The best drugs to combat the Colorado potato beetle (part 1)

The best drugs to combat the Colorado potato beetle (part 1)

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The Colorado potato beetle is a very common and difficult to remove pest that can leave almost without a crop.

So now there are a huge number of different effective drugsacting against him.

To make it easier to choose among the extensive range, we have compiled an overview of the best remedies for the Colorado potato beetle.


Combined drug, very effective against a whole set of pests.

  • Release form and packaging... A concentrate of substances, soluble in water. Sold in 1.3 ml glass ampoules.
  • Chemical composition:
  • Cypermethrin 50 g / l;
    Chlorpyrifos 500 g / l.

  • Mechanism of action... Killer's drug affects the nervous system. Chlorpyrifos disrupts the production of protein enzymes that are involved in the transmission of impulses in the nervous system.
  • Cypermethrin promotes the closure of sodium channels, causing synaptic dysfunction. The killer enters the insect organism by contact, respiratory and intestinal routes.

  • Duration of action... Destroys pests and their larvae in a couple of days. The residual protective effect lasts for 16-21 days.
  • Compatibility with other drugs... Cannot be used with preparations containing copper and alkaline insecticides.
  • When to apply? In the evening, in calm weather, no precipitation.
  • How to dilute the solution? The contents of one ampoule must be diluted in 8 liters of water and mixed thoroughly. This volume is enough to spray 100 sq. m. growing potatoes. To process 30 kg of planting tubers, 10 ml of the product dissolved in 600-700 ml of water is required.
  • Mode of application... Potatoes are processed once during the vegetative development period, but no later than a month before harvesting.
  • Toxicity... Killer's drug is a moderately toxic agent belonging to the 3rd hazard class for all warm-blooded animals, including humans.


A new generation insecticidal agent from the group of neonicotinoids. It is used to destroy the most resistant pests of plants, against which other drugs do not work.

Among them are the Colorado potato beetle, whiteflies, thrips, all varieties of scoops, aphids, leafhoppers, leafworms and many other insects.

  • Release form and packing. Water soluble granules, packed in small sachets. Each contains 0.2 g or 0.5 g of the drug.
  • Chemical composition: Clothianidin 500 g / kg.
  • Mechanism of action. The drug inhibits the opening of sodium channels, preventing the nerve impulse from conducting. The result is paralysis, then the death of the pest.

    Bushido has systemic, contact and intestinal properties. Penetrates only leaves and stems without affecting tubers.

  • Duration of action. Acts instantly.
  • Compatibility with other drugs. It combines perfectly with almost all insecticides currently available.
  • When to apply? In the morning until 10 am or in the evening after 6 pm, in the absence of wind and rain.
  • How to prepare the solution? Dissolve granules of 1 packet in 5 liters of cool water and stir well until completely dissolved. This volume is sufficient for spraying 100 square meters of area.
  • Mode of application. Spraying potatoes at any stage of the growing season or processing planting tubers.
  • Toxicity. Very toxic to bees - hazard class 1. Practically non-toxic for humans and animals, it belongs to the 3rd class.


A unique newest drug, currently considered the most non-toxic to humans.

The drug Sonnet acts at all stages of the development of the Colorado potato beetle - it destroys eggs, stops feeding the larvae and contributes to the infertility of adults.

  • Release form and packing:
    glass ampoules, 2 ml;
    plastic bottles of 10 ml.
  • Chemical composition: Hexaflumuron 100 g / l.
  • Mechanism of action. The substance, getting inside the body, blocks the synthesis and subsequent development of chitinous membranes. As a result, many vital functions stop, including the desire to eat. The route of penetration is intestinal and contact.
  • Duration of action. The maximum effect can be traced 3-4 days after treatment. The duration of protection is about a month.
  • Compatibility with other drugs. It is recommended to carry out tests with a small amount of preparations for the compatibility of Sonnet with other insecticides.
  • When to apply? Sonnet has good lipophilicity and is not washed off with water. However, the treatment is recommended to be carried out in clear calm weather, preferably in the evening or early in the morning.
  • How to prepare the solution?
  • Proportion - 2 ml of the drug per 10 liters of water. This amount is enough to spray one hundred square meters of planted potatoes. If you process young bushes of small size, only 5 liters of solution are consumed.

  • Mode of application. Spraying is best done as early as possible - when the first generation of beetles appears, while the bushes are still small. Usually no reprocessing is required, but if necessary, the Sonnet should be replaced with a preparation of a different operating mechanism.
  • Toxicity. Very small for humans, animals and bees. The tool is considered quite safe.

Spark "Double Effect"

Combined preparation of a very wide range of effects.

  • Release form and packing. Available in pill form. One package contains 1 piece weighing 10 g.
  • Chemical composition:
  • permethrin 9 g / l;
    cypermethrin 21 g / kg.

