How to store the harvest of fresh apples in the apartment for the winter?

How to store the harvest of fresh apples in the apartment for the winter?

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Apples contain many vitamins and minerals, for preservation of useful properties even for several months, certain storage conditions are required.

For these purposes are used special storage, which not every summer resident has, in a private house apples can be folded into the cellar or in the attic.

Store fruit at room temperature not very convenient, since they take up a lot of space and quickly rot, most often an insulated balcony or loggia, a refrigerator is used for this purpose.

How to store apples if there is no cellar? Consider the main ways to store apples at home.


How to keep apples at home for a long time?

It is recommended to store prepared apples at home. at low temperatures, the following are best suited for this:

  • basement;
  • fridge;
  • attic;
  • balcony.

What is it?

How to keep apples at home for the winter? There are several ways to store apples at home:

  1. On racks, it is best to give preference to racks with drawers to make them easier to inspect and retrieve. Apples are stacked on the surface in one row at a certain distance from each other.
  2. In wooden boxes... When stacking boxes one on top of another, do not overfill them too much, otherwise they can crush the previous tier, which will lead to their premature decay. To improve storage conditions, it is recommended to fill the container with shavings or sawdust.
  3. In wooden containers... A large number of fruits are best stored in containers, but this is not the best way, as the apples on the top will press on the lower ones.
  4. In cardboard boxes, which are recommended to be glued with tape, which will avoid tearing at the most unexpected moment.

It is recommended to place inscriptions on the container with information about the date of laying and the variety, in some cases the size of the apples is indicated.

You can learn how to store apples in cardboard boxes until February from this video:

Storage rules

How to store homemade apples properly? When storing apples, it is necessary to provide them with a space separate from other vegetables and fruits, it is very important to remove damaged fruits, sort them by varieties and sizes.

To improve preservation, it is recommended to wrap each apple in paper, after wiping it with a glycerin with a rag. Buckwheat husks, shavings, dry moss, maple mud, oak leaves, which must be placed together with apples in cardboard boxes or boxes, will help extend the shelf life to 5 months.

Prolonging the shelf life of apples will also allow them to be pre-dipped in a solution of alcohol and propolis (per 100 kg - 0.5 l of alcohol, 100 g of propolis).

Another way to prolong the properties of fruits is to use beeswax and a solution of 2-4% calcium chloride.

A good way is fruit processing ultraviolet, the duration of the procedure is an hour, 30 minutes on each side.

These actions prevent the decay process, it is recommended to handle the device carefully, protect eyes and skin from exposure to rays. The same device is recommended for processing wooden structures and containers with an increased susceptibility to mold formation.

Using the refrigerator

How to keep fresh apples for the winter in an apartment? Can apples be kept in the refrigerator? It is very easy to store apples in the refrigerator, it is the most convenient option provide the whole family with fruit. Summer and autumn varieties are stored for a short time, the shelf life of winter varieties can reach several months.

It should be noted that a lot depends on refrigerator sizes, it should be large enough and have many compartments.

There are also certain rules that must be followed. How to store apples in the refrigerator:

  • apples are recommended to be placed in the refrigerator within 24 hours after collectionfruits purchased in a store must be immediately placed in a refrigerator;
  • apples prohibited wash and wipe;
  • to ensure isolation, the fruits are recommended to be packed in polyethylene, one bag should contain 1-5 kg; to ensure ventilation, a hole must be made in the container;
  • when packing packages, it is necessary to take into account their variety and ripening period, mixing is strictly prohibited;
  • optimal temperature storage - 1-3 degrees, humidity 85-90%;
  • when storing fruits for a long time, it is necessary to spend heat treatment (keep them at 30 degrees. for 3-4 days), this is necessary to remove ethylene.

Storage periods

What determines the storage duration?

The storage duration depends on the variety:

  • summer apples are stored for 2-4 weeks at a temperature of 2-8 degrees;
  • autumn varieties - 1-2 months at a temperature of 0-8 degrees;
  • winter varieties (Renet Simirenko, Babushkino, Rosemary, Snow Kalvil, Bellefleur) are preserved for 4-7 months at + 5 degrees.

