Leave the apple skin before drying or not is a matter of personal preference and the purpose for which you dry the fruit.

For preparation for charlotte, jelly and other sweet dishes, they are most suitable completely cleaned apples so that the skin does not scratch and spoil the taste.

Cooking time

How many hours to dry apples? Cooking times will vary depending on how new and strong your oven is. Drying takes 5 hours on average with proper supervision. However, the process may take up to 8-10 hours maximumif the apple variety is too tough and sour in taste.

Exposure temperature

At what temperature do we dry? The most profitable solution is considered to be a gradual increase in temperature, followed by a decrease closer to readiness. First, preheat the oven at 45-50 ° С... At this stage of drying, the fruit withers slightly. Then you can increase the fire to 70-95 ° С and hold for several hours until most of the moisture has evaporated from all the fruits.

At the final stage of drying, the temperature should be lowered again to protect the product from combustion.

The apples will reach the desired state and will be sterilized, which will be clear by a yellowish or brownish tint.


In what mode should apples be dried in an electric oven? Modes should be alternated: from low to medium, and back. Otherwise, you will not spoil future dried fruits at all by drying them for 6-7 hours on medium mode with the convection function (with a fan).

How to determine the readiness of dried fruit?

Take several slices from different parts of the wire rack, making sure all the slices are the same color and size.

It is important that among dried fruits there is uniform color.

If you are pre processed apples in solution or blanched, the dried fruit will be light brown and slightly "rusty". Otherwise, a delicate light beige color is ideal.

Try bending one of the pieces. Properly cooked dried apples feel enough flexible and not crumble... Don't worry if the bites are dry and brittle, as they can still be used to make jellies, fruit salads, and more.


For a dessert option, where the apples turn out sweet and elastic, stock up on a small supply of sweet syrup - homemade or store-bought (cranberry or any other). Pour fruit slices into deep containers with them, leave soak for a day or a day, and only then transfer to drying in the oven, as usual.

For the preparation of compotes and jelly often kept in syrup whole apple pieces, in which not only the skin was left, but also the core. The simplest syrup can be prepared by pouring a little sugar into boiling water to taste.

You can learn how to dry apples in an electric oven by watching the video:


When using one or the other drying method, do not forget about culinary tricks, which will help diversify the taste properties of dried fruits.

Do not forget monitor the amount of water, which evaporates from the apple pieces, so as not to dry out or remove the apples from the oven ahead of time.

Concerning adding syrup before drying, it is purely a matter of personal taste. For information on how to preserve dried dried fruits, read the article "Storing Dried Apples".

Watch a video recipe for drying apples in the oven with an electric stove with the addition of sugar syrup:

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