  • Mechanism of action. The drug inhibits the opening of sodium channels and, as a result, the transmission of impulses. Intestinal and contact routes of entry.
  • Duration of action. The protective period lasts up to 2 weeks.
  • Compatibility with other drugs. Cannot be used together with alkaline insecticides.
  • When to apply? With little sun activity - in the morning or in the evening, it is better in the absence of wind and precipitation.
  • How to prepare the solution? Stir 10 g of the product (1 tablet) in 10 liters of water until it dissolves. The volume is enough to handle 100sq.m.
  • Toxicity. The spark has an average toxicity for humans, animals and bees - class 3.

Troy, the Executioner

New combined drugs from different manufacturers, but with absolutely identical composition and properties. The funds are declared as an insecto-fungostimulant of plants.

  • Release form and packing. Ampoules containing water-soluble granules. The package contains 5 ampoules of 2 g.
  • Chemical composition:
  • poteitin 2 g / kg;
    thiabendazole 80 g / kg;
    thiamethoxam 250 g / kg.

  • Mechanism of action. All stages of beetle development are destroyed. Disrupt the nervous system and respiratory functions. The funds have intestinal, contact and systemic effects. They prevent the development of macrosporiosis and late blight.
  • Duration of action. The guaranteed protection period is up to 30 days.
  • When and how to use? At any time of the day, the preparations are resistant to high temperatures, precipitation and wind. Spray bushes or tubers before planting.
  • How to prepare the solution? To process 100 sq.m 2g of the product, stir until dissolved in a bucket of water. To process 30kg of tubers, you need 10g per 50l of water.
  • Toxicity. The drugs belong to class 2, being moderately toxic to humans and animals. Toxicity to bees is high - class 1.

Bison, Kalash

The drugs are combined together, as they have the same composition. The mechanism of action, method of application and other nuances are completely identical.

They are new agents that not only destroy the Colorado potato beetles and protect against repeated attack, but also are plant antistressants.

  • Release form and packing. Water soluble concentrate. The sachet contains a 1 ml ampoule.
  • Chemical composition: Imidacloprid - 200 g / l.
  • Mechanism of action. Possess neurotoxic properties, blocking the work of the nervous system. Beetles are affected by paralysis of the limbs, then death.

    They penetrate by contact, through the intestines and with food, as a systemic agent. Effective against pests living in secrecy.

  • Duration of action. From the moment of treatment, the drugs continue to work for about 3 weeks.
  • Compatibility with other drugs. The preparations can be mixed in various fungicides.
  • When and how to use? Spraying potato bushes in the evenings or in the morning, when there is no strong wind and any precipitation.
  • How to dilute the solution? Dilute the contents of the ampoule (1 ml) in 10 liters of water and process 1 hundred square meters of plantings.
  • Toxicity. They belong to drugs with moderate toxicity for humans, animals and birds - class 3.


Combined agent - fungicide and insecticide. Helps save potatoes from many mouth-gnawing pests. Among them are Khrushchev, Colorado potato beetle, Rhizoctonia.

  • Release form and packing. Ampoules that contain water-soluble granules or emulsion concentrate. Capacity - 1.3; 2d.
  • Chemical composition:
  • poteitin - 2 g / l;
    mancozeb - 300 g / l;
    acetamiprid - 200 g / l.

  • Mechanism of action. The routes of entry are intestinal, systemic and contact. Affects the insect's central nervous system, causing strong overexcitation and death by inhibiting the work of acetylcholine receptors.
  • Duration of action. It starts working after 40-60 minutes and does not stop protecting plants for more than 3 weeks.
  • Compatibility with other drugs. It goes well with fungicides and pyrethroids in tank mixes.
  • When and how to use?
    1. Spray plants during the growing season;
    2. Process the tubers before planting.

    The procedures are carried out with reduced solar activity, in the absence of wind and precipitation.

  • How to prepare the solution? For processing 200 sq. - 2 ml of the product in 10 liters of cool water. Stir well and spray the bushes evenly. For dressing 20 kg of tubers, dilute 10 ml in 30 liters of water.
  • Toxicity. The agent is classified as a hazard class 3 for all living organisms.


A universal remedy that has not only insecticidal, but also acaricidal and nematicidal effect.

  • Release form and packing. Wetting powder 25% or emulsion concentrate, contained in 2 g ampoules.
  • Chemical composition: Carbosulfan from the carbamate group.
  • Mechanism of action. The drug does not allow the production of acetylcholinesterase, because of this, acetylcholine accumulates and the normal functioning of the nervous system is disrupted.

    This leads to paralysis of the limbs and death of the insect. The routes of penetration into the body are systemic (translaminar properties), contact and intestinal.

  • Duration of action. Starts working immediately after application. The duration of activity when spraying is up to 25 days, with soil application - up to 40 days.
  • Compatibility with other drugs. Combines with many insecticides, fungicides and mineral fertilizers. Do not mix with preparations containing sulfur and having a pronounced alkaline reaction.
  • When and how to use? In calm weather, for spraying bushes or dressing tubers.
  • How to prepare the solution? Mix 7 ml of the product with 9 liters of water.
  • Toxicity. A very toxic agent, belongs to class 2.

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