Optimal conditions

At what temperature and humidity should fresh apples be stored?

Temperature: apples are recommended to be stored in a temperature range of 0-5 degrees; at home, such conditions can be created on the balcony or in the refrigerator.

Humidity: the humidity level should be 80%, this indicator is also considered an important factor when storing apples, if the fruits become flabby, it is recommended to bring containers with water into the room and place them next to the apples. As a result of an increase in air humidity, the fruits become more juicy.

Premature spoilage

How to keep apples fresh for a long time? To prolong the freshness of the fruit after harvest, you need to learn take them off the tree correctlystrictly adhering to the recommended deadlines. Long-stored varieties are recommended to be harvested 1-2 weeks before full ripening. For long-term storage autumn and winter varieties are most suitable.

Fruit picking is recommended in dry weather, the stalk must be preserved, so the apple will not wither longer.

On the surface of the fruit is located special layer, preventing damage to the fruit, which is not recommended to be washed.

After harvesting, the fruits are cooled, optimum temperature - 1-5ºC, a cellar, an insulated garage, a glazed loggia or a balcony are best suited for these purposes. Boxes or plastic bags can be used as containers.

To protect the fruits from premature spoilage, packaging in newspaper or wrapping paper.

Premature spoilage apples can be caused by the following factors:

  • overdose of nitrogen or potash fertilizers;
  • calcium deficiency in apples;
  • getting infected fruits into a container with healthy ones;
  • prolonged rains;
  • warm storage.

You will learn how to properly prepare apples for storage in this video:

Storage until winter

How to store apples at home in an apartment:

  1. Pick apples, pick without damage and signs of rot, since one apple can cause the death of the rest, since a lot of ethylene is released during the decomposition of the fruit.
  2. Put damaged fruits in a special basket and store at room temperature, they should be eaten first. Severely damaged apples must be thrown away or given to animals.
  3. Put the selected fruits into fridge, the freshness lasts longer at cold temperatures. Almost all refrigerators have special boxes for fruits, where they should be stored.
  4. Cover the fruit wet towel, which will keep freshness for as long as possible. It should be borne in mind that sealed containers and humidity are incompatible, therefore, you should not store the fruits in this form in a closed container.
  5. In the presence of regulator it should be set at -1.1 to +1.7 degrees, non-observance of the temperature regime will lead to rapid damage.

It is recommended to check apples periodically, clean up spoiled.

Storage all winter

How to keep fresh apples for the winter:

  1. For storage for the winter, it is better to choose fruits. thick skin, thin-skinned sweet varieties are stored less.
  2. Take away intact fruit.
  3. Cut the newspaper, pick parts with black ink, for this purpose, ordinary wrapping paper can also be used.
  4. Wrap all the apples individually with paper, this is necessary to ensure insulation, since all apples emit ethylene, and when the fruits rub against each other, the decay process is accelerated.
  5. Wrapping each fruit separately prevent potential damage.
  6. Take leaky cardboard box or box, air must flow freely into the container. Closing the lid will provide control over the optimal temperature and air level for storage.
  7. Put the fruit in such a way that the paper did not unfold.
  8. It is recommended to choose an insulated balcony, unheated basement, storage room or attic as storage space. Apples not recommended for indoor storage, as warm air promotes decay processes.
  9. Check apples in two months, remove spoiled, this method allows you to maintain freshness for several months.

It is recommended to store apples only at a temperature of 0-8 degrees, the shelf life of summer varieties is 1-2 months, winter varieties can be stored even longer - until spring.

The best place for storing fruit, a cellar, a balcony, an attic, an underground, a refrigerator are considered.

The fruits can be stored on shelves or boxes; it is recommended to wrap each fruit in paper.

If there is no way to keep apples fresh for the winter, there are other ways to store healthy fruit, such as drying, freezing or drying.

One way to store apples in this video:

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