Scarlet Dutch potatoes: excellent taste and long shelf life

Scarlet Dutch potatoes: excellent taste and long shelf life

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The main requirements that are imposed on agricultural crops today, including potatoes, are early maturity, yield, taste and resistance to various types of diseases and pests.

Of the whole range of potato varieties that meet these parameters, the leading place is given to the Scarlet potato variety.

For a relatively short "history of existence" Scarlet has established himself from the best side.

Scarlet potatoesperhaps the best among red skinned potatoes. Bred in Holland, potatoes became widespread in the Central regions and in the South of Russia.

Differs in early maturity, productivity and storage duration.

A photo

Description of the variety

Root vegetable

Scarlet potatoes:

  • peel... The peel of this potato variety has a smooth structure without roughness and a red tint;
  • eyes... The eyes are small, the bedding is superficial (1-1.2 mm);
  • the form... The tuber has an elongated oval shape;
  • pulp... The flesh of Scarlet potatoes is fine-grained and creamy or pale yellow. During heat treatment not boiled, tubers do not change their appearance. When cutting the pulp does not get darkwhat also differs from other varieties;
  • starch content: 10,5-15,4%;
  • average tuber weight varies from 70 to 150 g.

The escape

Basically low bush, semi-upright, intermediate type.

Subject to all planting and growing standards, an excellent thick tops.

Stalk thickness medium, has an anthocyanin color.

Leaves dark green, medium in size. Light waviness along the edge of the leaf is characteristic.

Inflorescences Scarlet bush are medium-sized flowers of a pale lilac or red with a purple tinge.


The Scarlet potato variety compares favorably with other varieties in its characteristics. Bred relatively recently by Dutch breeders Scarlet is popular all over the world..

Scarlet is most popular in the South of Russia and in its central regions. Cultivation is most successful in temperate climates.

Yield potential this variety is very high. In 45 days after germination, you can get up to 40 tons of young potatoes from 1 hectare of land. At the end of the growing season, the yield reaches 60 t / 1 ha.

Appreciating potatoes by taste on a five-point scale, 4.3 points are deserved.

Scarlet variety belongs to early varieties, the growing season is 71-75 days.

Purpose - table variety, is used in industrial production, and is also suitable for sufficiently long storage.

Potatoes tolerates a short dry period... With prolonged drought, the variety needs additional care.

Cultivation must be carried out in the open field. Scarlet is very picky about soil - it should be as loose as possible.

Highly resistant to various types of mechanical damage and to re-germination.

Resilience noted to potato crayfish, golden nematode, viral infections, late blight of tubers. Weak immunity is noted to scab, late blight of foliage, as well as to alternaria.

For maximum yield it is necessary to control pests and diseases.

Scarlet potatoes is extremely popular due to both its excellent taste and the content of a large amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and the long-term preservation of its qualities for a long time.

This helps potatoes to be useful both in early autumn (during harvest) and in late winter - early spring, when the human body is in dire need of additional nutrients.

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