Methods and measures for controlling the larvae of the May beetle

Methods and measures for controlling the larvae of the May beetle

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In order to prevent the appearance of these larvae, it is necessary to regularly dig up and process the soil.

If they did appear, then it's time to start. serious struggle... May beetle larvae: how to deal with them?

It is very difficult to get rid of them, but if you do not do this, then you can say goodbye to the harvest. How secure your site from these pests?

General information

May beetles appear in summer cottages in early spring... In order to prevent the formation of larvae, one must begin to fight them immediately. One female beetle can deposit in the soil about 100 eggs to a depth of 1 m. After a couple of months, larvae appear from the eggs, similar to thick caterpillars twisted in a "ring".

During the first year of life, the larvae do not do much harm. But in the next 2-3 years they can bring significant damage to the vegetable garden and garden.

Therefore it is necessary comprehensively use all means of struggle with the May beetle and its larvae, so that many years of work at their summer cottage are not wasted. May beetle larva: how to deal with it?

May beetle larva - photo:

How to deal with beetle larvae in the garden?

When the first adult beetles appear you need to start catching them right awaypreventing them from multiplying. It is worth trying to install special on the site at night. light traps.

You can make them from any large container, smeared from the inside with something sticky, at the bottom of which Lantern... Also, early in the morning, beetles can be shaken off the trees onto the prepared bedding and destroyed in boiling water or fire.

A mass invasion of May beetles is rare, once every 4-5 years, and many novice summer residents are not serious about their appearance... If the fight against adult insects was not carried out, then the larvae of the beetle will not be long in coming.

How to get rid of the beetle larvae in the garden? Beetle larvae live in the upper soil layer, at a depth of 20-40 cm and it is not easy to find them... They become more active at the beginning of summer, with a noticeable warming.

The fact that these gluttonous pests have appeared in the garden can only be judged by the appearance of the damaged plants. If they are for no apparent reason began to wither, turn yellow and dry - this is the work of the larvae of the beetle.

To save your site from these "uninvited guests" the following steps should be taken:

  1. The most reliable method of struggle is deep autumn digging plot.
  2. Planting around the beds and trees helps well. white clover... Thanks to the bacteria living on the roots of this plant, a large amount of nitrogen enters the soil, which the larvae of the beetle do not like very much.
  3. Can be planted on the site lupine or turnip... They scare off adult insects, preventing larvae from appearing.
  4. Before spring planting, the site is carefully plowed and sprinkled egg shell powder.
  5. If possible, use in the garden nitrogen fertilizers.
  6. It is imperative to install several birdhouses... Starlings do an excellent job of killing larvae.
  7. They are no less willing to help fight the larvae. hedgehogs and field mice.

How to destroy the beetle in the soil?

How to get rid of the beetle in the ground? To get it right remove the beetle from the soil, use the following tips:

  1. In autumn, when plowing, you can sprinkle the soil dry bleach or spray well "Whiteness».
  2. A dense soil mulching: it is possible to escape from larvae and from weeds.
  3. The biological preparation has also proven itself well Nemabakt... It is based on live nematode worms that eat beetle larvae in the soil. You need to buy this drug only in stores and carefully check the expiration dates and storage conditions.
  4. You can dig several holes in the soil, about half a meter deep, and fill them manure... The larvae of the beetle will not bypass such a bait. In autumn, with the onset first frost, manure is scattered over the site and the larvae that have settled in it for the winter will die.
  5. Another option is pre-planting soil cultivation iodine solution... A few drops in a bucket of water.
  6. If safe and simple methods do not bring results, then you should go to chemistry... After the spring digging, before planting the plants, you can treat the soil with special preparations: Aktara VDG, Bazudin, Antichrushch, Zemlin and others.

But do not forget that such drugs can cause serious harm not only to the larvae, but also to the plants themselves. You need to use them very careful.

How to breed larvae on strawberries?

The favorite delicacy of the May beetle larvae is strawberries. how protect strawberries from larvae May beetle? To save a berry from a pest, use simple rules:

  • when transplanting bushes, it is imperative examine the roots... Discovered larvae are carefully removed and destroyed;
  • as a preventive measure, you can dig deep narrow grooves between strawberry beds and spill them 75% solution of karbofos;
  • how to get rid of the beetle larvae on strawberries: processing strawberry beds helps a lot onion and garlic infusion (100 grams of husk in a bucket of water). Strawberries are watered with diluted infusion at the root;
  • in spring, with the onset of heat, strawberries can be processed diluted in water ammonia (a few drops per bucket);
  • between the rows you can bury cabbage or mustard leaves... It also helps when transplanting into the soil dry mustard... But it is best to plant next to a strawberry plantation cabbage or turnips.

How to save potatoes from a pest?

Do beetle larvae eat potatoes? May beetle larva eats potatoes! And in this case, the best remedy is deep plowing of the soil before boarding. When the potatoes grow up, you can safely release chickens... They do an excellent job with larvae and do not harm the potato field.

Chemistry in this case, use not desirable... It can only hurt.

How to get rid of beetle larvae on potatoes? It is best to plant any cruciferous... Weeding regularly also helps control pests. They cannot stand turfed soil.

How to protect yourself from beetle larvae? The main rule the fight against beetle - the timely destruction of adult insects, processing, digging and regular weeding. Most effective the method of struggle is to collect the larvae by hand, in the old fashioned way. Carefully monitor your site and such an attack as grub larvae will not touch you.

How to get rid of the beetle in the garden? About one of the simple methods of struggle in this video:

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