Aktar's remedy for the Colorado potato beetle - here it is, a synthetic neonicotinoid

Aktar's remedy for the Colorado potato beetle - here it is, a synthetic neonicotinoid

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The drug Aktara was developed by the Swiss manufacturer Syngenta.

He intended for the destruction of the Colorado potato beetle, which perfectly adapts to various poisons. With this effective insecticide, you can effectively protect your crop from annual pests.

Insecticide Aktara was able to establish itself as a practical and highly effective drug, designed to destroy not only the Colorado potato beetle, but also weevils and aphids.

Scientists who studied this drug unanimously agreed on the superiority of Aktar in comparison with other drugs on the modern market.

The proof of this is that after spraying, it 100% destroys the larvae of the Colorado potato beetle for a period of 21 days, while other drugs that were used in the check were only 74-86%. Moreover, after processing, there is an increase in potato yield by 20-40%.

Release form and composition

The disadvantage of the Aktar Colorado potato beetle remedy is that it is difficult to find, since a minimum number of specialized stores have this product.

When purchasing this insecticide, there is no need to check the quality of the product, since Aktara is a novelty, and no cases of counterfeiting of the drug have yet been reported.

Produced in WDG (water dispersion granules). It is packed in a foil package with a weight of 4 g, and is also available in bottles of 250 g each. Its chemical composition includes the substance thiamethoxam (240 g / l and 250 g / kg).

Aktara is a synthetic neonicotinoid and a broad spectrum of action.

Its form of release differs in the concentration of the suspension (liquid 25-35%, 25% granules, 1% water-soluble powder, 1% tablets).

Mechanism of action

Thanks to the theomethoxam contained in the drug, which has a positive effect on seedlings, the activity and level of a certain kind of proteins increases, which perform the vital function of plants.

Consequently, they develop better and become more resistant to external factors. Aktara not only fights the pest, but also enhances the process of plant growth.

Effects on insects and beetles

After you process the problem areas on which pests have accumulated, already in within thirty minutes Aktara will take effect directly on the digestive functions of pests, and they stop feeding at the moment.

After twenty-four hours, the beetles die. If you apply the drug directly under the root of the plant, then it will be protected from pests for two months, and spraying will give you four weeks of beetle relief.

Compatibility with other drugs

Most of the poisons are incompatible with other drugs, but this does not apply to Aktar.

His can be combined with various kinds of insecticides, fungicides, pesticides and growth regulators, but not with drugs that have an alkaline reaction (you can find out about the best drugs for the Colorado potato beetle on the market here, and this article tells about other equally popular and effective means aimed at combating this pest).

Mode of application

Before starting work, you need to prepare the sprayer and check its performance. The spraying process itself is best done in the morning or evening.

Do not forget that it is should be done only in calm and calm weather, and also pay due attention to the fact that the poison does not get on the plants that are nearby. Aktara cannot be used during or after rain, as its effect will be ineffective.

Preparation of the solution

It is important that the spray solution must be cooked exclusively outdoors, not indoors! To prepare the substance, you will need two liter dishes, into which you need to pour the contents from the bag of poison and pour all this with a liter of water.

This mix is a kind of initial solution, since the final poison intended for spraying is prepared directly in the sprayer itself.

How to dilute Aktara for spraying? Pour water into the unit, the volume of which will be a quarter of the volume of the sprayer itself, and then pour in two hundred grams of the initial solution. Then pour in enough water to end up with five liters of poison.

But if you need to pour the poison directly at the root of the culture, then you need to take a container of ten liters, fill with water and add eight grams of Aktara.

The amount of solution can be prepared and less, simply by following the instructions on the package of the drug. If you adhere to all recommendations, then avoid phytotoxicity.


The poison from the Colorado potato beetle Aktara has moderate toxicity (its indicator is three), but it is quite dangerous for humans. All manipulations with it must be carried out, having previously secured your body from the poison on the skin.

For this, special clothing is perfect, glasses that protect the eyes from particles of the drug that are in the air during spraying, gloves and a respirator. These simple precautions can protect you from poisoning.

After you have finished spraying, change immediately, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rinse your mouth.

Aktara's drug is excellent at dealing with various kinds of pests, but it can also harm you and your plant if you do not use it correctly and do not exactly adhere to all the prescribed recommendations.

Remember that after spraying, it is necessary to maintain the indicated time until harvest!

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