Can apples be frozen in the freezer for the winter and how?

Can apples be frozen in the freezer for the winter and how?

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“One apple a day - and a doctor is not needed,” says one of the sayings. And it is true. Apple - a storehouse of vitamins and a favorite fruit of many people. It is not for nothing that the first feeding of babies begins with a green apple.

How do you want to sometimes try fresh apple compote or treat yourself to apple pie in winter. Can apples be frozen in the freezer? And is there any benefit to frozen fruits? AND what secrets you need to know when freezing fresh apples?

Can apples be frozen for the winter? It often happens that autumn has turned out to be a rich harvest, and there is a desire make a supply of fruit for the year ahead... But there is a danger that if the cold is improperly processed, the fruits simply spoil.

Do apples and pears freeze? Freezing a few apples different from freezing berries, therefore, subject to all technologies, autumn fruits will be stored in the freezer for a whole year.

Basic Rules

The most important subject is large freezer, in this case, the fruits will retain all vitamins and nutrients to the fullest.

Can apples be frozen in the freezer? When poor refrigerating capacity it will not be possible to produce the necessary blanks for a long time.

Apples for freezing must be ripe, intact.

When freezing overripe, rotten fruits, there is a possibility that after thawing they turn into an unappetizing puree... Preference should be given to apples recently harvested, because the less time has passed from the moment of harvest to processing, the better.

About the benefits

Can apples be frozen for the winter? What benefit from them? Charlotte, apple pies, strudel, compote, various desserts and much more - all this will be available for cooking at any time of the year. All clean, environmentally friendly and already sliced.

But the main plus is retention of all properties, fresh apple. After all, it is freezing that preserves the maximum amount of vitamins in products, about 90%.

Can apples and pears be frozen for the winter and why? Many fresh fruits by the end of winter lose almost all vitamins, so frozen fruits make it possible in spring support immunity.

Slicing methods

What is the best way to freeze slices, whole apples, or in another way? Can be frozen like whole fruitand lobules... Even freezing is possible applesauce... When frozen, apples are cut into slices.

In this case, the form can be any: slices, slices, pieces, circles. Removing the peel, stalk and seeds is a matter of taste for every housewife. It all depends on the purpose for which the preparation is made.

If for pies and compotes - quite the presence of the peel is acceptable, then for fruit sauces, casseroles and similar dishes, of course, it is better to do without peel.

Everyone knows such a property of apples as darkening after cutting, but this can be avoided.

Must be prepared in advance solution (1 liter of water + 5 g of citric acid).

After cutting, immerse the slices for no more than 20 minutes in this composition, which save them from darkening... You can freeze as soon as apples, and mix them with various berries and fruits.

Required temperature

How to freeze fresh apples at home? At what temperature can I freeze apples for the winter? There are several methods of freezing: dry and so-called shock freezing.

Dry - the fruits are laid out on trays and sent to the freezer. Temperature range is not less than -23 ° С. 2-3 hours after freezing, the apples are laid out in a container. After that, the frozen pieces can be stored in a regular freezer at a temperature of at least -18 ° C.

Shock freeze Is an ultra-fast freezing of apples in bags. For this, in the operating mode of the freezer, it is necessary to set the “fast freezing” mode.

Shelf life of frozen apples

How long can apples be stored in the freezer? If all the rules are followed correctly, frozen apples can be stored in the freezer. up to 12 months, retaining all its properties.

Remember that re-freezing prohibited.

Freezing methods

What are the ways to freeze apples for the winter at home? There are several methods for freezing apples.


Cut the apples into slices, remove the seeds and the stalk (but you can also freeze with the seeds).

Arrange the sliced ​​apples on dry cutting boards or trays.

The slices must not touch each other and lie in one layer... And immediately put it all in the freezer.

After 2-3 hours, you can already start packing. The neatly removed slices are laid out in plastic bags or containers in small portions.

When packing in a bag, make sure that as little air is inside. If packing takes place in plastic containers, then they are correct close very tightto avoid air and moisture getting inside.

In sugar syrup

Boil the syrup (mix 750 g of water with 450 g of sugar and 1500 mg of ascorbic acid). Cut apples into slices dip in cold syrup for a day... After that, blanch the slices (pour over boiling water), put on baking sheets and chill in the freezer.

After decomposition into packages, with minimum amount of air... Apples prepared in this way have the aroma of baked apples and are a good dessert.

And the shelf life of such apples is increased due to the use citric acid, which acts as a preservative.

Preparation of mashed potatoes

Peel and chop the apples, you do not need to add sugar, cook for 15 - 20 minutes on low heat... Cool, grind with a blender, pour into plastic containers or jars. So, ready-made pie filling is always in the refrigerator.

Freeze whole

To do this, you need to rinse and dry the apple. With a special knife, gently remove core.

Dip the fruit in a specially prepared solution ascorbic acid (50 g water + 1500 mg acid) for a few minutes.

Then put the apple in a special freezer bag, having previously released air from there.

An apple frozen in this way can lie in the freezer for six months, keeping all its useful qualities... Such fruits are used in cooking for such dishes as apples in dough or whole apples baked with sugar.

Of course, frozen fruits save a lot of time for any housewife, so you should definitely take a little time in the fall to enjoy almost fresh apples until the new harvest.

If you want to know about other ways of storing apples for the winter, you can read our articles on drying, drying and how to keep the harvest fresh at home or in the cellar, and you will also be interested in learning about the peculiarities of storing dried apples.

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