Fighting the Colorado potato beetle with vinegar!

Fighting the Colorado potato beetle with vinegar!

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Colorado beetle - the real scourge of all gardeners.

It is not so easy to get rid of it, because the pest has the ability to rapidly develop resistance to chemical insecticides... As a result, they stop working.

Such a folk remedy, as usual table vinegar against the Colorado potato beetle may not be addictive, since it acts only on the olfactory receptors.

And it is almost impossible to develop resistance to a sharp intolerable smell. Therefore, beetles quickly leave their homes in search of more accessible plants.

General information

Wonderful the remedy belongs to folk non-specific methods of struggle with the Colorado potato beetle (you can find out about the best folk remedies in the fight against this pest here).

A colorless liquid that is obtained by microbiological synthesis. In this case, alcohol is oxidized with the help of bacteria to acetic acid.

Received the product has a characteristic pungent odor and a concentrated sour taste.

The benefits of this tool availability (vinegar is sold in any stores) and economy (very low cost).

Chemical composition and form of release

Basic substance - acetic acid in a concentration of 3 to 80%. In addition, there are complex alcohols, ethers and aldehydes.

Transparent liquid, packaged in plastic and glass bottles with a capacity of 180-500 ml.

Mechanism and duration of action

Acetic essence 80% concentration can kill an insect if it enters. It just burns the insides. However, this concentration will also burn the plants.

therefore 9% table vinegar is usedwhich works as a Colorado potato beetle repellent.

Colorado beetles cannot stand the pungent odor of vinegar and leave potato bushes treated with it.

The duration of action is very short - vinegar is a volatile compound, the smell will soon disappear... Therefore, the duration of exposure is calculated in several hours.

Compatibility with other drugs

Vinegar from the Colorado potato beetle goes well with various remedies. but it cannot be used simultaneously with alkaline preparations and bait insecticides.

When to apply?

How to poison the Colorado potato beetle with vinegar, following some simple rules?

The right time - early morning in calm weather. There should be no wind, even weak, any conditions of high humidity - rain, heavy dew, fog.

The optimum air temperature is 17 - 28 °.

How to prepare the solution?

To process 1 hundred square meters of potato plantings, requires 10 liters of ready-made working solution.

Pour 100 ml of vinegar (9%) into a bucket of cool water. Stir the mixture thoroughly.

The prepared solution is used immediately, you don't need to store it.

To enhance the effect, you can use additives such as:

  • mustard - 1 pack of dry powder;
  • strong infusion or decoction of wormwood - 1-2 glasses. The bitter taste will not at all please the beetles and their larvae;
  • turpentine - 100 ml. It will increase the unpleasant pungent odor and slow down its weathering;
  • garlic - 2 whole heads. Disassemble the heads into cloves and, without cleaning, grind and place in a bucket of water. Leave alone for a day, then add vinegar, and process the potatoes;
  • infusion of onion peel - 300-400 g of raw materials, infused in a bucket of water.

Mode of application

How to get rid of the beetle most effectively?

For the greatest productivity produce abundant spraying of all affected potato bushes.

The principle works here - the more the solution, the more effectively it will get rid of pests.

Make sure that the liquid is located on the surface of the plants, and does not flow down. The treatment is carried out using a finely dispersed garden sprayer.

The number of sprays is not limited. On the contrary - the more often you process potatoes, the faster you can get rid of bugs and prevent the emergence of new ones.


One of the main advantages of this product is its absolute safety for people and animalsas well as plants and the environment.

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